I Broke My Number 1 Rule of Skincare!


SO as a everyday icon we all have our own set of rules, or better yet principals; rules are a bit stifling and principals are timeless.

Being a Everyday Icon to me is that we have a set of principals that guide us to be our best version of ourselves.  More importantly we have to understand and be gentle when we veer off our path, and it does happen. It's knowing when we need to just pause and course correct . I needed this over the Holidays when my own skin went into a tizzy .

             One of my biggest, biggest recommendations to clients is to NEVER EVER buy a magnifying mirror! Why? Because no one ever see's what we see in these mirrors.  Yet last year when we did a Master Bath, due to my eye site changing, I purchased a wall mount mirror to feel fancy as if I were in a boutique Hotel . It was fine until I realized that the opposite side was a magnified version UGG! I know better.  SO as I constantly urge clients to not utilize (Unless its for Hair removal and vision issues) I broke the NO 1 rule and started to mess with my skin and you know how the story goes, even me the Expert just couldn't leave well enough alone! OH MY!  The moral of the story is that I was right about owning these mirrors, it never is a good idea to have anything that doesn't make us feel good. As everyday Icons, staying true to principals always leads us back to our true selves .   

           You see I have great skin! 99% of the time ( because I stay true to my beauty rituals). Yet when that 1% rolls around, and it does I was able to get back to my principals quick  because they always work. These hiccups are less and less as I continue to follow my essence of what I know I need. What I don't need is to be looking at every little imperfection and thinking that I need to do something about it. (Hence the Mirror was telling me different.) You see principals allow for us to rarely question, they are like beacons or guidepost to the familiar, that which is necessary to live well and to thrive with all things that hold true in our lives. It's different for everyone and very personal and that is what makes us, well, US! 

                  Let's leave the imperfections alone. In reality its what adds to our beauty. Like the iconic Sofia Loren who was told at the beginning of her Career to get plastic surgery, REALLY only later to become one of the most iconic Women to date. Or Lauren Hutton with her famous gap, that was a models demise . Stay true to you! Stay true to your principals, and if your not fully embracing your Iconic beauty ritual, or they need to be tweaked or revisited lets chat. Those too will be your forever go to when you hit that 1% and need a little care for your self and your soul.