So it's a New Year!

The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been.
— Unknown

So with a New Year comes all sorts of hoopla.  Mostly we start to reflect and to feel the pressure of the "New Years Resolution!"
          I, for one, am tired of this process and have taken on a new approach. One: I have taken on a theme for January called "Gentle January" (stole that from one of my new Mentors).  Me being the lover of themes, any theme gets the creative in me excited.  Two: I chose a Word for the year to represent how I want to feel, live, and cultivate living more beautifully!  I chose this word from a pattern of three words that kept showing up in My World on a regular basis. These words are "Grace, Ease, and Elegance." So it just seemed natural to choose a word for the year that brought all those together: CHANEL (not to mention that the colors Black and White have long been my favorite combination). I love the Chanel No. 5 perfume, one that I wear more than any other. She (Chanel) is the iconic Woman that screams "Grace, Ease, and Elegance."
          So my word for the year is Chanel! Here's the thing... I have some goals that I've set.  Not "Resolutions", but Goals.  I'm a big believer in a goal not written is only a wish!  More importantly I need to live, breathe, eat, sleep, meditate and be grace, ease, and elegant. It is time.
            I've done the chaos thing for far too long. 2017 I will be 53 and I want to want, what I want with no apologies. I want to make this year about lists; lists tracking the kind of woman I want to be (as I'm becoming).  Lists of happy things, lists of dreams and desires, lists of how I want to feel everyday. Lastly (and this is a biggie), a list of what I will NOT do anymore!

     So with my year of not doing more to be more, to gain progress only when my heart and my head align, and with the focus on the LISTS, it will be a different kind of year.  What kind of word would you pick? What is it you REALLY want for yourself in the New Year? Is it really to set a bunch of unrealistic goals that add heaviness to your spirit? Is it the thought of you needing to be fixed? I say you are perfectly imperfect just as you are. With the lists comes lightness and joy.  I believe that once we start focusing on what we want and how we want to feel, we will see that extra weight come off without going on a diet.  We will find joy in our everyday living, and ease into Living Beautifully. That is Jenell's Skin wish for you!  Happy New Year!!


PS. I feel like we waste so much time and energy judging ourselves by what we should be doing. We should spend time thinking about what we should not be doing! Here are some ideas for unresolutions!

I will not...

I wont waste time doing...

I have no intentions of...

I'm not going to...

I'll stop...

Routine or Ritual?

Recently I started paying a lil more attention to words: I got introduced to a goal setting system that requires a lil bit of dictionary work. It was a new way of looking at meanings and the FEELING behind words!

So as I dug into this system, the focus was getting past the typical ” TO DO! ” list and more into looking at what we wanted to create based on FEELINGS.  How do we want to FEEL as we take on any type of task, or really anything we do? This was a concept I had not really explored before.

Keep in mind that most of us, or I’ll just speak for myself, tend to tackle life as a “Has to be done” kinda gal! Not really the best way to look at life. Some of my belief systems in the past were the "Buck up and get ‘er done".  If nobody’s gonna get stuff done, then I’m gonna barrel through no matter what sacrifices need to be made; STUFF just has to get done -  PERIOD!  UGH!!

So as I looked at this new concept there was this refreshing take on allowing myself to explore how I wanted to FEEL!  In life there are some of us that felt we just needed to shut down those feelings, or risk not getting the result we thought we wanted.
As I’m writing this, I FEEL a swell of emotion come up over me. How did this happen?  This going through the motions on a daily bases?  CRAP! This is NOT what I wanted. Really! I want joy, laughter and all the things in my heart that I know are there for me and what we are meant to have.

  For this blog then, I wanted to start with the word Routine, which made me feel bored, repetitive, lack luster and monotonous.

Now, on the other hand, the word Ritual felt sacred, special. It felt like a gift to self. Routine felt rushed, have too.
Ritual;  just saying the word slowed me down, made me feel connected, more present. So it comes down to choosing?

So here’s the thing…Most of us take the things that we value most ( like say creativity or vacations), for granted. These things automatically become a Ritual.  A example of this is every Summer we take a week to go camping; it's high value time spent with the Family and we never waiver. Now other things that we say are important or maybe even believe we value somehow are harder to fit in.

