Let's be less busy


   AS I age one of my desires is to stop the busyness. Busy is a signal to self that I'm productive and that I'm getting things done. At least that is what I've been telling myself for a very long time. Time for a new shift.  With all the things the World is developing the things that are the highest sought out value are things to cut down on task and to simplify regular daily activities thus APPS on our phones, the 30 min workouts that now do 2-15 min, 30 min meals. shorter reads, fast and easy kinda mantra for today's busy peeps.

And of course the LIST I love me a list and I've shared some thoughts on more than one blog post of the power of the LIst. Yet I've recently shifted to the power of 3  three daily gratitudes and 3 priorities. It has been a game changer for my focus and for my Monkey mind. Here are ten ways to look at being less busy, I believe we have taken busy too far and it's like some badge of honor to hit the ground running and to cram as much in our days as possible. Everything from experiences to a simple meal has lost its essence when it is hurried through.

Let's take a look at some ways to be less busy. New Psychology has revealed that happiness is related to making other choices in how we spend our time.

1. What's important to YOU? Many of us go day to day not even considering our values, and yes values can change. With all this busyness we don't take the time to prioritize what we value most. Take time to formulate what it is that you want to base your life on and be mindful of those with a simple question on a daily basis on how can those value show up for you each day?

2. Get rid of the TO DO LIST! I know this is hard we are too busy and we want to get it all in, yet what REALLY will we accomplish? Hence my power of three! Hopefully, your list never had, spend time with my children on it? So maybe the list has been a bit of a guide for you?

3. Big things First.  Studies have shown that we need to eat the frog first do hard big stuff first and save the little for the afternoon when energy wains. This is how we make the best of the so-called GOLDEN HOURS!

4. Know your Brain? Its wired for happiness when we are looking for something! Not when we complete things. This is the No. 1 reason people can't get off our Smartphones. It also creates restlessness a sense of being rushed and stress if we are not careful. 5. This is a hard one for me.  Get up an hour early, daily. People who rise early know the magic of the mornings ( I know it too) it's just hard some mornings. This is always a game changer,  you and I both know all the goodies associated with this one thing.

6. Intuition over your Schedule I LOVE this! Feed yourself things throughout your workday that interest you, find a sense of flow versus pressure, stress, and hurriedness.

7. Let go of QUICKLY,  My Hubby pointed this out to me recently , He said I say this with everything UGG!! it never gets done as fast as you think it will especially if you fit it in with your regular task. Rethink this word or simply try taking it out of your vocab all together it just drives that sense of busyness.

8. No such thing as a multi-tasker I know all you women out there will argue this one but by breaking things down into 5 simple steps CAPTURE - collect info Clarify-process what it means Organize -link to action reminders Reflect - reg review Engage- carry it out  These allow for you to clearly focus be productive because we are doing one thing at a time which is more relaxing than let's get it done.

9. Let it be, its ok to just be there was a time growing up when we were bored IT'S OK to enjoy and find the quiet moment and the mind.

10. NO one size fits all  "If you are depressed, your living in the past. If you are anxious your living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present." Lao Tzu

       Let just ponder a new way, and give some of these your thoughts.  Pick one that speaks to you. I'm gonna try the getting up early one Stay tuned