After all that money are you consistently using your Home-care?


You know how it goes, you buy and then OOPS! You go to bed and forget that eye cream! We have all done it and it's costing us, not just in the money we are spending, but in not using it we are not tending to the details of our lives. These little details are what move the needle ever so little enough to where we wake up one morning and look in the mirror and say when did this happen? Do I need to go see my Skin Lady? Well hopefully you will and have been seeing me regularly, and I hope that a few tips in this blog will give you ideas to stay the course. As everyday icons, your regular beauty ritual is a timeless principle that will allow for you to walk in this world with confidence and a sense of feeling as if you're a self-possessed Women; one who owns her essence and her true beauty through her self-care.

Some tips to make your beauty ritual consistent, and a time to nurture and to feel luxuriously cared for. An amount of time that is effortless because it is your time just like enjoying a bath or a cup of tea; its self-care meditation at its core. It will transform you into that place of ease, grace, and decadence from the aroma of the lotion to the glide of the serum to the spritz of the floral water. Its all an ultimate experience in pampering oneself.

  1. Make it a regular time every morning and every evening. Begin your day with that extra few min to have a large class of water, cleanse, serum with a little pressure massage and then spritz and moisturize, taking sunscreen into acct seasonally if not daily as part of your moisturizer. Don't forget to tap eye cream on that delicate area that needs just a bit more attn. Add body oils and natural essence to give you that boost as you leave the house or for that 2 cup of coffee or tea.

  2. At night have a beautiful tray by your bedside for you to have at the ready when those nights come so fast to an end and you are exhausted. Hand and eye cream, some serums and a light lavender oil to lull you to sleep. Water, water, water, I realize it may make for a disrupted sleep to run to the loo, but the vibrancy and the regularity it provides to the skin and body are priceless.

  3. Take time out to have a pillowcase that won't rob you of your precious oils. Most linens pull from your skins natural resources taking away your reserve. We carry a patented pillowcase that will have your skin hydrated.

  4. Have some "go to" throughout your day. Carry a little spray-on Moisture to spritz and stay fresh. I have an amazing Heavy water with Hyaluronic that is perfect. Drink water to stay hydrated and for added energy, reapply lipstick for that afternoon lull along with a quick brush of the teeth and another water. There is lil one has to do to create rituals that stand the test of time. Plan. Have things one needs to feel empowered and connected to self ( only you can know what those are). Eat breakfast, schedule regular pampering Facials and skincare treatments. Scheduling these are key to always feeling your best. Even when life hits ya and you're not feeling you can keep these rituals going, they will get ya back on course and will be timeless tools for a well lived life.