Cost of not having a self-care ritual!


Let's take a look at what its truly costing YOU when you're not making Self Care a priority?

Let's look at the areas in our lives that are affected when we don't fit Pleasure, time to move our bodies or to just sit a savor a meal? This too relates to living a lack of your desires and dreams.

1. Health- Energy - Do you have enough energy to do your BEST work? Do you take breaks? do you say Yes to your downtime?

Sleep - how is this affected right now in your current life? do you have an evening ritual of self-care to aid in your getting a good night sleep?

Food - fuel feeling good to support your best work. what is it costing you to not be eating right Movement- again to support a clear mind for best work - energy, overall health?

2. Relationships- Feel alone, supported, DO you shut down - fearful, lack of communication, or lack of trust -Alignment, heavy load that your taking on or is it shared? What kind of emotional fatigue is not making Self Care a daily habit?

3. Creativity- Without this is there no real joy, right? Do you add playfulness in work or life? By not creating it zaps energy in your life, affects our spirits- not able to problem-solve. Not able to stay competitive (which fuels biz and life)

4. Time- All work makes for a dull, desperate boring life! It takes away from all joy its draining and keeps things stagnate no real movement. all work creates the sense of urgency to do more be more to rush no real quality in anything, meals standing up or skipped, grab crap, verse prepping and planning for time to eat and to let the body digest - blood sugar spikes.

5. Fun and Pleasure- Fun, laughter energy creation, joy, longevity, sexy, silly, movement these are all fuel for a fulfilled, fullness of life.

now look at YOUR life and these areas what sounds familiar? what are some of YOUR cost?

Some examples: One was when I was pregnant I was worried that my energy was going to create some negative effects on my income and so I prepped and planned so as to not have issues at work throughout the pregnancy - prior I would skip meals, go long stretches of time without taking any kind of break and not even use the restroom. Why was it ok during the pregnancy? Why was it not ok for me to care for myself? As women its common to care for everyone else so the burden becomes even greater cause we start to die off emotionally while caring for others needs verses the whole oxygen mask scenario? We know better yet we don't necessarily DO BETTER!

Hopefully, this gives you some insight into your COST? And is it really working? And how great is the COST?