In-completes! Busy verses Completion!

In-Completes! Busy verses Completion!

So have you ever noticed how many uncompleted tasks or projects you currently have? You know the ones that kinda linger and add a heaviness to your plate. It might not be a daily thing yet it's there underneath the surface, things like the drawer you've been meaning to clean out, or the high school girlfriend that you haven't stayed in touch with?  Or that disc from the Wedding of your Daughter that you've yet to put into an album (that you wanted to do for her) or the project that you spent money on and it is  STILL in the box waiting for you to get started. How about the bigger things like the job promotion you have to JUST fill out an application for or the Business you have wanted to start? The book or books you've been meaning to read or the class you always wanted to take or the hobby that looks interesting? 

     I know we all have something, some of us think about them, others well, we just stay busy, yes busy.  So are we busy or are we avoiding? Busy is easy, it takes very little effort yet can consume a lot of time, we can easily get lost in the business of the dishes, the laundry and the filling out the grocery list.  What about all the other little things that rob us of our energy because they need to be done. Well, the next step is that after we finish avoiding the stuff we have to do (like taxes) we go into overwhelm  mode. It is the natural progression, how about we just start with the junk drawer or your sock drawer, sometimes it just takes a baby step to change the trajectory of being stuck, we gain a level of momentum and we think, "Hey that was easy enough what's next?" It really can be that simple. I made a list of my own uncompleted tasks that just seem silly, now I'm gonna schedule a short amount of time to tackle ONE. Repeat SHORT amount of time. You see we are all famous for having BIG Plans and Super great ideas and when we think to start well, it's kinda a bit exhausting, The new science the new trend is SMALL SIGNIFICANT STEPS the 3 S.s. Let's start with the sock drawer. Then get some energy around completion! 

   What's on your list? 

Vitamin A? Gold Standard


When you take home a product it's all about the thought of it working and working fast, let's get a realistic approach on usage and the REAL deal on how fast and how effective that Miracle in a bottle really should work. Certain treatments and products need time to work, Patience is a virtue in order for you to reap the rewards. One of the top ingredients for your skin has to be applied nightly. Let's face it we are tired the last thing we want to do is go through our beauty ritual. We need to be realistic about how long it takes for a product to show results and equally honest with ourselves about whether or not we are using it consistently. After all working out once a week is NOT gonna recap results.  Let's review:

   Retinols and Retinoids- otherwise known as Vit A,  results in 3 to 6 months usage Nightly due to the photosensitivity Undeniable the Gold standard for preventing signs of aging. Retinols over the counter are less powerful just like most product sold in drug and upper-end dept stores. Retinoic acid and retinoids are Prescription strength and therefore need to be monitored.

   how they work they increase the rate of cell turnover creating new cells, slough away dead skin cells that cause build up on the skin, therefore, making active products work harder to get into the skin.  this promotes new collagen that makes skin appear improved overall texture fine lines and wrinkles. always use at night and with sunscreen use to be even more important.

    Everyone should be using a form of this PERIOD! If you just are gonna do one thing this is the one.

        This may be the gold standard yet it is one ingredient that has gotten a reboot with a variety of formulations to offer more of a broad clientele use, there are several versions to accommodate one reaction and for ease in use. Gone are the days where we get and stay red and flake or are in constant peeling. Prescription forms are not necessary anymore. Which make use daily (for the max in benefits) no more layering it with moisturizers and use every other day due to reactions and sensitivities, We can find a formula that suits your skin type and needs. 

Gravitational Tissue Migration


Well yes, that was one of the words that jumped out at me at the recent Trade Show I attended in San Jose this year. Yes, every year actually several times a year I attend some type of Education/ Biz Training, its part of the deal!

 As a proud Business Owner I get so excited to continue to expose myself and to learn "STUFF" it feeds my passion for the 

"BIZ OF SKIN" I won't bore ya with the Science of GTM (Gravitational tissue Migration) You probably have a good idea as to what that entails! nor will I go into details about Growth Factors, Peptides, and Stem Cells, or for that matter DNA repair. I will tell you that Science and Technology continue to impress and they are on our side when it comes to all the advances of aging and what we can do, to reverse, restore and improve the skin! Despite anything to do with GRAVITY....

             In a nutshell, I am actively adding not just IMPACTFUL treatments, I'm combining new ingredients, added to the retail and ensuring that Jenell's skin is on top of the Game! Mostly I want you the Client to understanding that I want only the best for YOU! So in today's blog, I want to briefly give ya a small tip to be thinking about.  So keep reading and the first few Clients that reach out with some Questions on how this can affect you and your next visit will receive a "Freebie Add-on " at your next Appt.


