If it is good enough for a Royal? Why not you?


 Ahh the Royal wedding, Was it just me or was it refreshing to see the simplicity of it all, ( I know o the Royals do anything simple) How very different the feel from the last few we have seen? I for one was thrilled to see how perfectly imperfect Meghan Markel was with a piece of Hair out of place and her makeup so natural we saw her freckles! For some, the piece of hair was a focal point. My friend's husband couldn't focus on anything but the misplaced strand of hair. For others it was that the dress was plain, I thought elegant. Some compared Kate's dress, very different Princesses very different roles they will play. I loved that one of my clients shared that her teenage son who recently graduated spotted the natural element of her makeup and that we could see her freckles he thought it complimented her.  In my world of skin care, they could be called sunspots and that there is a solution for that! I say let's stop this madness! If it was good enough for a Royal Princess why can it not be for us? I spent a good part of my career treating pigmentation, and for good reason, it bothered the client. Yet I can't help but wonder how much of it was society continuing to tell us that we are flawed, that in order to be and feel beautiful we must have flawless skin? Along with a small waist and full lips and perfect teeth and so on and so forth. It is a never-ending cycle of what we have been told is  beauty! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we may fight all our imperfection and distorted body images and still so much wasted effort.  I say let's follow in the Royal Princess footsteps and shoot for what feels good to us and keep it simple, life is too fleeting to spend needless hours fretting over a certain type of beauty, yes feel good, do what sparks joy in you, however, that may look, but think also about the hours and years taking away from obsessing over what is and instead think of all the wonderful things you could be doing? Come see me freckles wrinkles and all! They are not flaws they are a part of YOU! I can help and I have a solution that  will feel amazing and you always walk away feeling better just for treating your beautiful self and soul. 

Hello Summer! Who's Hiding Out?


Summer is here! More time outside, sundresses, water activities, Summer evenings out, lots of exposure to the sun. For a lot of us, Summer can mean hiding out? You know not going to the BBQ/ swim party because your not gonna be seen in a bathing suit? maybe not put on the sundress cause your arms are creepy? or that you've always hated how your arms looked, or you put on the dress with that cute little sweater, cause Adam Glassman said in Oprah magazine that that's the way to hide arms you don't like?  but felt confined and got too warm( whats the point of a sundress if you can't feel cool and comfortable? or how about the shorts or that cute skirt that oh my veins look horrible or you can see my cellulite. or my legs are too white. I know I've spent many a time not getting in the water just wearing my suit with that cute sarong and just enjoying the activity. Who was I kidding I love the water, water is so refreshing in the heat of the summer. 

             What have we done to ourselves to feel this constricton and to continue with the madness? I'm choosing to stop this.


I refuse to not go to the lake with my grandchildren and not get in and have fun with them. I'm not gonna be that grandma that just sits back and chooses out due to my body. I'M not gonna apologize for it anymore. Yes, I work hard and have neglected to care and tend to the details of my body and it stops now. It took me a long time to abuse her and it will take time to get her back yet no more obsessing over her flaws and her shortcomings. I am 54 and I've missed out on too much!  Thinking that I needed to hide. Life is short, my body is a gift and it's done amazing things like it gave birth to 3 incredible human beings, carried me through some rough times allowed for me to abuse, starve, deprive, beat up and criticize her since I was in the third grade!  DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY YEARS THAT IS! HOLY SHIT! ENOUGH!

        I'm wearing a bathing suit more this summer because I love the water.  I'm showing off my arms, because I love to feel feminine and to be cool, I'm wearing shorts that show off my varicose veins (I'll add a little self-tanner) I'm not gonna continue to look back on my summer with regret and no real memories of a woman who chooses out, because I thought I was too big. Confession, I actually asked my husband a few years back if I was too heavy to go Horseback riding? I was serious! He looked at me like I was a crazy Women, I have been a crazy woman, I'm going Horseback riding this summer. It's the summer of ME! 

                  Join me for some fun challenges around some of these crazy beliefs we torture ourselves with. Maybe it's not weight for you, maybe it's not being able to say NO to your spouse or Family, maybe its work, maybe it's an I'm not enough thing. I want my 90-year-old self to say. Thank God you finally came to your FRICKIN senses and lived a life worthy of great memories, and wonderful stories to share!

     I want my children and my grandchildren to say WOW my Grandma was so cool! she did....... 

    How are you gonna do YOUR SUMMER!


Are you Guessing?


So Kelly noticed her skin was not looking so good? She thought of me! "When's my next apt with Jenell?" In the meantime, Kelly thinks "Oh, skin not doing good. I'll stop using products." NOOOOOO. She did the worst thing she could of done! She stopped doing what would  of gotten her through the rough patch at least BETTER.  So Are you GUESSING? Here's the thing, just call me!

  You see we start to overthink and this is just the area that needs a little attn. cause all of us have skin changes, not just seasonally, but all the time. Our skin is a very complicated, large vessel that reacts to many things. I for one had a hiccup over the Holidays; too much extra sugar and too much alcohol. My skin lets me know that I had overindulged. 

            The body is pretty amazing and it is sending us messages all the time. The question is are we listening? So with my Business, I can jump into action and catch mishaps. YOU on the other hand, most likely don't have the tools SO CALL ME! Now is a great time to look at you skin condition with several changes that should be occurring just due to weather /Holiday indulgences/ stress (maybe the credit cards are coming in from Holiday spending), or maybe you just need to switch things up a bit. 

    So doing something good cause even the same thing can turn on ya. When was the last time you looked at your vanity and added a new ingredient or two?  Science is amazing at giving us new and great discoveries and let's face it if you do the same workout over and over and over again at some point your body is going to tell ya "I need something else!" I'm happy to give you and your ritual a refresh. So stop guessing! Let me assist ya and let's do a little reboot to get  2018 up and running


Let's be less busy


   AS I age one of my desires is to stop the busyness. Busy is a signal to self that I'm productive and that I'm getting things done. At least that is what I've been telling myself for a very long time. Time for a new shift.  With all the things the World is developing the things that are the highest sought out value are things to cut down on task and to simplify regular daily activities thus APPS on our phones, the 30 min workouts that now do 2-15 min, 30 min meals. shorter reads, fast and easy kinda mantra for today's busy peeps.

