Hands are a DEAD giveaway!!!


    Ok lets talk Celebrities for just a min. We look and we watch and we only wish we had a 3rd of their budget for beauty. I for one am always looking for signs that they are after all REAL people who age. Do they age differently? Well, Yes. Money can buy a lot of Facials and lots of fixes. I'm a Kardashian watcher ( I use it for research) HA! I  look at necks and the back of Hands to determine someone's real age. I watched Suzanne Summers infomercials and was not surprised by the high collar and the ruffled sleeves that draped ever so lightly over her hands just barely making view of the fingers. Both her neck and the back of her hands show a very different story on how she has aged. Don't get me wrong she is beautiful, and has contributed much information to Women on all things aging and Health. She is a wealth of knowledge and I love reading her books. So this is NOT about ripping on her, I don't believe in that, its just that its an important reminder that we all age and we all have resources that are available to aid in the slowing down of aging ( even on a much smaller less than celebrity budget).

      So let's talk hands and neck, its an area that in our early years we forget about and then as the signs start to appear (a little on the late side), we start to give it our attention. It's easy to remember to treat our aging face, yet we all neglect the signs on the hands, like wrinkles, dark spots, crepiness.  All these give our age away, our true age. So next time you are doing your skin care ritual take some much-needed extra time and product and treat your hands. 1. apply SPF daily keep it your car right in plain view then you can apply it at a time where your not in a hurry and you won't forget. FYI it's always good to have SPF in the car PERIOD! There are so many times when we need to reapply. 2. Use your nightly vitamin A or retinol on them to help with wrinkles, 3. for sun spots, a common one for us in California,  there are a ton of brighteners.  Jenell's Skin carries a great one! pick one up on your next visit. Any of your masks will work for xtra hydration and they even make a Copper infused fingerless glove  for nighttime wear for rough skin. We also have some great moisture gloves that are easy to use; just put them on for a min of 1 hour and voila, moisture infused. Remember the hands can be a dead giveaway so start treating them today. Mention this blog post and receive a free pair during your next Facial.  http://www.jenellgarcia.com/