Living a Well-Lived Life: March



             What is it about the new year that with every passing year January and February seem to  just go Poof!? And suddenly it's March?  In my January blog, I wrote about January being dubbed "Gentle January." It was to get away from the whole "hit the ground running" of the New Year!  How is your 2017 looking? How are your FEELING about the New Year?  Did you get a chance to reflect, review, and breathe into the start?

              My hope is that here at Jenell's Skin, I can inspire you to look at what it is that you value most in your beautiful life, and to offer a bit of guidance with some simple prompts to take a closer look at what living a well-lived life REALLY means to you?

            I will be the first to admit that the answer to what a well-lived life looks like, was complex.  Then it occurred to me that at different times in my life, the definition has changed and that right now it NEEDED to change. So I reached out to the experts, not that we are not the experts of our own lives, but just some people who show up as the ones who are inspiring me by how they are living their own lives and have made it their passion and mission to inspire others.

            My hope is to share in their wealth of knowledge and, of course, you as my clients and friends continue to inspire me each and every day. So this is all about sharing and experiencing things together. Hope you're "IN!" First things first: in my experience, to live a beautiful life, one MUST embrace simplicity! It is the simple pleasures and more importantly the awareness of them that create the start of a well-lived life. But let's talk just a bit deeper and start with what it is that you find defines success?

            What is success for YOU? Is it lots of money, travel, or time with family? How, up to this point in your life, have you defined it? I'm just gonna guess that a good place to start is to think of when and where you are the MOST HAPPY? Just for fun, get out that beautiful new journal you bought for yourself and list all your happy places. If you don't know what makes you happy, how are you going to get there?  I realize this sounds obvious, yet at 53 I'm just now exploring and getting curious about this because quite frankly, I've been in urgency "Gotta work to get there" mode for so long, that I forgot what made me happy along the way (other than my children).  I'm starting over, I know I'm not alone, some of you have shared some similar feelings. So once you've made a list of your HAPPY PLACES, share it with someone this month. There's an incentive from me to do it! If you post what you did from your list on the Jenell's Skin Facebook, you get a freebie from me! Now I'm not talking about big things, start small think "simple pleasures." Example: I love to read because reading transports us to different times, places & cultures. It takes us outside of ourselves and it connects us to one-another. One of my favorite things is to chat with my clients about what their reading. By the way, what was your most memorable read as of yet? We are posting all the great reads at the Salon. 

                       Heres to a beautiful well-lived life!