If not Now! When?

So in keeping with the Weight Watchers theme and hearing those famous last words, “If not now! When?” That's going to be our personal Motto for 2016 here at Jenell’s Skin!

CELEBRATE! YOU! NOW!  Not "When". I wanted to highlight one of my many Beautiful Clients who recently made the choice to “DO THE NOW!”

My hope is that you too will gain insight from Barbara’s Story. You see Barbara was what I call my “Treat yourself ” Client, she was that Gal that only came in when she wanted a “treat ”  Needless to say I saw very little of Barbara.  Barbara had raised six children and still was working for the State at the age of 85.  Yeah!!! You read right….85!!!!  Still going to work and still loving it!  Barbara was a widow who enjoyed her children and grandchildren, along with work.

Barbara is vibrant, happy,  and she attracted a wonderful man into her life.  She was getting ready to set sail on yet another incredible chapter of her life with her new found love of  91 years (young). Her Hubby to be.  So with a wedding to prepare for along with an early retirement (really?).  Well, after all, New Hubby wanted to travel!

You guessed it!  Barbara called me to book her usual “treat yourself” appointment.  Little did she know that we were gonna have a “come to Jesus” talk….

We chatted about her upcoming nuptials and then we laid out a plan to get her skin a glow!  And no, I didn’t have to say what I so often hear our Health Care Professionals say far too often…”What do you expect for your age!?”

Let me just shout it from the rooftop…WE ARE NEVER TOO OLD FOR ANYTHING!!!  To get healthy, to learn something new, to change careers or to challenge our doctors! When something is not right and we know better it’s never too late to change our minds and behaviors; especially with things that add value or make us feel good.

So Barbara made a commitment to see me a little more consistently.  She, not just me, saw, felt and noticed how good the treatment and products worked.  She saw a difference, not only invested in herself but in future treatments.

REMEMBER!  We are allowed at any age to have expectations,  to be realistic with what we have done in the past and know that we can still make a difference.

Whatever it may be, dreams, desires , it’s all about deciding– NOW! Choose the level of commitment that is going to get you where you want. Choose Space for example. This is a tough one for me.  The space to get out of the “how & when”.  The Space to get out of our Own Way.  “How” keeps us stuck – it freezes the process, others can figure out the “How”.

So how about you!?  Are you a maintenance person, someone who just “treats themselves” or are you a commit to the process?  Do you have good home care?   Are you “treating yourself’ every NOW  and THEN or more regularly/consistently?

Remember, occasional trips to the gym get you ZERO results.  Regular brushing and flossing allows for better and cheaper visits to the dentist.  Do you love your skin? If not, are you just settling for what you pickup at the Grocery store? Or have you asked an expert to design a home care that gets you results.

Yes, that’s where I come in! I’m your partner in this (treating yourself to great Skin Care).  It is what wakes me up at night, it gets me out of bed every morning.  It works and I want you to CELEBRATE  every time you lookin the mirror.  Commit to your skin! Commit to yourself! Let me navigate all the science and hoopla….I promise it does make a difference!!!

My hope is that we can all learn a thing or two from those around us who are choosing to live life NOW!  See ya at your next Salon visit! Jenell