Age has no limit, Sexy has no size!


63-year-old Model Cindy Joseph coined Pro-aging  "We are taught that there is a prime time in our lives. I say throw that out. Every moment is your prime, there is no peak. It just gets better."

I so believe this to be true, Aging allows for us to know better so we strive to do better. It's not always perfect, perfect is so now boring! I may not feel or look better than I did a decade ago, yet the wisdom has allowed for me to look with a different pair of glasses and to say yes, we have some catching up to do ( you've been a bit distracted?)  Go gently in the direction of your desires and know that there is another way.  You don't have to work like a crazy person! Wanting to live out my life with energy and vitality and enjoying the rest of my journey, it will take me making different choices than I have. It will require a new kind of discipline, the kind that is necessary to be healthy, happy, and more present. Slowing down, taking more of this life in; deep breaths. Aging! Making more time to do the things we love and desire rather than putting them on the "Maybe Later" list.  BTW, my Hubby was the one who reminded and continues to remind me that "Sexy has no size". This constant obsessing of this, that or the other. You know what it is for you.  As I do this thing called Aging, obsessing starts to become clearer, and less intrusive because it starts to not matter as much, like my size. My Hubby is the one that I want to continue to desire me, and he does. It does matter that I feel good and look good (YES I would be lying if I didn't tell you I want to be smaller), but feeling good mentally & physically is what I'm  going for and we know that good health is part of that... and a healthy weight is too!

CNN made this report on Pro-Aging: The way you perceive aging can actually influence how you age. Aging, like many aspects of life, is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Positive and negative attitudes can affect your health behaviorally, psychologically and even biologically. Being "pro-aging," or satisfied with your own aging, can make you adopt healthier behaviors, feel in control of how you age and even heighten your immune system. Being "anti-aging," or perceiving aging negatively, can do the opposite.  

These suggestions are a great start, yet I can't help but think that Pro-Aging goes way deeper.

Can we change and begin shaping a different perception on Aging? I say YES! Just look around at what we see happening and follow the path of those who are killin' it in this area. One of my favorite stories by one of my favorite mentors, Louise Hayes, is how her life began at the age of 50; that is when she started to do all the things she thought previously not possible. She began Dance, Yoga, Gardening and so much more. Her story is inspiring and she is one of many. My business is built on the foundation of Pro-Aging. I have called it "aging gracefully" and the premise is the same. We keep getting better!  Softer? Yes! A few more creases? Yes! A lil slower to get up off the floor? Yes! Yet the difference between doing nothing and actively giving to yourself the gift of self-care (facials, yoga, vacations, girl time, creative space - too many to write), is so critical to the Pro-Aging process. Lets actively practice Pro-Aging. How are you currently practicing? I would love to hear?