And of course the LIST I love me a list and I've shared some thoughts on more than one blog post of the power of the LIst. Yet I've recently shifted to the power of 3  three daily gratitudes and 3 priorities. It has been a game changer for my focus and for my Monkey mind. Here are ten ways to look at being less busy, I believe we have taken busy too far and it's like some badge of honor to hit the ground running and to cram as much in our days as possible. Everything from experiences to a simple meal has lost its essence when it is hurried through.

Let's take a look at some ways to be less busy. New Psychology has revealed that happiness is related to making other choices in how we spend our time.

1. What's important to YOU? Many of us go day to day not even considering our values, and yes values can change. With all this busyness we don't take the time to prioritize what we value most. Take time to formulate what it is that you want to base your life on and be mindful of those with a simple question on a daily basis on how can those value show up for you each day?

2. Get rid of the TO DO LIST! I know this is hard we are too busy and we want to get it all in, yet what REALLY will we accomplish? Hence my power of three! Hopefully, your list never had, spend time with my children on it? So maybe the list has been a bit of a guide for you?

3. Big things First.  Studies have shown that we need to eat the frog first do hard big stuff first and save the little for the afternoon when energy wains. This is how we make the best of the so-called GOLDEN HOURS!

4. Know your Brain? Its wired for happiness when we are looking for something! Not when we complete things. This is the No. 1 reason people can't get off our Smartphones. It also creates restlessness a sense of being rushed and stress if we are not careful. 5. This is a hard one for me.  Get up an hour early, daily. People who rise early know the magic of the mornings ( I know it too) it's just hard some mornings. This is always a game changer,  you and I both know all the goodies associated with this one thing.

6. Intuition over your Schedule I LOVE this! Feed yourself things throughout your workday that interest you, find a sense of flow versus pressure, stress, and hurriedness.

7. Let go of QUICKLY,  My Hubby pointed this out to me recently , He said I say this with everything UGG!! it never gets done as fast as you think it will especially if you fit it in with your regular task. Rethink this word or simply try taking it out of your vocab all together it just drives that sense of busyness.

8. No such thing as a multi-tasker I know all you women out there will argue this one but by breaking things down into 5 simple steps CAPTURE - collect info Clarify-process what it means Organize -link to action reminders Reflect - reg review Engage- carry it out  These allow for you to clearly focus be productive because we are doing one thing at a time which is more relaxing than let's get it done.

9. Let it be, its ok to just be there was a time growing up when we were bored IT'S OK to enjoy and find the quiet moment and the mind.

10. NO one size fits all  "If you are depressed, your living in the past. If you are anxious your living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present." Lao Tzu

       Let just ponder a new way, and give some of these your thoughts.  Pick one that speaks to you. I'm gonna try the getting up early one Stay tuned


The Power of New Workout Clothes!


     Ok for way too long I've not been the workout queen that I so desire to be. In fact, I've spent the last 18 years not being consistent at all and of course, I've got a billion excuses along with the simple fact that I just was not doing it. Now, this is NOT a self-help inspirational blog about all the reasons we need to be fit or to care for oneself. WE KNOW what we know. This is, however, a gentle reminder that it really is the little things, the little pleasures that move that needle ever so much to have the impact we all desire in our lives. 

        You see this month at Jenell's skin our focus is Pleasure! Now here's the truth I found this interesting thing that came up over and over again. WE OVER THINK PLEASURE! When asked? We repeatedly stopped and had to REALLY THINK ABOUT what a simple pleasure was. Its like we needed to come up with something big and monumental, we clearly are robbing ourselves of those little things! I found this common thread with my Clientele when probed they saw the simplicity in the question yet, they still struggled to come up with a Pleasure!

       No worries, I'll be listing everyone's answers in the May Newsletter (No Names) Just Simple Pleasures. I found that there were some that were great reminders. A recent Simple pleasure I had was investing in new Workout Clothes. I realize this may seem insignificant yet a little magic happened when I woke this morning and put them on. I felt stronger, taller, fitter thinner, of course, none of that really was the case, yet I was ready to get my move on! The first thing I noticed is that they felt good, they fit well not too tight, not pulling anywhere and they were comfortable. You see what I had been wearing were not fitting well and they didn't feel flattering I didn't feel good in them. AHH!!! the magic moment, something so simple as a good fitted pair of leggings (Was there such a thing) again Simple 

           You see the magic is everywhere, Its in all the little things, in the mini moments and well its available to us at any time. Just don't overthink what it means to indulge in a simple pleasure daily! I found mine in a well fitted  pair of workout clothes imagine that!


I Broke My Number 1 Rule of Skincare!


SO as a everyday icon we all have our own set of rules, or better yet principals; rules are a bit stifling and principals are timeless.

Being a Everyday Icon to me is that we have a set of principals that guide us to be our best version of ourselves.  More importantly we have to understand and be gentle when we veer off our path, and it does happen. It's knowing when we need to just pause and course correct . I needed this over the Holidays when my own skin went into a tizzy .

             One of my biggest, biggest recommendations to clients is to NEVER EVER buy a magnifying mirror! Why? Because no one ever see's what we see in these mirrors.  Yet last year when we did a Master Bath, due to my eye site changing, I purchased a wall mount mirror to feel fancy as if I were in a boutique Hotel . It was fine until I realized that the opposite side was a magnified version UGG! I know better.  SO as I constantly urge clients to not utilize (Unless its for Hair removal and vision issues) I broke the NO 1 rule and started to mess with my skin and you know how the story goes, even me the Expert just couldn't leave well enough alone! OH MY!  The moral of the story is that I was right about owning these mirrors, it never is a good idea to have anything that doesn't make us feel good. As everyday Icons, staying true to principals always leads us back to our true selves .   

