Comfort vs. Beauty


So I started a bit of remodeling, and in the process learned a thing or two, in addition to feeling pretty confident with my own ability in some areas, I still felt that it was out of my expertise and sought out a Professional. Now I have a wonderful Gal that I highly recommend, I've utilized her numerous times with other projects including the Salon. Well with one particular room I had a large sectional that was too large for the space. I also had some favorite chairs that I just was not willing to part with and wanted those incorporated in the space. I gave the sectional to my daughter and picked out a beautiful sofa and reupholstered the beloved favorites. The room is beautiful!

           There is one problem, beauty aside (it is beautiful) it's just not as comfortable. So even with an expert, a trusted expert we missed the mark. Now I can go on and on about how fabulous my decorator is. It is not her expertise that is in question. The room is beautiful and more functional, what I neglected to do was think through and communicate to her that during Football Season that big oversized sectional that overtook the room was my Sunday spot to nap! Not only did it provide countless comfy naps, it fit everyone in my family for every Holiday. My new beauty fits three and as it looks wonderful, I miss my old comfy, practical couch.

            So this question of comfort over beauty? How often do we sacrifice something for beauty? Needless to say at my home I want it to be comfortable. Now when it comes to personal beauty there doesn't need to be any sacrifices, skincare should work for YOU, it should fit your lifestyle, budget and comfort level. Yes, I believe that my expertise will guide you yet, just like my old comfy sofa we can all miss the mark without the proper thought, questions and lifestyle consideration are taken into all aspects. I want you to love your skin and your skincare products and rituals. After all who wants to sacrifice money over comfort for anything?