Elegant Women Don't Complain

      A Well Lived Life!  If that is the goal, I'm reminded that when I don't quite feel my best, whether that be emotionally, spiritually, or physically, I start to hear the internal chatter.  You know what I mean: I'm not pretty enough! I'm not happy with my life! I need to lose weight, make more mone , work more, be more!  Yadda, yadda. Of course it always starts with self, then it moves outward. Politics, the girl at the makeup counter, the spouse. Here it comes, can't shut it off, the complainingis turned on full-tilt which of course, doesn't make me feel better; never has.  So why do I still do it? Do I enjoy being miserable? The fact is my reaction to negative feelings and negative chatter is learned, and I learned it long ago.  It's familiar behavior. But because it is learned, I can un-learn it. It really is just a thought, a thought I created. OH! So I can choose another thought! I can change my behavior!  I can learn to respond, not react!   Yet I still manage to think some sort of venting feels good?

      Most of us do this (complain) so very well that we convince ourselveswe aren't REALLLY complaining, we're just  stating some concerns/disappointments/frustrations, maybe even facts!  Yeah I know, not you. We tell ourselves that we are mostly "a very positive person!"

      We stay in gratitude, we are trying. Well I have been trying, is it enough? I'm still amazed at how much I truly have to catch and not so much catch myself with the self talk! Its so bad we mostly are not even aware, it is subtle, very subtle. I hear women daily, I even have used the term "I'm not sharing this with you to gossip" I have good intentions! REALLY just writing this, I'm embarrassed. Who am I kidding? I was totally gossiping!

          So this complaining thing is one thing I think can change the trajectory of ones life? It's a simple thing, by not complaining am I able to focus on all things good? At least that is the point! I think it really is that simple, or that is my wish! I want to see if I can create a new habit loop around this one thing in my life? Maybe worry less? It seems like that is a waste of time as well. 

          So let's try this together grab a hair tie, a pretty one because I'm staying true to the idea of surrounding myself with only pretty things. Every time you hear yourself complain, snap that pretty hair tie to give yourself the awareness that will aid you in  stopping the madness. I'm thinking that to live well is to stay in the power of all is good! All is as it should be, and that I'm so very lucky every moment of every day to be alive and to have an amazing family, children, grandchildren, job, friendships, health, wealth (not a million dollars kind of wealth but enough!),  vacations, freedoms,  I know I could go on and on. You can to! I believe this with every fiber of my being. We have more to celebrate than to complain about!  Now I may not practice this always, but I believe everything and anything good will come from practice!

           Oh to be an elegant woman! In my mind, they are the last to ever complain, they just exude grace and ease even when things are not as lovely as they could be.  Let's start with the simple things, staying in the moment of Life is Wonderful!  If we stay true to the moment its a little less likely we will complain. Come by and get your pretty hair tie! I have one for you!  And I promise to celebrate everything with you!