           You see I have great skin! 99% of the time ( because I stay true to my beauty rituals). Yet when that 1% rolls around, and it does I was able to get back to my principals quick  because they always work. These hiccups are less and less as I continue to follow my essence of what I know I need. What I don't need is to be looking at every little imperfection and thinking that I need to do something about it. (Hence the Mirror was telling me different.) You see principals allow for us to rarely question, they are like beacons or guidepost to the familiar, that which is necessary to live well and to thrive with all things that hold true in our lives. It's different for everyone and very personal and that is what makes us, well, US! 

                  Let's leave the imperfections alone. In reality its what adds to our beauty. Like the iconic Sofia Loren who was told at the beginning of her Career to get plastic surgery, REALLY only later to become one of the most iconic Women to date. Or Lauren Hutton with her famous gap, that was a models demise . Stay true to you! Stay true to your principals, and if your not fully embracing your Iconic beauty ritual, or they need to be tweaked or revisited lets chat. Those too will be your forever go to when you hit that 1% and need a little care for your self and your soul.


Hey all you OBAGI lovers want something different?!


Truth: I am qualified to share my thoughts on the Obagi products. Not only did I sell, distribute and educate for the Company back in the early 2000, I also spent a part of my career traveling to many doctor’s offices and plastic surgery centers training Doctors and their staff on Obagi.

        You need to know that I was making good money and clients were loving the results of the system, even with all the redness, visible peeling and irritations that occurred along with sensitivity. There are some that still believe in the no pain no gain philosophy (that is not my belief nor where science has led us).  There was a good portion of the initial 12-week program that can still be done yearly (most people continue to use all year long) Not my recommendations but we do get addicted to the results! I chose to STOP selling this product years ago. Yes, at a loss of income.          

Here’s what I know to be true.  Most Doctors’ offices, the Practicing Physician rarely see the patient for SKIN care they are there for the bigger picture (surgeries, injections, cancers etc) most patient when seen are referred to a physician asst. or another trained nurse or Esthetician, I am and continue to see, treat, touch, feel and monitor all skin applications products and treatments.

            After over two decades of being hands on with all skin types, I found a common thread with My Obagi users. The skin had changed, and the surface looked good but even the standard Facial had become somewhat irritating to the client. The skin was thinner, sensitive and per usual treatments I noticed that the skin was reacting differently, and it was not healthier.  Note these were clients that I monitored, they were not over using the system they were following the protocol. 

         Truth science has come a long way and we do not have to go through this type of process to have healthy skin. In fact, I don't recommend it at all. In the end, in my opinion the skin is depleted and left vulnerable I’ve seen it and felt it and clients when questioned agree it’s all about taking away the damage at a cost.   My belief is that we need to continue to nurture and care for the skin by other means.  I’m not a fan of OBAGI.  I do offer alternatives that are safe healthy result driven and NO DOWNTIME we are busy we want to go out in the world feeling beautiful. It’s really that simple and regular safe mild peeling is possible without prescription-based ingredients that cause harm over time and with overuse.  Skin health takes consistent care, just like teeth, body, and soul.

    I’m giving away over $500 in home care because I believe in what I do offer. Call today for a free consultation and see if you qualify for my Skin Health program and get some free product to boot. Love treating and celebrating your skin.

             Remember Celebrating every time you look in the mirror is my passion and purpose.

From my heart to yours, Jenell

The MYTH behind Peels


Do you remember Samantha from sex and the city the episode where she meets the Girls at the bar and she is wearing the scarf and the large sunglasses hiding because she had had a Chemical peel? UGH! she looked horrible, it looked painful and she even said she cried, was miserable, and feeling uncomfortable. WELL! That is no longer the case my Friends. 

    This month at Jenell's skin we are PEELING back the Myth around REAL peels. The truth is the more often they are done the more the skin benefits. NO DOWN TIME_ NO PAIN_ NO LOOKING LIKE A DRAGON WHILE HEALING . In Fact, NO HEALING if done correctly and with the right peel for YOU. They are a great start to not only getting rid of all of winter's buildup yet great for brightening and bringing the skin back to life. (EVEN IF IT IS NOT DEAD)

     Here's the deal! Peels now are way more specific and way more effective when done on a regular basis. Gone are the days of peeling to hurt or to cause harm to the surface layers of the skin, TRUTH- peels need and should be done regularly.  By a professional and here is the truth as an Esthetician who has been preforming peels for over two decade and been through all the changes and advances that science has to offer, you should not have to have sheets of skin peeling off after a peel.  Quite frankly for those still stuck in the 80's mentality of no pain no gain that is so over played in all aspect of health. 

   NOTE- If you have a skin condition or are in the Sensitive category you still should have some form of exfoliation to allow for active healing ingredient to get in to the skin. Lots of skin sensitivity is due to build up and using products that suppress and seal in a very damaged dry irritated skin. That is not beneficial to a sensitive type (Please note every person is different and to fully assess we need to take it case by case. 

    We have an incredible offer to not just get your skin health in tip top shape for always and the coming season but to get some great skincare under your belt for FREE yes FREE home-care over $500 value. This is to insure you are properly prepped and primed for a great form of gentle effective peeling . Here's to your Skin Health!

Hands are a DEAD giveaway!!!


    Ok lets talk Celebrities for just a min. We look and we watch and we only wish we had a 3rd of their budget for beauty. I for one am always looking for signs that they are after all REAL people who age. Do they age differently? Well, Yes. Money can buy a lot of Facials and lots of fixes. I'm a Kardashian watcher ( I use it for research) HA! I  look at necks and the back of Hands to determine someone's real age. I watched Suzanne Summers infomercials and was not surprised by the high collar and the ruffled sleeves that draped ever so lightly over her hands just barely making view of the fingers. Both her neck and the back of her hands show a very different story on how she has aged. Don't get me wrong she is beautiful, and has contributed much information to Women on all things aging and Health. She is a wealth of knowledge and I love reading her books. So this is NOT about ripping on her, I don't believe in that, its just that its an important reminder that we all age and we all have resources that are available to aid in the slowing down of aging ( even on a much smaller less than celebrity budget).