                        Why Prep the skin? and why do we need Mito-nutrients? Mito-nutrients are food for the skin.  Also, we know how important Hydration is to the skin yet, why as part of the Prep?   So we have what is called our top layer of the skin ( Stratum Corneum) also known as the Dead layer. Dead! how do we get all the fabulous ingredients into the skin if we have this barrier of dead skin? PREP! Also, moisture allows for the skin to be more receptive to nutrients.   If the skin is tight, dehydrated, it takes all the moisture and just sucks it up, most of what is absorb stays attached to all the dead skin cells that will soon fall off, or stay attached and act as a barrier along with all the good stuff not getting to where it needs to go to be of value. Its all about delivery! So just a basic cleanse has far more impact on the skin than most give credit.  Remember that it's not just the barrier that causes issues, it can also create a build-up of products that can turn a great ingredient into a bad thing if left to just sit on the skin and not do its job. Kinda like SPF if we don't reapply the initial application, it really didn't get to do its job, we eventually get burned.

                So when you go to do your Skincare Ritual tonight I want you to think for a second, what is happening with each step?
  A. Is it working? B. Is it enough? (based on product, results, age) C. Are you doing all you can to get the results you want?

           I would love to know how you feel about your current Ritual? More importantly, have you changed it up recently? If so, how often do you switch it up? I also want to help you take a look at how the Seasons affect the need to switch things up, how your life cycles require for some changes as well.  GTM no way! Be sure and ASK? I would love to help! And you might just get a little Freebie!    

Comfort vs. Beauty


So I started a bit of remodeling, and in the process learned a thing or two, in addition to feeling pretty confident with my own ability in some areas, I still felt that it was out of my expertise and sought out a Professional. Now I have a wonderful Gal that I highly recommend, I've utilized her numerous times with other projects including the Salon. Well with one particular room I had a large sectional that was too large for the space. I also had some favorite chairs that I just was not willing to part with and wanted those incorporated in the space. I gave the sectional to my daughter and picked out a beautiful sofa and reupholstered the beloved favorites. The room is beautiful!

           There is one problem, beauty aside (it is beautiful) it's just not as comfortable. So even with an expert, a trusted expert we missed the mark. Now I can go on and on about how fabulous my decorator is. It is not her expertise that is in question. The room is beautiful and more functional, what I neglected to do was think through and communicate to her that during Football Season that big oversized sectional that overtook the room was my Sunday spot to nap! Not only did it provide countless comfy naps, it fit everyone in my family for every Holiday. My new beauty fits three and as it looks wonderful, I miss my old comfy, practical couch.

            So this question of comfort over beauty? How often do we sacrifice something for beauty? Needless to say at my home I want it to be comfortable. Now when it comes to personal beauty there doesn't need to be any sacrifices, skincare should work for YOU, it should fit your lifestyle, budget and comfort level. Yes, I believe that my expertise will guide you yet, just like my old comfy sofa we can all miss the mark without the proper thought, questions and lifestyle consideration are taken into all aspects. I want you to love your skin and your skincare products and rituals. After all who wants to sacrifice money over comfort for anything?  

When did we buy into the LIE that forever youth is attainable?


 Ahhh the Media, the endless lies of youthfulness and its magic lure. As far back as time, we have been mesmerized by the message and the belief that with hard work and lots of money we can attain forever young. Well, I for one know that no matter what our body changes, even the 105-year-old Yoga instructor has wrinkles, grey hair and is  practicing her art of yoga differently. She knows that her body has changed, she has honored it, she lives well. 

          So like everything skin, body, lifestyle, beliefs (if we want them too). I know I'm viewing my belief about my body very differently than even a few years ago, that my skin is telling me a thing or to about my life, that stress is really a form of anxiety and that I create it! And that my thoughts determine my life, that circumstances (certain ones) are out of my control, (like getting the salon finished).   I either think differently about them or I make it mean something, I choose. So my body is changing, my skin is seasonal, emotionally changing and the youthfulness I desire is starting to look different.  Change will come, how and what do you want it to look like and to mean? What is your skin telling you? With fall around the corner. School starting up again lets take a look at what's changing and reboot your ritual with a new treatment, product and a little love for your soul and your skin. 

