Some tips on Aging!


Aging gracefully is a huge part of my Mission here at Jenell's Skin. Your mindset and what your Parents gave ya help you to age well. Women who do it well have daily principals  that they have as there GO TO. Here are the top ten:

     1. Daily diligent Skincare- This is vital, with science on our side it really becomes a no-brainer, it’s critical that we have a trusted source as to not get confused and overwhelmed with all the information that is thrown at your inbox every sec.  Look for products with Peptides, Vita A and C, Eye cream. These are just some of the very basic that should be in your arsenal. In short, Peptides are repairing, Vit A  aids in collagen production and cell turnover.  Eye cream should be incorporated to aid in fine lines and wrinkles in an area that is so delicate due to few oil glands and thinner skin. 

     2. Have a simple go to for daily makeup- stay away from most powders; they settle and accentuate fine line and wrinkles. Go for tinted Moisturizers or cream foundations for coverage and added moisture.

      3. Sun Protection- Wide Brim Hats,  big sunglasses that cover your eyes and give you enough coverage that you're not squinting. Don't forget chest and the back of hands. From cancer to discoloration (which age us) the sun is not our friend. Note: Must reapply if out for long periods of time, not just when sweating or swimming. Sitting at a sporting event or just socializing  on the deck, those are when  we get more exposure than we think.

    4. Watch for Hair changes- Hormones and especially during menopause can cause hair to become thinner and more brittle. Look for hair care that nourishes strands, additional things like biotin help.

     5. A hair cut that complements YOU! The right cut can make your face appear younger, Soft side swept bangs can cover wrinkles on the forehead a bob that hits mid neck can distract from sagging.

   6. Dental care- as we age teeth stain or turn yellow or grey, especially for us coffee drinkers plus tea and red wine don't help. Keep whitening product on hand and add to your regular ritual.

   7. Combat stress- we know that stress plays a huge roll in how we look and age. A regular ritual of caring for our body and soul will aid in reducing and managing our stress levels.  Add Yoga and meditation to boost your mood and calm your mind. 

    8. Vices -have to have them yet keep to a minimum - too much Alcohol will get that rosacea triggered. Smoking breaks down collagen even second-hand smoke, not to mention wrinkles around the month and any up roar on the skin makes us look older. Large amounts of caffeine will dehydrate and increase anxiety; none of these add  youthfulness.

   9. Sleep- Gone are the days of wearing a badge of honor for pulling all-nighters. Sleep is essential to over all health and vitality and there is no substitute for BEAUTY SLEEP! Your building collagen elastin and your body is restoring essential building blocks for young healthy skin. 7 to 9 hours PERIOD!   

10. Healthy eating - this should include a good dose of whole food. It's not "we are what we eat" anymore. It's more like we are what we absorb! Paying attention to what works for the individual is vital to know your body and what it needs to feel good. This is different for everyone. If you're still struggling with all the latest info on food allergies intolerance etc and lost nutrients, seek out a specialist. My advice, listen to what your body is telling you! It's pretty telling! Our food habits are huge on how we age!


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