      So let's talk hands and neck, its an area that in our early years we forget about and then as the signs start to appear (a little on the late side), we start to give it our attention. It's easy to remember to treat our aging face, yet we all neglect the signs on the hands, like wrinkles, dark spots, crepiness.  All these give our age away, our true age. So next time you are doing your skin care ritual take some much-needed extra time and product and treat your hands. 1. apply SPF daily keep it your car right in plain view then you can apply it at a time where your not in a hurry and you won't forget. FYI it's always good to have SPF in the car PERIOD! There are so many times when we need to reapply. 2. Use your nightly vitamin A or retinol on them to help with wrinkles, 3. for sun spots, a common one for us in California,  there are a ton of brighteners.  Jenell's Skin carries a great one! pick one up on your next visit. Any of your masks will work for xtra hydration and they even make a Copper infused fingerless glove  for nighttime wear for rough skin. We also have some great moisture gloves that are easy to use; just put them on for a min of 1 hour and voila, moisture infused. Remember the hands can be a dead giveaway so start treating them today. Mention this blog post and receive a free pair during your next Facial.  http://www.jenellgarcia.com/

Esthetician, Gynocologist, and Lingerie owner walk into a bar!


Made ya look! We just all gathered at the Yves Lingerie and bra fitting Specialist for an evening of Girl Talk at its finest and it's most RAW! Why? Cause that's what Women NEED to do! It's that simple. Yes, Nordstrom's does Bra fittings ( Not like this Gal). You know how you know when you have a gift.  It's that thing you do so well with no effort, and folks take notice of how good you are at it.  You just get in there and do it! Changing lives and changing how a Women Looks and feels as she walks in this World! That, my Friends, is a gift. And it's not just life-changing. It's necessary.

    So are those weird conversations about uh! All things feminine! You know the ones that you will talk about with Friends, and maybe get some resources yet do you really get all your questions answered?  That's where Dr. Deborah Sweeny came in.  Not only did we get some great questions answered ( Nothing better over a good glass of wine), she offers the latest in feminine vaginal health.  She not only does the delicate areas but has the best down to earth nature!!  Yvonne was the host.  Her Lingerie shop is so very beautiful, please go see her! Don't even think about the drive! It's easy to get to and it's worth the drive. You wont be sorry.

    It's really her (Yvonne) that you're going to see and she is a beautiful, spicy and genuine Women. One more thing about the whole point of this post is that having a Specialist fit you when you are busty? I mean really... you ladies, you know who you are!  Let's talk honestly about how clothes will fit better and become more flattering no matter your size.  You'll look 10 pounds lighter if not more. This is serious stuff!  Please don't be shy about this service that is there for you. We had a great night and Jenell's Skin will be back working with Yvonne at Yves Swimsuit event April 13,14, 15. So be on the lookout for a fun time and some very well fitted Swimwear!  Did I mention that she has shape-wear that fits all shapes and sizes and are so stunning you just wished you could wear it as a outfit?  Along with  loungewear for those days when you want to feel fab and yet you don't want to leave the house.  Its all about feeling beautiful at any age and at any size! Start somewhere! Don't wait!!  As women we spend so much of our lives waiting. Treat yourself now! Remember, as a Everyday Icon every day is a Occasion!  The Universe rewards Action! It doesn't have to be a big one. Buy THE BRA!  http://www.jenellgarcia.com/

After all that money are you consistently using your Home-care?


You know how it goes, you buy and then OOPS! You go to bed and forget that eye cream! We have all done it and it's costing us, not just in the money we are spending, but in not using it we are not tending to the details of our lives. These little details are what move the needle ever so little enough to where we wake up one morning and look in the mirror and say when did this happen? Do I need to go see my Skin Lady? Well hopefully you will and have been seeing me regularly, and I hope that a few tips in this blog will give you ideas to stay the course. As everyday icons, your regular beauty ritual is a timeless principle that will allow for you to walk in this world with confidence and a sense of feeling as if you're a self-possessed Women; one who owns her essence and her true beauty through her self-care.

Some tips to make your beauty ritual consistent, and a time to nurture and to feel luxuriously cared for. An amount of time that is effortless because it is your time just like enjoying a bath or a cup of tea; its self-care meditation at its core. It will transform you into that place of ease, grace, and decadence from the aroma of the lotion to the glide of the serum to the spritz of the floral water. Its all an ultimate experience in pampering oneself.

  1. Make it a regular time every morning and every evening.  Begin your day with that extra few min to have a large class of water, cleanse, serum with a little pressure massage and then spritz and moisturize, taking sunscreen into acct seasonally if not daily as part of your moisturizer. Don't forget to tap eye cream on that delicate area that needs just a bit more attn. Add body oils and natural essence to give you that boost as you leave the house or for that 2 cup of coffee or tea.
  2. At night have a beautiful tray by your bedside for you to have at the ready when those nights come so fast to an end and you are exhausted. Hand and eye cream, some serums and a light lavender oil to lull you to sleep. Water, water, water, I realize it may make for a disrupted sleep to run to the loo, but the vibrancy and the regularity it provides to the skin and body are priceless.
  3. Take time out to have a pillowcase that won't rob you of your precious oils. Most linens pull from your skins natural resources taking away your reserve. We carry a patented pillowcase that will have your skin hydrated.
  4. Have some "go to" throughout your day. Carry a little spray-on Moisture to spritz and stay fresh. I have an amazing Heavy water with Hyaluronic that is perfect.  Drink water to stay hydrated and for added energy, reapply lipstick for that afternoon lull along with a quick brush of the teeth and another water. There is lil one has to do to create rituals that stand the test of time. Plan. Have things one needs to feel empowered and connected to self ( only you can know what those are). Eat breakfast, schedule regular pampering Facials and skincare treatments. Scheduling these are  key to always feeling your best. Even when life hits ya and you're not feeling you can keep these rituals going, they will get ya back on course and will be timeless tools for a well lived life.


EXPERT or wolf in sheep's clothing?


Ok, SO I just gotta say this! EXPERT or SALESMAN! For those in Business, it can be a lil of both. I get it... we all have to make a living. Business is Business. YET when a client leaves a business with a product she doesn't need or has something similar already on her vanity that could and can work better, I take Issue!  YOU the consumer should NOT have to decipher what is in a product. THE EXPERT or person who is selling a product should ask "WHAT ELSE ARE YOU USING?" prior to just sending an $80 plus product home with the client. 

