If it is good enough for a Royal? Why not you?


 Ahh the Royal wedding, Was it just me or was it refreshing to see the simplicity of it all, ( I know o the Royals do anything simple) How very different the feel from the last few we have seen? I for one was thrilled to see how perfectly imperfect Meghan Markel was with a piece of Hair out of place and her makeup so natural we saw her freckles! For some, the piece of hair was a focal point. My friend's husband couldn't focus on anything but the misplaced strand of hair. For others it was that the dress was plain, I thought elegant. Some compared Kate's dress, very different Princesses very different roles they will play. I loved that one of my clients shared that her teenage son who recently graduated spotted the natural element of her makeup and that we could see her freckles he thought it complimented her.  In my world of skin care, they could be called sunspots and that there is a solution for that! I say let's stop this madness! If it was good enough for a Royal Princess why can it not be for us? I spent a good part of my career treating pigmentation, and for good reason, it bothered the client. Yet I can't help but wonder how much of it was society continuing to tell us that we are flawed, that in order to be and feel beautiful we must have flawless skin? Along with a small waist and full lips and perfect teeth and so on and so forth. It is a never-ending cycle of what we have been told is  beauty! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we may fight all our imperfection and distorted body images and still so much wasted effort.  I say let's follow in the Royal Princess footsteps and shoot for what feels good to us and keep it simple, life is too fleeting to spend needless hours fretting over a certain type of beauty, yes feel good, do what sparks joy in you, however, that may look, but think also about the hours and years taking away from obsessing over what is and instead think of all the wonderful things you could be doing? Come see me freckles wrinkles and all! They are not flaws they are a part of YOU! I can help and I have a solution that  will feel amazing and you always walk away feeling better just for treating your beautiful self and soul.