Gravitational Tissue Migration


Well yes, that was one of the words that jumped out at me at the recent Trade Show I attended in San Jose this year. Yes, every year actually several times a year I attend some type of Education/ Biz Training, its part of the deal!

 As a proud Business Owner I get so excited to continue to expose myself and to learn "STUFF" it feeds my passion for the 

"BIZ OF SKIN" I won't bore ya with the Science of GTM (Gravitational tissue Migration) You probably have a good idea as to what that entails! nor will I go into details about Growth Factors, Peptides, and Stem Cells, or for that matter DNA repair. I will tell you that Science and Technology continue to impress and they are on our side when it comes to all the advances of aging and what we can do, to reverse, restore and improve the skin! Despite anything to do with GRAVITY....

             In a nutshell, I am actively adding not just IMPACTFUL treatments, I'm combining new ingredients, added to the retail and ensuring that Jenell's skin is on top of the Game! Mostly I want you the Client to understanding that I want only the best for YOU! So in today's blog, I want to briefly give ya a small tip to be thinking about.  So keep reading and the first few Clients that reach out with some Questions on how this can affect you and your next visit will receive a "Freebie Add-on " at your next Appt.


                        Why Prep the skin? and why do we need Mito-nutrients? Mito-nutrients are food for the skin.  Also, we know how important Hydration is to the skin yet, why as part of the Prep?   So we have what is called our top layer of the skin ( Stratum Corneum) also known as the Dead layer. Dead! how do we get all the fabulous ingredients into the skin if we have this barrier of dead skin? PREP! Also, moisture allows for the skin to be more receptive to nutrients.   If the skin is tight, dehydrated, it takes all the moisture and just sucks it up, most of what is absorb stays attached to all the dead skin cells that will soon fall off, or stay attached and act as a barrier along with all the good stuff not getting to where it needs to go to be of value. Its all about delivery! So just a basic cleanse has far more impact on the skin than most give credit.  Remember that it's not just the barrier that causes issues, it can also create a build-up of products that can turn a great ingredient into a bad thing if left to just sit on the skin and not do its job. Kinda like SPF if we don't reapply the initial application, it really didn't get to do its job, we eventually get burned.

                So when you go to do your Skincare Ritual tonight I want you to think for a second, what is happening with each step?
  A. Is it working? B. Is it enough? (based on product, results, age) C. Are you doing all you can to get the results you want?

           I would love to know how you feel about your current Ritual? More importantly, have you changed it up recently? If so, how often do you switch it up? I also want to help you take a look at how the Seasons affect the need to switch things up, how your life cycles require for some changes as well.  GTM no way! Be sure and ASK? I would love to help! And you might just get a little Freebie!