I am an expert. I say that with caution and confidence. I ask! I know! I believe in what I research and sell ( it may not be the trend) yet it will do what I say it does when used correctly and with proper application. So what brings all this on? Beauty bloggers are one Issue that I caution readers /viewers on. Yet more importantly when you leave your Dermatologist EXPERT or your Botox Filler Professional EXPERT (and this happens over and over again), The Client reaches out to me cause they bought into a product from one of the EXPERTS!  Beauty type department stores have done this in the past as well, Sent home not one but two products with similar ingredients JUST TO SELL. The Botox Professional Esthetician sent a Retinal A home when my Client already was using a similar version SHE DIDNT NEED NOR IS IT A GOOD IDEA TO USE BOTH! ASK? Meaning the professional should have reviewed with her all products and usage. DO I sound irritated? I am!  Not just cause of my poor client walking into the wolves den (a simple appointment), oh and this client is a smart intelligent woman so this is not about a Consumer needing to stay on top of ingredients. This is about the EXPERTS out there that should know better. ASK please ASK I will be honest. I will tell you what you need and I will tell ya what is fabulous and if it fits in your lifestyle and budget. YES buy those wonderful xtras that provide results ( they are out there) I carry several options . NOTE I said OPTIONS not everything is for everyone. SO when that Beautiful beauty blogger is reviewing something on HER skin, that's not a real tell.

WHY not ask someone who is trying these things out on several different types of skin and skin conditions along with different age levels to get a REAL overview. This is where I get a lil side ways with BLOGGERS /EXPERT???? She gets the product at no cost yet gets  a kickback if you buy? HUMMMM might be a tad tainted (Just Thinking). Affiliates are amazing in the Blogger world. It basically means dollar signs$$$$

So in the end be warned! Just putting it out there! Jenell's Skin is no wolves Den, and for over 20 years never has been. I will sell you products, YES! I believe in good Skincare Rituals. I will tell you don't get attached to anything I sell you cause I change things up constantly cause the skin is changing all the time. It needs to be stimulated and to generate a new response. Plus variety is the spice of life! Not to mention that Science is forever giving us amazing new discoveries that I want you to have privy to! I want you to have FIT Healthy Realistic ways of aging and to age Gracefully. Its that simple. Time to look at your vanity and to throw out the expired and to look at what may not be serving you any longer, especially if you have used the same thing for several years. I'm offering a skincare ritual review through Feb and over the next several months to kick off the new year with a fresh take on your GO TO for optimal Skin Homecare. 


Ok so we are not in our twenties anymore!


I realize the topic of skincare can get old for some, yet I have loved skincare since I was old enough to go to Payless Drugs with my babysitting earnings, and buy my first bottle of Pysoderm.  Remember Ponds cold cream? That was the only way we could get the Mascara off. It continued to evolve over the years and at the early age of 19 I had my very first official facial. It was at Macy's when Adrienne Arpel had developed her first line of skincare. It was over $100 to purchase those magic bottles. I clearly remember the start of a beloved ritual. It was an instant love affair with hot towels, extractions and all things in a bottle! She had become my idol and her story today inspires me.

They say that the most important time to take care of the skin is in your twenties and thirties....

Most women, however, don't act until they see the first wrinkle appear.

Women are heading to get the popular injections!  The Millennial (children of baby boomers), they love Makeup for their beauty. Contour creams, highlighting compacts, lip kits are selling like mad. I for one celebrate Skincare. I've tried following Kylie Jenner on Instagram. I've even tried to do the whole contour thing, (Fail). Skincare is the basis of all things beauty! It's like the house built on sand concept. Makeup only looks good when the skin is smooth and the pigment is even.  Note: Makeup lines are adding more and more anti-aging science-based ingredients so that's good news!

Well here's the dilemma, right now skincare seems kinda boring to some. It's not like I see skincare getting all the likes on Facebook, the pics are not as attractive as that beautiful landscape, ocean, food item, or my fav -  the desk that has the vase of peonies with the cool desk accessory and a coffee table book. No one really wants to talk about SPF and how that will prevent premature aging and those unsightly dark spots that appear on the driver's side of the face.

There is a reason facial masks on are the rise, trend-wise, they photograph well and have pretty colors like shades of pink and green. Korean skincare gets the credit for Masks. BTW (By the way) Facial Masks have come a long way. They give fast, visible results. We use them for prepping for makeup, perk up the skin before a big day at work or even an evening out. FYI - I'm introducing a terrific line of Masks (Casmara) to my clients now. Forty years of research has resulted in phenomenal results from these Masks.

When it comes to anti-aging, it does require a bit of patience and persistence. It does work, a tad slower if you got started late. Let's make skincare fun again! The research is there; we have what we call Superager's 1.They spend lil time in the sun. 2. They protect themselves when they do. 3. They never have dry skin 4. They have a positive attitude about life. These were the results of a study.  What was interesting was that stress, fast food, carbs, and sugar or drinking eight glasses of water a day didn't seem to make a difference. Go figure! So to mimic the Superager's they found that increased circulation under the skin has a greater likelihood of having a rejuvenating effect. Um, that's what Facials on a regular basis and good active ingredients do! Yeah, I can do that! Let's just say that skin care is an act of wellness! Let's just say its a simple ritual with long-term benefits and rewards that are completely painless and doable, where Botox, fillers and laser are a bit more complicated, painful, and expensive not to mention the downtime..

Don't wait till that wrinkle appears or gets deeper and it jumps out at the mirror every time. Come get a facial (and new MASK), and lets review your skincare.

I love skincare, Its in my bones and I'm constantly looking into skincare lines, ingredients and all other shiny objects. Its what I do and what I've been doing since I was 19!!! 



Age has no limit, Sexy has no size!


63-year-old Model Cindy Joseph coined Pro-aging  "We are taught that there is a prime time in our lives. I say throw that out. Every moment is your prime, there is no peak. It just gets better."

