Mothers and Sacrifice the argument for product purchases


  As a client was making a purchase at the end of her treatment  (a significant investment in her Homecare) She proceeded to do the familiar  Mothers chime ( at least the one in our heads) She was brave enough to say them out loud. "I could be buying School clothes, new cleats, backpacks yadda yadda yadda!"  I get it! We all have those purchases where we are "treating" ourselves, and then that voice in our head starts questioning if we should do it!  I loved when she ended the thought with  "this is why I go to work" ok I know this sounds familiar and I'm so glad that not just for herself but for all Women, not just Mothers  (I know you have PLENTY of other areas to spend your money on!)  More justifiable ones.  YET we do matter! We do need to care and to TREAT ourselves! I know its hard, I know its tough getting on the list! I really do know cause I do it myself. I was just at the mall last night school shopping and bypassed my own wants for the love of the child (and the budget). 


         Yet here's the thing, we know that when we put the oxygen mask on us first we can do a better job at saving our child. I know this is an old overused comparison, but really the concept stands true. I know when I do for myself I become a better person. I have more to give, more to love, more patience, more everything! I look to all of you as a constant reminder that I need to do for myself more.   If men only knew that giving us more money and time to spend on "treating ourselves" we would be way better spouses!  REALLY. I'm not trying to sound like a selfish needy woman. I just think we need to remind ourselves more often the importance of treating oneself more often than making it be a momentous occasion. We deserve more than that.  So here is a shout out to " YOU KNOW WHO! "  Thanks for taking such good care! Thanks for fitting Jenells Skin in! And more importantly cause I know how hard it is to take care of oneself especially when so many other needs have to be met!  All you gals are my heroes not just because of your support, because you teach and remind me every day how awesome your example and your willingness to do YOU! And you do it so well.