In-completes! Busy verses Completion!

In-Completes! Busy verses Completion!

So have you ever noticed how many uncompleted tasks or projects you currently have? You know the ones that kinda linger and add a heaviness to your plate. It might not be a daily thing yet it's there underneath the surface, things like the drawer you've been meaning to clean out, or the high school girlfriend that you haven't stayed in touch with?  Or that disc from the Wedding of your Daughter that you've yet to put into an album (that you wanted to do for her) or the project that you spent money on and it is  STILL in the box waiting for you to get started. How about the bigger things like the job promotion you have to JUST fill out an application for or the Business you have wanted to start? The book or books you've been meaning to read or the class you always wanted to take or the hobby that looks interesting? 

     I know we all have something, some of us think about them, others well, we just stay busy, yes busy.  So are we busy or are we avoiding? Busy is easy, it takes very little effort yet can consume a lot of time, we can easily get lost in the business of the dishes, the laundry and the filling out the grocery list.  What about all the other little things that rob us of our energy because they need to be done. Well, the next step is that after we finish avoiding the stuff we have to do (like taxes) we go into overwhelm  mode. It is the natural progression, how about we just start with the junk drawer or your sock drawer, sometimes it just takes a baby step to change the trajectory of being stuck, we gain a level of momentum and we think, "Hey that was easy enough what's next?" It really can be that simple. I made a list of my own uncompleted tasks that just seem silly, now I'm gonna schedule a short amount of time to tackle ONE. Repeat SHORT amount of time. You see we are all famous for having BIG Plans and Super great ideas and when we think to start well, it's kinda a bit exhausting, The new science the new trend is SMALL SIGNIFICANT STEPS the 3 S.s. Let's start with the sock drawer. Then get some energy around completion! 

   What's on your list?