I so believe this to be true, Aging allows for us to know better so we strive to do better. It's not always perfect, perfect is so now boring! I may not feel or look better than I did a decade ago, yet the wisdom has allowed for me to look with a different pair of glasses and to say yes, we have some catching up to do ( you've been a bit distracted?)  Go gently in the direction of your desires and know that there is another way.  You don't have to work like a crazy person! Wanting to live out my life with energy and vitality and enjoying the rest of my journey, it will take me making different choices than I have. It will require a new kind of discipline, the kind that is necessary to be healthy, happy, and more present. Slowing down, taking more of this life in; deep breaths. Aging! Making more time to do the things we love and desire rather than putting them on the "Maybe Later" list.  BTW, my Hubby was the one who reminded and continues to remind me that "Sexy has no size". This constant obsessing of this, that or the other. You know what it is for you.  As I do this thing called Aging, obsessing starts to become clearer, and less intrusive because it starts to not matter as much, like my size. My Hubby is the one that I want to continue to desire me, and he does. It does matter that I feel good and look good (YES I would be lying if I didn't tell you I want to be smaller), but feeling good mentally & physically is what I'm  going for and we know that good health is part of that... and a healthy weight is too!

CNN made this report on Pro-Aging: The way you perceive aging can actually influence how you age. Aging, like many aspects of life, is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Positive and negative attitudes can affect your health behaviorally, psychologically and even biologically. Being "pro-aging," or satisfied with your own aging, can make you adopt healthier behaviors, feel in control of how you age and even heighten your immune system. Being "anti-aging," or perceiving aging negatively, can do the opposite.  

These suggestions are a great start, yet I can't help but think that Pro-Aging goes way deeper.

Can we change and begin shaping a different perception on Aging? I say YES! Just look around at what we see happening and follow the path of those who are killin' it in this area. One of my favorite stories by one of my favorite mentors, Louise Hayes, is how her life began at the age of 50; that is when she started to do all the things she thought previously not possible. She began Dance, Yoga, Gardening and so much more. Her story is inspiring and she is one of many. My business is built on the foundation of Pro-Aging. I have called it "aging gracefully" and the premise is the same. We keep getting better!  Softer? Yes! A few more creases? Yes! A lil slower to get up off the floor? Yes! Yet the difference between doing nothing and actively giving to yourself the gift of self-care (facials, yoga, vacations, girl time, creative space - too many to write), is so critical to the Pro-Aging process. Lets actively practice Pro-Aging. How are you currently practicing? I would love to hear?


Newsletter: Step out of the MUNDANE

There is only one very good life and that’s the life you know you want and you make it yourself
— Diane Vreeland

As Everday Icons let's step out of the Mundane this month.  What are your Dreams?  What is it you truly desire? I mean come on, it’s the month of Love, Hearts, and Hoopla. It can be your turn to turn yourself on… Really!!  Give this some thought. It can be Hard and sometimes we have to be reminded. Sometimes we just forget. What were some of your favorite things you loved doing as a child?  When was the last time you did one of those things? Without going too deep after all its February, a short month, let’s start with how do you want to feel? Let’s nurture what would make you feel good this month. Let’s keep it simple with say one thing.

I for one always want to feel pretty! SO this month let’s look at some simple ways to feel more (Fill-in the blank).  With it being Valentines, I’m choosing Lipstick and Lingerie!  OK, that’s two.  Whoop! Whoop! Lipstick is powerful! And Lingerie is NO longer about the Men in your life. It’s about YOU! With every (Feb Facial) receive a free lip hydrator.  

First off I always seem to save Reds for a special occasion! Everyday is a special occasion for the Everyday Icon! If you don't have a Signature Lipstick it’s time to find one. I’ve included a list of some of my faves at the bottom of this post. I also invested in some beautiful bras and treated myself to a specialist.  JUST BECAUSE It is vital that we have little secrets around our underpinnings.  

As far as Lipsticks go I for one have a nude and a plum as my daily go to. I have a red I’ve grossly neglected so I’ve challenged myself to wear it every day at work for February; Be on the lookout for Jenell’s Lips.

A Mentor I follow suggests that we should setup ourselves daily for success, and lipstick is one act that not only increases confidence but it says to the world I care, I pay attention and I AM beautiful! I know? ALL by just putting on a great lipstick! So what is your resistance to a great RED?  What belief are your holding onto that prevents you from stepping into a Simple act of feeling fabulous? A lipstick will do just that!  Trust me!  

(she put a picture of red lipstick here)

Here are some great shades to choose from; All from MAC. 
Ruby Woo; Red Cherry; MAC Red; D is for Danger...OR…Dream Big... GO GET MATCHED!  Have you ever treated yourself to a personalized lipstick match-up???

Shannon at Beauty Blend Studio is amazing and she is so suited to do this with extensive knowledge and background in Makeup, staying true to age appropriate and tasteful current techniques. Treat yourself to Shannon! 6717 Winding Way, Fair Oaks CA 95628 • 916-966-8888 

(picture of bra fitting)

Special Event: I recently invested in some beautiful BRA’S at my favorite Lingerie Shop, Yve's Lingerie. Yvonne is so amazing and the absolute best at bra fitting. I visit her shop at least twice a year.  I want all of you to be able to know just how fabulous a good-fitting bra feels & looks, so I’m having a “bra fitting” event this month at Yve’s Lingerie!  This is “Life Changing” ladies.  You won’t want to miss it plus…there will be wine and for every guest you bring, a FREE lip colour!

February SPECIAL: For those looking to refresh and renew your skin care ritual, we have a GREAT SPECIAL with an outstanding line that is sure to get you on track for the most healthy, vibrant, radiant skin ever!!!  When you purchase a series of PORCELAIN PEELS, you’ll receive almost $500 in Free – yes Free products… (In keeping with the theme of Valentines, we are introducing a new Rouge peel) Both the Porcelain and Rouge require no downtime with amazing results. This is new technology at its best.  The first ten people to purchase a series receives a Rouge peel for free (valued at $200)

Tip: Now’s the time to keep things simple yet to empower you to be on top of your game.  Tackle your old makeup and expired skin care products by just Simply throwing them out. 

Make February all about your dreams and desires.