Based on our priorities, there are some things viewed more as Routines.
We know their importance, we know we need to fit them in, BUT they somehow get placed aside. We want them to be a regular routine/ritual.  We know we need them to be regular things like being healthy, being more productive, Yadda Yadda Yadda!

Well, the reality is that stuff and life gets in the way! An example: I’m a skin gal. It's my livelihood. It's a no brainer that I do my Skincare Ritual without fail AM/PM.  It’s like clockwork. It always gets done! I know the value -  it produces results - PERIOD! The truth is that anything done repeatedly produces results. Its a conversation I have with my 13 year old daily. Now there is such a thing as repetition and wasted effort.  That is what is known as “killing motivation”; example of this is spending a ton of money at the department store on fancy products and not getting the expected results.

So by now you know I’m going for the word Ritual!  Right now Korean Skin Care is hitting the U.S. Market in full force. In researching the Culture I was so impressed with their approach to Skin Care.

For Example:

  • Korean Women view Skin Care as a Ritual, a sacred one and is taught at a young age.
  • Korean women treat the skin with reverence.
  • They treat skin care as an Anti aging tool to prevent the damage vs American Women treat once the damage is done and the repair is needed, when a Wrinkle appears or age becomes visible.
  • Beauty products are coveted by Korean women.
  • Beauty rituals are a daily part of life in Korea, it is their passion.
  •  One last fact: Korean Skin Care (Men & Women) consists of at least 10 products/steps. NO, I don’t believe you need 10 steps /products for beautiful skin.

My Promise:

I will not sell you ten products! I will save you time and money on making ridiculous purchases.  Long term I’ll save you from over doing the whole filler and laser thing, which comes with their own concerns -  not just in cost! You WILL AGE most gracefully, so when and if you choose to go under the knife you will heal faster, get better results, and have results last longer for optimal results!  Routine or Ritual? You choose!

What can we learn from Skin Care?  You are Sacred perhaps, and You are worth it!  Let the little things we do everyday ( Solid, informed Skin Care for example), make a difference.

There is a Japanese word “Te Ate” which literally means to apply HANDS!
Back before modern medicine, people believed that by placing ones hands on an injury, it promoted healing.  I believe with every ounce in my body that this holds true today!

  Come see me soon! Let my hands heal your skin and your spirit! It really does FEEL wonderful!

From my heart to yours!

~ Jenell     

If not Now! When?

So in keeping with the Weight Watchers theme and hearing those famous last words, “If not now! When?” That's going to be our personal Motto for 2016 here at Jenell’s Skin!

CELEBRATE! YOU! NOW!  Not "When". I wanted to highlight one of my many Beautiful Clients who recently made the choice to “DO THE NOW!”

My hope is that you too will gain insight from Barbara’s Story. You see Barbara was what I call my “Treat yourself ” Client, she was that Gal that only came in when she wanted a “treat ”  Needless to say I saw very little of Barbara.  Barbara had raised six children and still was working for the State at the age of 85.  Yeah!!! You read right….85!!!!  Still going to work and still loving it!  Barbara was a widow who enjoyed her children and grandchildren, along with work.

Barbara is vibrant, happy,  and she attracted a wonderful man into her life.  She was getting ready to set sail on yet another incredible chapter of her life with her new found love of  91 years (young). Her Hubby to be.  So with a wedding to prepare for along with an early retirement (really?).  Well, after all, New Hubby wanted to travel!

You guessed it!  Barbara called me to book her usual “treat yourself” appointment.  Little did she know that we were gonna have a “come to Jesus” talk….

We chatted about her upcoming nuptials and then we laid out a plan to get her skin a glow!  And no, I didn’t have to say what I so often hear our Health Care Professionals say far too often…”What do you expect for your age!?”

Let me just shout it from the rooftop…WE ARE NEVER TOO OLD FOR ANYTHING!!!  To get healthy, to learn something new, to change careers or to challenge our doctors! When something is not right and we know better it’s never too late to change our minds and behaviors; especially with things that add value or make us feel good.

So Barbara made a commitment to see me a little more consistently.  She, not just me, saw, felt and noticed how good the treatment and products worked.  She saw a difference, not only invested in herself but in future treatments.

