Buddy Up!

Everything is better with a Buddy! I just got back with Weight Watchers and no, not because of Oprah, but because it WORKS!

One of the tools is the weekly meetings. It’s a short 30 min meeting where we get to share,  support, gain insight and learn through other’s  journey. You see my journey is not about food or weight, although yes those may be symptoms, but it goes much deeper than that, it’s about getting reconnected to FEELING! I sort of lost my way in all the hustle and bustle of life.   As I listen to others it’s clear we all have a deeper source of why we do the things we do and that no matter what, these stories all have a way of connecting us in some way shape or form. You see, we are just not meant to go it alone.

As I was thinking about my theme for the Salon this month( BUDDY UP!) and of course being Valentine, I wanted it to be more than just about our Significant others or a referral. I wanted it to extend to the people who mean the most and to expand it to the Special peeps (people) in our lives.   Be it Family member’s , Co workers, Childhood friendships or Significant others, we just simply need one another. They are our Tribe and we need our tribes to get through every aspect of our lives. FACT: People with a solid group of friends are 50% more likely to survive at any given time than those without! (I got that from Oprah).  These Friendships are meant to be for cheerleading, support, confidants, Seasoned advisors, whatever their roll, they carry with it a deep sense of belonging. They GET you, and even when they don’t they still serve as a source of wisdom and care.

So prior to writing this I came to a heartbreaking conclusion that I’m not a very good friend! I haven’t been for a very long time! You see I’m a very good Esthetician.   It became painfully easy to push those who are important aside when it came to my sense of duty with work and Family.


Being a loner is  equivalent in mortality to smoking 15 Cigarettes a day! Riskier than being Obese or not exercising. SCARY! STUFF! You know the/my story; when I’m not working I’m at Baseball/Football games or practices. On my days off I’m making space for my Grandson. In between I'm  running errands, house work, maybe a walk and occasional date with Hubby. Hobbies? Wait! When was the last time I did that? Oh, then there are my older children; I miss them! They are busy with their own lives too! Is this maybe your life, too? So I’m gonna work on being a better friend, not sure how that will look but its on the list!

So with that said, I’m doing a Buddy Up! promotion. This is where you & a friend, or someone extra special, get on the books. For every NEW Buddy that comes in during the month of February extending through the first week in March, YOU & YOUR Buddy receive my new Dermal Infusion treatment for free!  Yes, for FREE! I’ve never done this! That’s a $440 giveaway!! I feel very passionate about my own lack of Buddies so it was time to  really beef up the Buddy Up!

  Happy Valentines!  Jenell      http://www.jenellgarcia.com/