From my heart to yours,


Quality: A Degree of Excellence


Quality? It Means different things to different people.  I want to start paying attention to Quality in all areas of my life. Its starts of course with Quality Thoughts. Quality Food. Quality purchases. Quality time. Quality conversations. Quality people, QUALITY! Quality thoughts = quality life!

          I was preparing for a short trip to a Conference recently and headed to the Mall. My standard Mall excursions are usually done in a frenzy,  I tend to get side tracked and spend money on  shiny objects. This time, QUALITY was in my thoughts! So I took time to stop into Nordstrom's Café (Sacramento's best secret for lunch) and enjoy a  salad out on the patio with a cup of tea. No rushing for this Girl! Quality time! Then, with every purchase I asked myself "Is this Quality?" Is this something I really need, or just want?  Will it last a long time? Will I repeat wearing it to get full value? Is this a quick purchase to get me through my weekend, or just to feel good? ( BTW its ok to purchase something to feel good!)  IT WORKED! I spent less! I enjoyed the process, it felt good! 

                     Quality you see comes down to TASTE! As Steve Jobs said:" It comes down to exposing yourself to the best things humans have done, and then incorporating those things into what you are doing." Details always make me think of quality! at Jenell's Skin details tell the Story!  He further states that " The way we're going to ratchet up our species is to take the best and spread it around , so everyone grows up with better things, and  begins to understand the subtleties ." Subteties/Details!  My Client shared a saying " Buy once, buy right!" I liked that! You see, I want you to feel the upmost of Quality every time you step into Jenell's Skin. I want you to know that I constantly look at treatments, products and Modalities  to insure you only experience Quality! I also take the BEST of what I study and see and incorporate what I can into every thing I offer! My hope is that I always expose you to Quality! It is my passion, my art and my life!

        I hope you take the best of what we do here at Jenell's Skin and spread it around, share with those you love most, so they too can be exposed ! I believe monthly tending to our Skin, as well as Soul makes for a better World! and a Quality life!

               Remember, every time you spread the best of what we Humans offer your spreading Good Karma, and we have a new " Karma Kard " to insure we honor all referrals by giving back to you! Be sure and ask on your next visit?


From My Heart to Yours



Elegant Women Don't Complain

      A Well Lived Life!  If that is the goal, I'm reminded that when I don't quite feel my best, whether that be emotionally, spiritually, or physically, I start to hear the internal chatter.  You know what I mean: I'm not pretty enough! I'm not happy with my life! I need to lose weight, make more mone , work more, be more!  Yadda, yadda. Of course it always starts with self, then it moves outward. Politics, the girl at the makeup counter, the spouse. Here it comes, can't shut it off, the complainingis turned on full-tilt which of course, doesn't make me feel better; never has.  So why do I still do it? Do I enjoy being miserable? The fact is my reaction to negative feelings and negative chatter is learned, and I learned it long ago.  It's familiar behavior. But because it is learned, I can un-learn it. It really is just a thought, a thought I created. OH! So I can choose another thought! I can change my behavior!  I can learn to respond, not react!   Yet I still manage to think some sort of venting feels good?

      Most of us do this (complain) so very well that we convince ourselveswe aren't REALLLY complaining, we're just  stating some concerns/disappointments/frustrations, maybe even facts!  Yeah I know, not you. We tell ourselves that we are mostly "a very positive person!"

      We stay in gratitude, we are trying. Well I have been trying, is it enough? I'm still amazed at how much I truly have to catch and not so much catch myself with the self talk! Its so bad we mostly are not even aware, it is subtle, very subtle. I hear women daily, I even have used the term "I'm not sharing this with you to gossip" I have good intentions! REALLY just writing this, I'm embarrassed. Who am I kidding? I was totally gossiping!

          So this complaining thing is one thing I think can change the trajectory of ones life? It's a simple thing, by not complaining am I able to focus on all things good? At least that is the point! I think it really is that simple, or that is my wish! I want to see if I can create a new habit loop around this one thing in my life? Maybe worry less? It seems like that is a waste of time as well. 

          So let's try this together grab a hair tie, a pretty one because I'm staying true to the idea of surrounding myself with only pretty things. Every time you hear yourself complain, snap that pretty hair tie to give yourself the awareness that will aid you in  stopping the madness. I'm thinking that to live well is to stay in the power of all is good! All is as it should be, and that I'm so very lucky every moment of every day to be alive and to have an amazing family, children, grandchildren, job, friendships, health, wealth (not a million dollars kind of wealth but enough!),  vacations, freedoms,  I know I could go on and on. You can to! I believe this with every fiber of my being. We have more to celebrate than to complain about!  Now I may not practice this always, but I believe everything and anything good will come from practice!

           Oh to be an elegant woman! In my mind, they are the last to ever complain, they just exude grace and ease even when things are not as lovely as they could be.  Let's start with the simple things, staying in the moment of Life is Wonderful!  If we stay true to the moment its a little less likely we will complain. Come by and get your pretty hair tie! I have one for you!  And I promise to celebrate everything with you!

So I Think I'm Loving Menopause

        As I'm entering this phase of my life and tackling the symptoms of menopause, I realize that there are way too many negative conversations that I'm having with my clients and friends. As I work on embracing these not-so-positive changes, (hot flashes, disrupted sleep patterns, irregular periods -  if at all, mood swings, irritability, low tolerance for others, having to work harder to maintain or reduce weight). OK, so the list does appear to be bad, there has been one area of my life that I'm embracing and even liking! It's my voice! It's a voice that has been hiding out for far too long. My hubby is the one who is struggling the most, yet it's time... and I'm liking it A LOT!

        You see, it comes down to this, and please correct me if I'm wrong: Women in general stay quiet way too long to keep the peace or to protect the children. In general, as history has it, we still hang onto the "be pretty and polite, don't rock the boat."  Sometimes, putting up a fight is exhausting and futile! We are so good at creating calm and defusing tension.

