Are you Guessing?


So Kelly noticed her skin was not looking so good? She thought of me! "When's my next apt with Jenell?" In the meantime, Kelly thinks "Oh, skin not doing good. I'll stop using products." NOOOOOO. She did the worst thing she could of done! She stopped doing what would  of gotten her through the rough patch at least BETTER.  So Are you GUESSING? Here's the thing, just call me!

  You see we start to overthink and this is just the area that needs a little attn. cause all of us have skin changes, not just seasonally, but all the time. Our skin is a very complicated, large vessel that reacts to many things. I for one had a hiccup over the Holidays; too much extra sugar and too much alcohol. My skin lets me know that I had overindulged. 

            The body is pretty amazing and it is sending us messages all the time. The question is are we listening? So with my Business, I can jump into action and catch mishaps. YOU on the other hand, most likely don't have the tools SO CALL ME! Now is a great time to look at you skin condition with several changes that should be occurring just due to weather /Holiday indulgences/ stress (maybe the credit cards are coming in from Holiday spending), or maybe you just need to switch things up a bit. 

    So doing something good cause even the same thing can turn on ya. When was the last time you looked at your vanity and added a new ingredient or two?  Science is amazing at giving us new and great discoveries and let's face it if you do the same workout over and over and over again at some point your body is going to tell ya "I need something else!" I'm happy to give you and your ritual a refresh. So stop guessing! Let me assist ya and let's do a little reboot to get  2018 up and running