Get out your dry brushes!!


 Just like it sounds, take a dry brush with slightly stiff bristles (not too stiff) and brush the skin while skin is dry!
Now there is a particular method of how to do the strokes with the brush in order to get some lymphatic benefits. 
Why dry brush?   There are numerous benefits not to mention that it feels wonderful. Oh, by the way, we dry brush the skin (not the face) with every Signature Facial at Jenell's skin!  Warning not as enjoyable when performing on oneself, yet the benefits remain consistent.

                       Here are some of the many reasons one should include Dry brushing in your beauty Ritual.

                                 1. Let 's start with the fact that Dry Brushing aids in eliminating cellulite! Who

doesn’t like the sound of that!??

                                 2. Helps with Lymph

                                 3. Removes Dead skin cells

                                 4. Stimulates Hormone and oil-producing glands

                                 5. Tighten skin

                                 6. Stimulates Circulation

                                 7. Enhances the performance of the nervous system

                                 8. Aids in digestion when done on the tummy area

                                 9. Muscle quality is improved

                                10. It is just a simple way to rejuvenate the skin

Dry Brushing has been around forever and is such a great way to tend to the details of your health and beauty.

 So whether you try this at home or come in and let us treat ya? Be sure and put it on your to-do, or try list!