I Totally Burned My Back!


So went on vacations and well despite the planning and the Sunscreen used, I got burned. I was so aware, so careful and so intentional about the use and the reapplications and making sure it was with me at all times, I still got burned, and pretty bad for me. you know the kind that hurts that inches and stings and you know will eventually peel. For me being in the business of skin, this is such a NO NO. Well after getting over the obvious I went to the tried and true, my trusty Aloe Vera plant. now mind ya I was hap-hazardous about grabbing a great body lotion at first and well that made things worse. Sealing in the heat with lotion will always stall the healing process and create other problems for those who are a bit more sensitive. My Aloe plant is sitting front and center in my kitchen window and it took me two days to figure out that that is why I have this plant for bug bites, burns and skin irritations.

Once I applied the Aloe the healing became so effortless and easy despite the fact that I needed my hubby help to apply it. You see we have these tools these things in our lives that are right in front of us to make life easier, effortless yet we just are moving at such a fast pace that we so easily forget what is available to us. I'm constantly reminded that the world is full of so many resources and so many amazing things and yet how often do we just try and go it alone? I think all too often we are unconsciously going about our day to day with this "GET U DONE" mentality that we skip over the obvious. THERE IS HELP< TOOLS< RESOURCES to make life so much better.

Sooooo with that said, I want to be ONE of YOURS! No, I don't have ALL the answers but if I know one thing FOR SURE! as a collective group of Women any group of Women, we sure as hell will figure it out. Ok, so here's the thing I want to be your go-to for skin and all questions relating to products, procedures, treatment, and more. That should be easy for you, let me do this cause it's my field of expertise.

Next, I want to live a life that is full of memories and not regrets! I want those I love and cherish most YOU and my Family and Friends to live a life full of all your desires! I'm implementing the Jenell's Skin Adventure Club Once again. I need your input and help! Lets as a group of AMAZING women to utilize the collaborative efforts of each other to help fulfill these thoroughly fun adventures. Put it out there I'll help make it happen. ( NO SKY DIVING FOR ME!) seriously let's get on the YES to life's adventures, YES to more of our deepest desires, YES to YOU and all that is hidden, lost, or buried that needs to have some support to breathe life back into some areas that have laid dormant for FAR TO LONG! Who is in? As one of my mentors suggested that every day I ask myself "What was great about yesterday?" I love this, it puts me in that constant thought of looking for the good. Let's do this together! Send me your deepest desires it can be a little thing like a Dress-up Tea party, to a cooking class in a Tuscan villa. LADIES, WE GOT THIS! Let's make it happen.

Note: struggling to think of something? A good exercise is to go back to all the things you loved as a child and start there. Make a list, need help, CALL ME!