Knowledge is YOUR Luxury!

I was reading a Vogue magazine the other day and there was a makeup Artist that was speaking of her new line of Makeup. I was intrigued because she was referring to knowing what goes into a product as the "New way of Beauty" I had to laugh cause that is what I've been doing in my biz for the last two decades!   Of course, a few celebrities chimed in and they praised her way of doing their makeup back in the early 90's and I thought to myself, she is clearly an artist with a gift and now she has taken it and created! plain and simple! Good for her! She went on to describe her skin issues that are in turn driving her independent choices and that in itself will aid in her creating a skin care line to follow.


    Now due to her Celebrity connections as well as a famous Hubby she will sell and do well. I checked her product out and of course, only Barneys is selling her line as of now, until the next phase of science presents the next BEST THING! HUMMM!!! I'm just wondering how many of us are even aware of how we are making buying decisions and what is driving those choices. My hope is that knowledge is still POWER over luxury and that yes cost is a factor for MOST. and I'm glad for me that I too look for quality and compare cost and make a choice based on those (not just a celebrity) yet it is fun to watch them and get caught up in some of their hoopla I've admitted on more that one occasion my voyeurism of the all things Kardashian.

                Yes luxury is changing for us all essentialism and the need to simplify are on trend and I like it ? not fully embracing it myself I still fell the pull and I still believe knowledge is power. I too stop and look at Gwyneth Paltrow and think WOW she really has the marketing down with her Social Media campaign and her line of products both health and beauty related, but I still can't help shrug the belief that due to her Celebrity status we are drawn in, yet not using the luxury of knowledge to REALLY know what we're buying? we are still buying names and labels, along with packaging,  that I know for sure.