        I'm loving this time in my life. I'm loving my voice and I'm not putting up with anything that does not create joy and connection in my life. I'm not willing to listen to excuses! Even my own are starting to sound pathetic! Yes, I've got plenty of excuses, but don't we all? I'm not forgetting to be gentle during this time; sleeping a little bit later to make up for a rough night, paying attention to my wants a tad more. After all, this can be a difficult time so it's good to treat oneself just a little bit more. History has given us plenty of insight into this next phase of our womanhood. It's clear to me that I not only get to have a better voice, I'm coming into a time of my life where ease, elegance and grace are the focus. Perfect timing, I think.

       I believe that history has also shown us where, as women, we feel more empowered during this change in our season.  To be more of the woman we knew we wanted to be, yet might not have known quite what that was supposed to look like. Now it is becoming more clear. I love this time in my life. One of the things I'm changing is to SLIM down. Not the go on a diet kind of slim, but trimming all the things in my life that no longer serve me. I'm slimming down the chaos and the to-do and the to-be.

        What might ridding ourselves of all the excess look like? Last year I started with the actual physical things, started clearing the clutter in each and every room. This year I'm looking inward to rid myself of all the OLD tapes of the "To-Do." list. That list looks very different this year. As with a previous blog, I talked of the list of WANTS and EXPERIENCES.  Now don't get me wrong, I am well aware of how hard old habits are to break, that is why I'm starting with lists, lots of them. It's my way of focusing on good stuff like how I want to feel. So in continuing with history and the gift of age, watching my own mother as she aged, I want to pay more attention to the things that matter; that also mattered to her. Her children, her religion, reading, and even those silly old television shows. Staying in her jammies just a little bit longer in the mornings, eating only when and what she enjoyed.  All the things that brought her joy.  http://www.jenellgarcia.com


 If you dressed like this, it's time for a night serum.

If you dressed like this, it's time for a night serum.

So we need to use serums. Great.

          But what are they? How do we use them? Are they really necessary and do they really do what they say they do? Why are they so expensive? Do I really need them?

          Serums are beautiful science!

          Serums are what I consider my little bottles of magic! They are a powerhouse to the skincare world.  Serums are designed to correct skin conditions.  In short, they are purposeful, effective ingredients. To date, serums are potent, targeted, and so much more advanced than ever. They address a wide range of skin concerns.  Some examples are dehydrated skin, excessive oil and large pores, crows feet and crepy skin, especially in the delicate tissue around the eyes. Remember that as we age, we use the muscles around the eyes in different ways, so it creates a type of strain that adds to the eye being utilized differently. Thus we get a deeper type of crows feet. Serums also address the dark spots that appear on the skin surface as we age known as hyperpigmentation.

         So yes, you will spend more ounce per ounce on a serum because their job is to deposit a higher concentration of specific target active ingredients.

       Proper Usage is Vital!  If used incorrectly and not positioned correctly in your homecare, they become less effective, if not, pointless. So don't just go buy one and not have good direction on there use; meaning that it goes on early in the layering process and if you place it on top of a cream it most likely will not even hit the surface of the skin!  Serums should never be greasy or heavy,  and if so, readdress the usage and application. Delivery is key! Serums have a smaller molecule so that the actives ( active ingredients) are allowed to penetrate skin deeper and more rapidly than creams; working their magic.

         At Jenell's Skin, we incorporate serums in all our treatments. In addition, we can use modalities such as Microcurrent, Ultrasound and Massage to push and penetrate these actives  even further into the skin. We recommend specific home-care to further enhance serum penetration.  Furthermore, certain actives can push other actives into the skin, creating another form of delivery. We strive to keep raising the bar with technology and science as our constant guide to set our salon apart from the rest. Always keep in mind that the salon is a place to restore the soul and to use science to assist your skin in being reborn beautifully!  http://www.jenellgarcia.com/


Living a Well-Lived Life: March



             What is it about the new year that with every passing year January and February seem to  just go Poof!? And suddenly it's March?  In my January blog, I wrote about January being dubbed "Gentle January." It was to get away from the whole "hit the ground running" of the New Year!  How is your 2017 looking? How are your FEELING about the New Year?  Did you get a chance to reflect, review, and breathe into the start?

              My hope is that here at Jenell's Skin, I can inspire you to look at what it is that you value most in your beautiful life, and to offer a bit of guidance with some simple prompts to take a closer look at what living a well-lived life REALLY means to you?

            I will be the first to admit that the answer to what a well-lived life looks like, was complex.  Then it occurred to me that at different times in my life, the definition has changed and that right now it NEEDED to change. So I reached out to the experts, not that we are not the experts of our own lives, but just some people who show up as the ones who are inspiring me by how they are living their own lives and have made it their passion and mission to inspire others.

            My hope is to share in their wealth of knowledge and, of course, you as my clients and friends continue to inspire me each and every day. So this is all about sharing and experiencing things together. Hope you're "IN!" First things first: in my experience, to live a beautiful life, one MUST embrace simplicity! It is the simple pleasures and more importantly the awareness of them that create the start of a well-lived life. But let's talk just a bit deeper and start with what it is that you find defines success?

            What is success for YOU? Is it lots of money, travel, or time with family? How, up to this point in your life, have you defined it? I'm just gonna guess that a good place to start is to think of when and where you are the MOST HAPPY? Just for fun, get out that beautiful new journal you bought for yourself and list all your happy places. If you don't know what makes you happy, how are you going to get there?  I realize this sounds obvious, yet at 53 I'm just now exploring and getting curious about this because quite frankly, I've been in urgency "Gotta work to get there" mode for so long, that I forgot what made me happy along the way (other than my children).  I'm starting over, I know I'm not alone, some of you have shared some similar feelings. So once you've made a list of your HAPPY PLACES, share it with someone this month. There's an incentive from me to do it! If you post what you did from your list on the Jenell's Skin Facebook, you get a freebie from me! Now I'm not talking about big things, start small think "simple pleasures." Example: I love to read because reading transports us to different times, places & cultures. It takes us outside of ourselves and it connects us to one-another. One of my favorite things is to chat with my clients about what their reading. By the way, what was your most memorable read as of yet? We are posting all the great reads at the Salon. 

                       Heres to a beautiful well-lived life!  http://www.jenellgarcia.com/