Esthetician, Gynocologist, and Lingerie owner walk into a bar!


Made ya look! We just all gathered at the Yves Lingerie and bra fitting Specialist for an evening of Girl Talk at its finest and it's most RAW! Why? Cause that's what Women NEED to do! It's that simple. Yes, Nordstrom's does Bra fittings ( Not like this Gal). You know how you know when you have a gift.  It's that thing you do so well with no effort, and folks take notice of how good you are at it.  You just get in there and do it! Changing lives and changing how a Women Looks and feels as she walks in this World! That, my Friends, is a gift. And it's not just life-changing. It's necessary.

    So are those weird conversations about uh! All things feminine! You know the ones that you will talk about with Friends, and maybe get some resources yet do you really get all your questions answered?  That's where Dr. Deborah Sweeny came in.  Not only did we get some great questions answered ( Nothing better over a good glass of wine), she offers the latest in feminine vaginal health.  She not only does the delicate areas but has the best down to earth nature!!  Yvonne was the host.  Her Lingerie shop is so very beautiful, please go see her! Don't even think about the drive! It's easy to get to and it's worth the drive. You wont be sorry.

    It's really her (Yvonne) that you're going to see and she is a beautiful, spicy and genuine Women. One more thing about the whole point of this post is that having a Specialist fit you when you are busty? I mean really... you ladies, you know who you are!  Let's talk honestly about how clothes will fit better and become more flattering no matter your size.  You'll look 10 pounds lighter if not more. This is serious stuff!  Please don't be shy about this service that is there for you. We had a great night and Jenell's Skin will be back working with Yvonne at Yves Swimsuit event April 13,14, 15. So be on the lookout for a fun time and some very well fitted Swimwear!  Did I mention that she has shape-wear that fits all shapes and sizes and are so stunning you just wished you could wear it as a outfit?  Along with  loungewear for those days when you want to feel fab and yet you don't want to leave the house.  Its all about feeling beautiful at any age and at any size! Start somewhere! Don't wait!!  As women we spend so much of our lives waiting. Treat yourself now! Remember, as a Everyday Icon every day is a Occasion!  The Universe rewards Action! It doesn't have to be a big one. Buy THE BRA!