Hello Summer! Who's Hiding Out?


Summer is here! More time outside, sundresses, water activities, Summer evenings out, lots of exposure to the sun. For a lot of us, Summer can mean hiding out? You know not going to the BBQ/ swim party because your not gonna be seen in a bathing suit? maybe not put on the sundress cause your arms are creepy? or that you've always hated how your arms looked, or you put on the dress with that cute little sweater, cause Adam Glassman said in Oprah magazine that that's the way to hide arms you don't like?  but felt confined and got too warm( whats the point of a sundress if you can't feel cool and comfortable? or how about the shorts or that cute skirt that oh my veins look horrible or you can see my cellulite. or my legs are too white. I know I've spent many a time not getting in the water just wearing my suit with that cute sarong and just enjoying the activity. Who was I kidding I love the water, water is so refreshing in the heat of the summer. 

             What have we done to ourselves to feel this constricton and to continue with the madness? I'm choosing to stop this.


I refuse to not go to the lake with my grandchildren and not get in and have fun with them. I'm not gonna be that grandma that just sits back and chooses out due to my body. I'M not gonna apologize for it anymore. Yes, I work hard and have neglected to care and tend to the details of my body and it stops now. It took me a long time to abuse her and it will take time to get her back yet no more obsessing over her flaws and her shortcomings. I am 54 and I've missed out on too much!  Thinking that I needed to hide. Life is short, my body is a gift and it's done amazing things like it gave birth to 3 incredible human beings, carried me through some rough times allowed for me to abuse, starve, deprive, beat up and criticize her since I was in the third grade!  DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY YEARS THAT IS! HOLY SHIT! ENOUGH!

        I'm wearing a bathing suit more this summer because I love the water.  I'm showing off my arms, because I love to feel feminine and to be cool, I'm wearing shorts that show off my varicose veins (I'll add a little self-tanner) I'm not gonna continue to look back on my summer with regret and no real memories of a woman who chooses out, because I thought I was too big. Confession, I actually asked my husband a few years back if I was too heavy to go Horseback riding? I was serious! He looked at me like I was a crazy Women, I have been a crazy woman, I'm going Horseback riding this summer. It's the summer of ME! 

                  Join me for some fun challenges around some of these crazy beliefs we torture ourselves with. Maybe it's not weight for you, maybe it's not being able to say NO to your spouse or Family, maybe its work, maybe it's an I'm not enough thing. I want my 90-year-old self to say. Thank God you finally came to your FRICKIN senses and lived a life worthy of great memories, and wonderful stories to share!

     I want my children and my grandchildren to say WOW my Grandma was so cool! she did....... 

    How are you gonna do YOUR SUMMER!