Know better? Do better? REALLY?!

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So with the skin, I know better! But I went through a time of NOT doing what I knew? I thought, "I know how this works " so I can take a few shortcuts cause I know stuff. I know how to course-correct? right? I'm the expert if it doesn't work out, I know how to fix it. Well I stopped doing my 2 cleanses at night and well I was already fighting some of those aging menopause stuff. Why would I chance it? So after a few bad spells (where the skin looked not so desirable), I got back to the basic of The DOUBLE CLEANSE! Yes, this was taught to me early on like week ONE in my training. 25 years ago! No, it is NOT about you going through more cleanser so you can come back to me sooner and spend more money. Yes, that is a tactic somewhat old school in the marketing handbook but NEVER for me. Its simple ONE for the makeup and the day yes pollutants and such effect and latch onto skin and makeup, TWO is for your actual skin, it needs to be ready for the GOOD STUFF! you know the stuff you pay more for that SERUM you should be using cause it's active and actually can penetrate the upper layer.

Simple, the cleansing process is like the foundation of a house. If you do not prepare the skin prior to putting on all those fabulous ingredients then it's like washing it off the next morning, the stuff has to be able to get past the dirt and the dead skin. (Remember you shed regularly and every 28 days or so you shed a whole layer.) this is a simple version but you get the point. Almost all my symptoms were eliminated just by applying this simple principle. It's not a rule, rules can be broken principals are timeless and they last a lifetime. So can results! Do the Double Cleanse.