Vitamin A? Gold Standard


When you take home a product it's all about the thought of it working and working fast, let's get a realistic approach on usage and the REAL deal on how fast and how effective that Miracle in a bottle really should work. Certain treatments and products need time to work, Patience is a virtue in order for you to reap the rewards. One of the top ingredients for your skin has to be applied nightly. Let's face it we are tired the last thing we want to do is go through our beauty ritual. We need to be realistic about how long it takes for a product to show results and equally honest with ourselves about whether or not we are using it consistently. After all working out once a week is NOT gonna recap results.  Let's review:

   Retinols and Retinoids- otherwise known as Vit A,  results in 3 to 6 months usage Nightly due to the photosensitivity Undeniable the Gold standard for preventing signs of aging. Retinols over the counter are less powerful just like most product sold in drug and upper-end dept stores. Retinoic acid and retinoids are Prescription strength and therefore need to be monitored.

   how they work they increase the rate of cell turnover creating new cells, slough away dead skin cells that cause build up on the skin, therefore, making active products work harder to get into the skin.  this promotes new collagen that makes skin appear improved overall texture fine lines and wrinkles. always use at night and with sunscreen use to be even more important.

    Everyone should be using a form of this PERIOD! If you just are gonna do one thing this is the one.

        This may be the gold standard yet it is one ingredient that has gotten a reboot with a variety of formulations to offer more of a broad clientele use, there are several versions to accommodate one reaction and for ease in use. Gone are the days where we get and stay red and flake or are in constant peeling. Prescription forms are not necessary anymore. Which make use daily (for the max in benefits) no more layering it with moisturizers and use every other day due to reactions and sensitivities, We can find a formula that suits your skin type and needs.