       If you haven't seen the new space yet, swing by it's BEAUTIFUL! I have to say I think I out did myself! Book your appt today, and let's embrace all the changes coming. Honor your amazing body and all that it can do. Take extra care of yourself at every phase of change at Jenell's Skin. After all, change is GOOD! 

Seasonal Reboot! Why we need to change things up.


So with each season comes changes, yes the obvious changes in temperature, we are getting into some cooler evenings and I'm noticing that the morning are cooler not yet crisp but it's subtle. Along with Seasonal changes come changes to our body are internal time clock, how our body responds to certain things food, products, even exercise and of course our skin.  As things are changing we too need to make adjustments as to how we are treating the skin and also what we are doing to the skin at the Salon with each visit. In the past I just switched up some of the product used during the treatment and as always would ask about your home care and how your skin was doing?

                   I realize to some, that is a loaded question? Oh, she's asking me so she can sell me a new product? Oh, maybe she's asking cause she wants me to do something different and I really just want a Facial? All valid thoughts yes! I ask cause changes need to happen if I'm doing my job (and yes some of you do the same thing every single time you see me) that's ok it's just there is so much more! More meaning we can move the needle a bit if we switch it up a bit. Stimulate a new response, this is vital to seeing positive changes in the skin as we deal with changes, aging, and lifestyle. So try something new. See what happens, it's like taking a different route to the same location, it generates a different feel. It's good for you and for your skin.

Sold a bill of goods


So I went into a furniture store over the weekend and a lovely Saleslady and I started to chat. As usual, we spoke of Jenell's Skin and all that we do. I will tell you she was very open about a recent investment and came away with no results. She asks me about a few things that were on her radar like the Hydro Facial (which I proceeded to share my thoughts) and we just continue with a great discussion on how and what to spend in the world of Skincare. I left feeling excited about the opportunity to earn her Business yet more importantly I wanted to save her time and money on the things that really move that needle when it comes to results.

            Let's just take one trend that is out there and break it down. I'll go with the Hyrafacial First of all it is a very expensive piece of equipment for a Licenced Esthetician It is very popular with the Plastic surgery centers as well. So in order to recoup and profit they have to charge accordingly.  What does a hydra facial actually do? The market material and the sales rep will tell you that it is a Microdermabrasion that uses water and not only infuses the skin with serums yet it will do a double form of exfoliations one with a chemical and one with the actual physical part of the machine. meaning they use a type of handpiece that has a tip that is either a diamond tip or stainless steel to roughly remove dead skin from the surface all while doing the serum infusion. Ok, now you can do all of the above without a machine. It's that simple yet due to the fancy marketing and say Celebrity endorsements the machine sells and it attracts a certain business and clientele.  

             At what cost? Only for the consumer. I too can give you the same results at a fraction of the cost so you can do it repeatedly over time for maximum results  I want you to try something new at a reduced cost so you feel good about the cost in case your not that thrilled or better yet skeptical? Then it's not such a hit to the budget. What I do encourage is buying a series of everything to get the maximum benefit and the best possible price. You need to know what you are paying for and what it does. 

       In the end, the lovely sales lady paid $3000 for a CO2 laser and saw NO results one time stop for a lot of money. That is NOT OK!

           Please feel free to check in with me for all things Skin? I will navigate ya in the direction that will give you the best return on your investment. You deserve to love your skin and come away feeling fabulous!

S.S.S. Slough off Summer's Sins


         Looking for something a little more unique? Look no further than this patent holding Enzyme. ok so there are a ton of enzymes out there, and if you're another professional Skin Therapist I know what your thinking, why is this so special? Well, what I love the most is the uniqueness of the treatment and the technology behind such a long-standing treatment. It not only eats (which is what enzymes do) it DIGESTS! (which I know of no other enzyme that does that) leaving the skin tone hydrated brighter refreshed and no dead skin left behind to flake off at a later time.   Overall radiant!

           There are two rounds to this treatment anywhere from 2 to 10 min under steam with the eater part first then once that is removed there is an additional 2-10 min under steam with the digester? (Is that a word?) There is a slight what I call STINGLE that's a made-up word for stings and tingles. Some feel a sting other not so much. Client sensation varies.

       Another favorite factor is that it is not just great for acne and aging, most can experience this treatment. I love that it is a Summer favorite to erase greyish winter complexion due to confined quarters, all the heat we experience in the winter months that dehydrated the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin) the skin as a whole gets seasonally beat up. Summer and all the sunny days accentuate further the lack of life in the skin. Dermolyse treats both these seasonal challenges. 

