Big Dreams and Grand Schemes!


When was the last time you thought of a big dream? You know the kind, the ones that seem so far beyond your wildest beliefs.

What exactly was it? Why was it so out of your grasp? Money? Time? Resources? Was it just so big that it just took you out of your body even to think it imaginable? This is where it can get kinda fun?  You see there are thousands of biggies that have come to fruition that at one time seemed so beyond the Universe and expectation. Yet they came to life! Often we trap ourselves in this box of the impossible before we even finish the dreaming part. 

Dreams can take on many shapes and sizes, I recently reached out to a Professional that I had been watching from afar and was secretly coveting her life, her clothes, her personality, I literally had a major GIRL CRUSH Probably one of the biggest I've ever had. She spoke to my SISTA SOUL and I knew I needed to work with her, I had drunk the KOOL-AID and I wanted more. It seemed kinda out of reach and yet I knew I had to step into a new thought and manifest like crazy to make it happen so I took the leap and boy the net appeared. Funny things happen when we leap. Mind you, I don't see myself as a leaper at all. I'm a doer but this was a biggie. Well, I have to tell you magic continues to happen and I know its cause I said YES to me yes to scary money and yet deep down I knew it wasn't just money but something so much more.

    What is it in your dreams that your standing on the sidelines watching, coveting, and wanting? You see this envy this type of jealousy I was observing, was also what drove me to GO for It! I wanted what she has.  That was the beauty of the envy. It was my reminder of all that I had and have desired. I had forgotten in all the other details that had crept into my life. I was going through the required motions not fully embracing what it was that I truly desired. She showed me and now well I'm kinda living out my dreams and some grand schemes are soon to follow. 

   NOTE: when you feel that urge to criticize or feel a bit of jealousy creep in KNOW THIS! It's just a clear path to all that you truly desire! Instead of bashing or get upset at these feelings, know that they are there to serve YOU! Seek out that person, observe her, embrace what it is to model what it is that she has. You will see MAGIC! She is there to teach you and guide your Sister Spirit in the directions of your true self!