Newsletter: Step out of the MUNDANE

There is only one very good life and that’s the life you know you want and you make it yourself
— Diane Vreeland

As Everday Icons let's step out of the Mundane this month.  What are your Dreams?  What is it you truly desire? I mean come on, it’s the month of Love, Hearts, and Hoopla. It can be your turn to turn yourself on… Really!!  Give this some thought. It can be Hard and sometimes we have to be reminded. Sometimes we just forget. What were some of your favorite things you loved doing as a child?  When was the last time you did one of those things? Without going too deep after all its February, a short month, let’s start with how do you want to feel? Let’s nurture what would make you feel good this month. Let’s keep it simple with say one thing.

I for one always want to feel pretty! SO this month let’s look at some simple ways to feel more (Fill-in the blank).  With it being Valentines, I’m choosing Lipstick and Lingerie!  OK, that’s two.  Whoop! Whoop! Lipstick is powerful! And Lingerie is NO longer about the Men in your life. It’s about YOU! With every (Feb Facial) receive a free lip hydrator.  

First off I always seem to save Reds for a special occasion! Everyday is a special occasion for the Everyday Icon! If you don't have a Signature Lipstick it’s time to find one. I’ve included a list of some of my faves at the bottom of this post. I also invested in some beautiful bras and treated myself to a specialist.  JUST BECAUSE It is vital that we have little secrets around our underpinnings.  

As far as Lipsticks go I for one have a nude and a plum as my daily go to. I have a red I’ve grossly neglected so I’ve challenged myself to wear it every day at work for February; Be on the lookout for Jenell’s Lips.

A Mentor I follow suggests that we should setup ourselves daily for success, and lipstick is one act that not only increases confidence but it says to the world I care, I pay attention and I AM beautiful! I know? ALL by just putting on a great lipstick! So what is your resistance to a great RED?  What belief are your holding onto that prevents you from stepping into a Simple act of feeling fabulous? A lipstick will do just that!  Trust me!  

(she put a picture of red lipstick here)

Here are some great shades to choose from; All from MAC. 
Ruby Woo; Red Cherry; MAC Red; D is for Danger...OR…Dream Big... GO GET MATCHED!  Have you ever treated yourself to a personalized lipstick match-up???

Shannon at Beauty Blend Studio is amazing and she is so suited to do this with extensive knowledge and background in Makeup, staying true to age appropriate and tasteful current techniques. Treat yourself to Shannon! 6717 Winding Way, Fair Oaks CA 95628 • 916-966-8888 

(picture of bra fitting)

Special Event: I recently invested in some beautiful BRA’S at my favorite Lingerie Shop, Yve's Lingerie. Yvonne is so amazing and the absolute best at bra fitting. I visit her shop at least twice a year.  I want all of you to be able to know just how fabulous a good-fitting bra feels & looks, so I’m having a “bra fitting” event this month at Yve’s Lingerie!  This is “Life Changing” ladies.  You won’t want to miss it plus…there will be wine and for every guest you bring, a FREE lip colour!

February SPECIAL: For those looking to refresh and renew your skin care ritual, we have a GREAT SPECIAL with an outstanding line that is sure to get you on track for the most healthy, vibrant, radiant skin ever!!!  When you purchase a series of PORCELAIN PEELS, you’ll receive almost $500 in Free – yes Free products… (In keeping with the theme of Valentines, we are introducing a new Rouge peel) Both the Porcelain and Rouge require no downtime with amazing results. This is new technology at its best.  The first ten people to purchase a series receives a Rouge peel for free (valued at $200)

Tip: Now’s the time to keep things simple yet to empower you to be on top of your game.  Tackle your old makeup and expired skin care products by just Simply throwing them out. 

Make February all about your dreams and desires.

From my heart to yours,