REMEMBER!  We are allowed at any age to have expectations,  to be realistic with what we have done in the past and know that we can still make a difference.

Whatever it may be, dreams, desires , it’s all about deciding– NOW! Choose the level of commitment that is going to get you where you want. Choose Space for example. This is a tough one for me.  The space to get out of the “how & when”.  The Space to get out of our Own Way.  “How” keeps us stuck – it freezes the process, others can figure out the “How”.

So how about you!?  Are you a maintenance person, someone who just “treats themselves” or are you a commit to the process?  Do you have good home care?   Are you “treating yourself’ every NOW  and THEN or more regularly/consistently?

Remember, occasional trips to the gym get you ZERO results.  Regular brushing and flossing allows for better and cheaper visits to the dentist.  Do you love your skin? If not, are you just settling for what you pickup at the Grocery store? Or have you asked an expert to design a home care that gets you results.

Yes, that’s where I come in! I’m your partner in this (treating yourself to great Skin Care).  It is what wakes me up at night, it gets me out of bed every morning.  It works and I want you to CELEBRATE  every time you lookin the mirror.  Commit to your skin! Commit to yourself! Let me navigate all the science and hoopla….I promise it does make a difference!!!

My hope is that we can all learn a thing or two from those around us who are choosing to live life NOW!  See ya at your next Salon visit! Jenell


Buddy Up!

Everything is better with a Buddy! I just got back with Weight Watchers and no, not because of Oprah, but because it WORKS!

One of the tools is the weekly meetings. It’s a short 30 min meeting where we get to share,  support, gain insight and learn through other’s  journey. You see my journey is not about food or weight, although yes those may be symptoms, but it goes much deeper than that, it’s about getting reconnected to FEELING! I sort of lost my way in all the hustle and bustle of life.   As I listen to others it’s clear we all have a deeper source of why we do the things we do and that no matter what, these stories all have a way of connecting us in some way shape or form. You see, we are just not meant to go it alone.

As I was thinking about my theme for the Salon this month( BUDDY UP!) and of course being Valentine, I wanted it to be more than just about our Significant others or a referral. I wanted it to extend to the people who mean the most and to expand it to the Special peeps (people) in our lives.   Be it Family member’s , Co workers, Childhood friendships or Significant others, we just simply need one another. They are our Tribe and we need our tribes to get through every aspect of our lives. FACT: People with a solid group of friends are 50% more likely to survive at any given time than those without! (I got that from Oprah).  These Friendships are meant to be for cheerleading, support, confidants, Seasoned advisors, whatever their roll, they carry with it a deep sense of belonging. They GET you, and even when they don’t they still serve as a source of wisdom and care.

So prior to writing this I came to a heartbreaking conclusion that I’m not a very good friend! I haven’t been for a very long time! You see I’m a very good Esthetician.   It became painfully easy to push those who are important aside when it came to my sense of duty with work and Family.


Being a loner is  equivalent in mortality to smoking 15 Cigarettes a day! Riskier than being Obese or not exercising. SCARY! STUFF! You know the/my story; when I’m not working I’m at Baseball/Football games or practices. On my days off I’m making space for my Grandson. In between I'm  running errands, house work, maybe a walk and occasional date with Hubby. Hobbies? Wait! When was the last time I did that? Oh, then there are my older children; I miss them! They are busy with their own lives too! Is this maybe your life, too? So I’m gonna work on being a better friend, not sure how that will look but its on the list!

So with that said, I’m doing a Buddy Up! promotion. This is where you & a friend, or someone extra special, get on the books. For every NEW Buddy that comes in during the month of February extending through the first week in March, YOU & YOUR Buddy receive my new Dermal Infusion treatment for free!  Yes, for FREE! I’ve never done this! That’s a $440 giveaway!! I feel very passionate about my own lack of Buddies so it was time to  really beef up the Buddy Up!

  Happy Valentines!  Jenell

Invitation to Bloom ~ In Honor of Mom

Well it’s the countdown, just a few days until May and the another week until Mother’s day! How are you inviting clients to celebrate Mom? I for one have postponed promoting so I’ve given it some thought and will do some quick Facebook seeding as well as get an e-mail out. At this stage I’ll save any direct mailing for Spring/Summer.

