A tribute to Ellen


    Today I lost a dear friend. She was fierce as well as a healer. She taught yoga and she could breathe like no other; she was a master at a craft called "Breathwork." She was well educated and practiced all that was holistic.  She taught as well as shared her many talents with everyone. She was more than a dear friend, she was one of my mentors. Ellen had so many gifts, too many to name.    

     Here is the thing: Why her? Why this one? She followed all the rules and then some. You know we wake up everyday to the TO DO list: take your vitamins, drink water, meditate, move your body, eat wholefood, give back. YADDA YADDA .

     Ellen did all that! If anyone would of told me I would be visiting this dear woman in the hospital and within a week be saddened by her loss?  She would not be the one. Not her.  My heart is heavy but I know she is at peace. She is with her beloved husband who was taken to soon as well. Ellen leaves me with the very thought that it just should not be that important for us to worry so much about all the TO DO's.

     Don't get me wrong, I'm not angry, a little shocked yes! I'm just sad that I spend so much time on things that really do not matter. Yes, I want to be healthy, yes, I want to live a full life. I want to be around to see my grandchildren have children. I know how much Ellen loved her little grandbabies! They were what she talked of most. I just don't want to waste precious time any longer on things like "Why I cant get my weight off?" or "How many projects are not getting done?" "Is the dog room is starting to get smelly?" or "Am I going to get everything that needs to get done, done?" Now none of these things are wrong, its just that Ellen reminds me that I want her death to leave me with more meaning! I want her to be my reminder that its more important to love everything I do, to make it a daily practice to love the world, despite any political belief. I want to work on not complaining EVER! Its not very elegant, Ellen was elegant, she always wore a beautiful scarf and vibrant colors, she spoke with such kindness and never complained she was always so inspiring and had a contagious smile. And no one hugged like Ellen (except maybe my Dad he was a great hugger)! I think I want to be great at that!

      Life is too short, we hear that saying often, yet it takes a loss to grasp the meaning and then we forget, until the next loss.  My tribute to Ellen is a life well lived! And the knowledge that life is a daily gift.  Ellen will always be remembered, I loved that woman and she was one of my gifts.