Hey all you OBAGI lovers want something different?!


Truth: I am qualified to share my thoughts on the Obagi products. Not only did I sell, distribute and educate for the Company back in the early 2000, I also spent a part of my career traveling to many doctor’s offices and plastic surgery centers training Doctors and their staff on Obagi.

        You need to know that I was making good money and clients were loving the results of the system, even with all the redness, visible peeling and irritations that occurred along with sensitivity. There are some that still believe in the no pain no gain philosophy (that is not my belief nor where science has led us).  There was a good portion of the initial 12-week program that can still be done yearly (most people continue to use all year long) Not my recommendations but we do get addicted to the results! I chose to STOP selling this product years ago. Yes, at a loss of income.          

Here’s what I know to be true.  Most Doctors’ offices, the Practicing Physician rarely see the patient for SKIN care they are there for the bigger picture (surgeries, injections, cancers etc) most patient when seen are referred to a physician asst. or another trained nurse or Esthetician, I am and continue to see, treat, touch, feel and monitor all skin applications products and treatments.

            After over two decades of being hands on with all skin types, I found a common thread with My Obagi users. The skin had changed, and the surface looked good but even the standard Facial had become somewhat irritating to the client. The skin was thinner, sensitive and per usual treatments I noticed that the skin was reacting differently, and it was not healthier.  Note these were clients that I monitored, they were not over using the system they were following the protocol. 

         Truth science has come a long way and we do not have to go through this type of process to have healthy skin. In fact, I don't recommend it at all. In the end, in my opinion the skin is depleted and left vulnerable I’ve seen it and felt it and clients when questioned agree it’s all about taking away the damage at a cost.   My belief is that we need to continue to nurture and care for the skin by other means.  I’m not a fan of OBAGI.  I do offer alternatives that are safe healthy result driven and NO DOWNTIME we are busy we want to go out in the world feeling beautiful. It’s really that simple and regular safe mild peeling is possible without prescription-based ingredients that cause harm over time and with overuse.  Skin health takes consistent care, just like teeth, body, and soul.

    I’m giving away over $500 in home care because I believe in what I do offer. Call today for a free consultation and see if you qualify for my Skin Health program and get some free product to boot. Love treating and celebrating your skin.

             Remember Celebrating every time you look in the mirror is my passion and purpose.

From my heart to yours, Jenell