Are we starting to think about how we engage with clients when we want to get them to participate and purchase? We spend money to send out a marker, but we need to give it time to really stick and then keep the seeding coming. So what is seeding? As with any gardening we plant seeds, yet if we don’t nurture, water, weed, fertilize, and repeat, we end up with not so much.

 Marketing Strategies take a lot. And Oh,  I forgot to mention the Season. If we start any marketing in the wrong season (timing is everything) our hard work and money invested is for nothing. So with so little time left to promote mom, where can we put out marketing dollars and make the biggest impact? Let’s take a look at the timing element.

  1. Plant the Seed - get their attention, create awareness, plant the seed for a future relationship
  2. Add Information - to grow the relationship add value, make information not just one thing, give them plenty so they have choices/free resources.
  3. Nurture - this is vital in the beginning. Prove to them your business is trustworthy. Follow-Up and Follow-through. Create a Follow-Up System.
  4. Now Care - Keep the relationship alive and flourishing. You have to show them those extras. It’s not enough to just give a "first time"  great treatment. Again, utilize your follow up system.
  5. Be Grateful and Show It - Ongoing, continued nurturing will Bear fruit in the form of Referrals & Repeat Business!   Much Success- Jenell

That Secret Ingredient that No One Talks About!

Acids are the “secret ingredient” that may scare you and yet, when used consistently & correctly, produce some of the most amazing results!

They are some of the most effective ingredients in Skin Care today! Acids can change your skin and take it to the next “best” level.

Long ago, acids were used to only treat scarring! Now, milder forms are gaining in popularity to hone in on specific skin problems. They are formulated to treat EVERY skin type and concern! Why so popular? Because they really work!

Gone are the days of “let’s torture you” with a very painful aggressive peel that has you hiding out for days! These new (well, not so new) lighter peels can be done more regularly with no (yes, that’s right), no down time. We have acids to exfoliate, hydrate, brighten and to protect skin from environmental damage. With that being said, Jenell’s Skin wants to introduce you to the “Peel of the Month” Club!

Remember, just because it’s an acid, doesn’t mean you automatically get red and peel. When combined in a product, it can penetrate at different levels; for example, deeper for a more rejuvenating effect. Acids go way back to Cleopatra days; she bathed in milk (lactic acid; a very common used brightener) to get the skin women coveted.

For almost 25 years, I’ve consistently applied acids, both at home and in the treatment room and at almost 52, I’m extremely happy with not just my skin, but its overall appearance! Peel of the Month is my way of giving you the monthly accessibility to make regular peelings affordable, so you too can be consistent!  Don’t be scared! Every month a different peel will be featured to target your specific needs/concerns and enhance your regular facial.

Remember, these have gained in popularity yet I’ve been offering/performing/ giving regular peels for over two decades. In short, I know what I’m doing!

Celebrate your skin every time you look in the mirror and let me help you AGE GRACEFULLY!


I’m looking at Your Eyebrows!

So, after over two decades of doing Eyebrow Waxing, I’m doing them differently.

Here is the thing after all these years… I just got comfortable. Too comfortable!  It became automatic.  It was a smaller part of my profession, so I didn’t really focus on improving it.  Now, to be fair, this has not been an area in the biz of Skin that offers what we would call advanced training.  It has quite recently become a big trend, along with lash extension.

I saw a photo on Instagram of a skin therapist wearing a t-shirt with verbiage on “brows” and I immediately got intrigued and looked up this group of girls on the east coast who had an online training on everything brows!  I was so excited! Not only was it a chance to get updated on all things brows, but to just improve on my craft (one that had been sorely neglected).  You see, I did the classic mistake.  I just kept improving my skills in the area that was my bread and butter; Facials.  I just sort of took the waxing part of my business for granted.  Well no more!  Not only did I invest in the course, but I invested in better tools… more tools! And brows are really fun!  

Now, every client that comes into the salon... I’m secretly sizing up your brows! I’m not only looking with a whole new set of eyes, but with resources and new techniques as well. 

Well, the long and short of it is that I’m better at brows then I’ve ever been and I’m excited to share this with my clients.  So you’ve been warned … I’m looking at your brows.