EXPERT or wolf in sheep's clothing?


Ok, SO I just gotta say this! EXPERT or SALESMAN! For those in Business, it can be a lil of both. I get it... we all have to make a living. Business is Business. YET when a client leaves a business with a product she doesn't need or has something similar already on her vanity that could and can work better, I take Issue!  YOU the consumer should NOT have to decipher what is in a product. THE EXPERT or person who is selling a product should ask "WHAT ELSE ARE YOU USING?" prior to just sending an $80 plus product home with the client. 

I am an expert. I say that with caution and confidence. I ask! I know! I believe in what I research and sell ( it may not be the trend) yet it will do what I say it does when used correctly and with proper application. So what brings all this on? Beauty bloggers are one Issue that I caution readers /viewers on. Yet more importantly when you leave your Dermatologist EXPERT or your Botox Filler Professional EXPERT (and this happens over and over again), The Client reaches out to me cause they bought into a product from one of the EXPERTS!  Beauty type department stores have done this in the past as well, Sent home not one but two products with similar ingredients JUST TO SELL. The Botox Professional Esthetician sent a Retinal A home when my Client already was using a similar version SHE DIDNT NEED NOR IS IT A GOOD IDEA TO USE BOTH! ASK? Meaning the professional should have reviewed with her all products and usage. DO I sound irritated? I am!  Not just cause of my poor client walking into the wolves den (a simple appointment), oh and this client is a smart intelligent woman so this is not about a Consumer needing to stay on top of ingredients. This is about the EXPERTS out there that should know better. ASK please ASK I will be honest. I will tell you what you need and I will tell ya what is fabulous and if it fits in your lifestyle and budget. YES buy those wonderful xtras that provide results ( they are out there) I carry several options . NOTE I said OPTIONS not everything is for everyone. SO when that Beautiful beauty blogger is reviewing something on HER skin, that's not a real tell.

WHY not ask someone who is trying these things out on several different types of skin and skin conditions along with different age levels to get a REAL overview. This is where I get a lil side ways with BLOGGERS /EXPERT???? She gets the product at no cost yet gets  a kickback if you buy? HUMMMM might be a tad tainted (Just Thinking). Affiliates are amazing in the Blogger world. It basically means dollar signs$$$$

So in the end be warned! Just putting it out there! Jenell's Skin is no wolves Den, and for over 20 years never has been. I will sell you products, YES! I believe in good Skincare Rituals. I will tell you don't get attached to anything I sell you cause I change things up constantly cause the skin is changing all the time. It needs to be stimulated and to generate a new response. Plus variety is the spice of life! Not to mention that Science is forever giving us amazing new discoveries that I want you to have privy to! I want you to have FIT Healthy Realistic ways of aging and to age Gracefully. Its that simple. Time to look at your vanity and to throw out the expired and to look at what may not be serving you any longer, especially if you have used the same thing for several years. I'm offering a skincare ritual review through Feb and over the next several months to kick off the new year with a fresh take on your GO TO for optimal Skin Homecare.