Invitation to Bloom ~ In Honor of Mom

Well it’s the countdown, just a few days until May and the another week until Mother’s day! How are you inviting clients to celebrate Mom? I for one have postponed promoting so I’ve given it some thought and will do some quick Facebook seeding as well as get an e-mail out. At this stage I’ll save any direct mailing for Spring/Summer.

Are we starting to think about how we engage with clients when we want to get them to participate and purchase? We spend money to send out a marker, but we need to give it time to really stick and then keep the seeding coming. So what is seeding? As with any gardening we plant seeds, yet if we don’t nurture, water, weed, fertilize, and repeat, we end up with not so much.

 Marketing Strategies take a lot. And Oh,  I forgot to mention the Season. If we start any marketing in the wrong season (timing is everything) our hard work and money invested is for nothing. So with so little time left to promote mom, where can we put out marketing dollars and make the biggest impact? Let’s take a look at the timing element.

  1. Plant the Seed - get their attention, create awareness, plant the seed for a future relationship
  2. Add Information - to grow the relationship add value, make information not just one thing, give them plenty so they have choices/free resources.
  3. Nurture - this is vital in the beginning. Prove to them your business is trustworthy. Follow-Up and Follow-through. Create a Follow-Up System.
  4. Now Care - Keep the relationship alive and flourishing. You have to show them those extras. It’s not enough to just give a "first time"  great treatment. Again, utilize your follow up system.
  5. Be Grateful and Show It - Ongoing, continued nurturing will Bear fruit in the form of Referrals & Repeat Business!   Much Success- Jenell