My Dry Skin on my legs! Old Lady Style!


So what it came down to and this is a bit embarrassing to admit I was NOT putting lotion on my legs and arms in my morning routine. It was, to say the least, or looked like what I call OLD LADY LEGS! Now I'm not making fun of old ladies, it's just obvious, it looks crepey, flakey, dry and in my case, the coloring was opaque. Yes, the skin on my legs was, to put it mildly DRY! My upper arm skin was DRY! I put all this effort on my skin yet the neck chest and other parts were looking rather scary! It's like the thought about shaving our legs in the winter! You know " Nobody will see so why bother! I pride myself on telling my clients don't worry about shaved legs, chipped toenail polish, or getting gussy up to come to see me, after all, I'm gonna mess up your hair and your skin will be blotchy. Yet after going on my morning walk and running a few errands  I was standing in line at the post office and got a glimpse of my exposed lower shins and GASPED I saw the old lady legs. That's NOT me! I put my dry oil on every night after I shower I do my facial ritual every evening and morning but I was neglecting my other fabulous parts. I mean just the act of slathering on a luxurious lotion all over is such a wonderful act of self-love! 

      What had happened? I was literally walking around with the OLD LADY LEG thing going on! Well it turns out there were other areas of my own making that were missing out on some tender loving extras, like my LED light that I know will help with my redness and blotchy-ness from menopause symptoms and red wine reactions but that extra 30 min was too time-consuming? REALLY I mean this is stuff that actually works? Why was I too busy to bother? When I do it I feel fabulous, when I take the time its up levels my day! 

                                     Moral of the story it takes just a few mins to up-level our lives and yes putting lotion on my body is an act of love, taking time to do my evening skincare reaps rewards. This is simple stuff. So what's one thing that will up-level your daily rituals? Start with one, it's that simple. For some it could be water, other daily movements, for me it's not having old lady dry skin legs!