        When skin really needs that extra boost? Done three times within a short period of time 2-3 days we can achieve tighter pores, brighter more radiant refined skin, we can appease pimples and cysts. It also regulates oil. Aids in extractions (meaning not as painful to you and easier on your therapist ME!) And favors oxygenation. just breathing life and vitality back into your skin. I love Dermolyse! 


Mothers and Sacrifice the argument for product purchases


  As a client was making a purchase at the end of her treatment  (a significant investment in her Homecare) She proceeded to do the familiar  Mothers chime ( at least the one in our heads) She was brave enough to say them out loud. "I could be buying School clothes, new cleats, backpacks yadda yadda yadda!"  I get it! We all have those purchases where we are "treating" ourselves, and then that voice in our head starts questioning if we should do it!  I loved when she ended the thought with  "this is why I go to work" ok I know this sounds familiar and I'm so glad that not just for herself but for all Women, not just Mothers  (I know you have PLENTY of other areas to spend your money on!)  More justifiable ones.  YET we do matter! We do need to care and to TREAT ourselves! I know its hard, I know its tough getting on the list! I really do know cause I do it myself. I was just at the mall last night school shopping and bypassed my own wants for the love of the child (and the budget). 


         Yet here's the thing, we know that when we put the oxygen mask on us first we can do a better job at saving our child. I know this is an old overused comparison, but really the concept stands true. I know when I do for myself I become a better person. I have more to give, more to love, more patience, more everything! I look to all of you as a constant reminder that I need to do for myself more.   If men only knew that giving us more money and time to spend on "treating ourselves" we would be way better spouses!  REALLY. I'm not trying to sound like a selfish needy woman. I just think we need to remind ourselves more often the importance of treating oneself more often than making it be a momentous occasion. We deserve more than that.  So here is a shout out to " YOU KNOW WHO! "  Thanks for taking such good care! Thanks for fitting Jenells Skin in! And more importantly cause I know how hard it is to take care of oneself especially when so many other needs have to be met!  All you gals are my heroes not just because of your support, because you teach and remind me every day how awesome your example and your willingness to do YOU! And you do it so well.

The LIST of things that no longer matter!

farmers market.jpg

Ahh, Summer, we are close to the end, How are you gonna finish? I've decided I'm finishing strong, I'm making more plans to get to the beach at least one more time. I'm reading the Ultimate Summer reads ( all things Elin Hilderbrand) She knows how to get ya fully absorbed in the season of SUmmer! I'm hitting the Farmers Market on Sundays cause the fruits and veggies are abundant. I'm checking off my Summer of ME ideas and I want to indulge in memories of what summer has meant to me since childhood.  It is becoming apparent that as I do this getting older thing, that my Soul speaks more clearly of the need to slow down and Stop the LIST of all the things that no longer matter?  I've spoken on several blogs that I'm a lover of the list! These lists are taking on very different feel! I'm loving their direction.  You see what matter is different for all of us, yet the main truth is that we sometimes get caught up in all the wrong things before we realize we are in it!

           What are some things that you could put on your no longer matter list? or better yet what really matters is a great list and an amazing thing to reference daily.  I think that if we get clear on this it can change how we approach anything and everything! I for one know that as a business Owner I can delegate more, delete some and just plain ole Delight in other stuff. I'm choosing to let some things go that I know I can't control, (Like when I'm gonna move into my new Salon) I'm gonna enjoy all the Summer stuff that brings me joy! Reading outside, beach time, morning coffee out back, water, outdoor concert, music circus, time with my kids and Grandsons.  You see it doesn't really matter what I choose as long as it aligns with what I want to create for myself. Let's finish Summer of YOU strong, look at the List that you mentally told yourself I want to do this and see what one you can still fit in, Do it, enroll help in it and create memories for yourself that matter. 

What are some of the messages you are receiving about Summer?

bike on beach.jpg

Summer messages, they are there and they are clear! Summer is more relaxed, less scheduling, longer days to enjoy the outdoors. All the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables! Heat alone slows most down, we crave cool drinks, cooler showers and of course dips in the cool water. AHHH but us Americans we can sure foul things up when we see that we have more daylight. We add more tasks, more things To DO! Let's reclaim what the Rhythm of the Season warrants. Just like the Circadian rhythms of our body, the season sends us messages too. You know the Ocean and its rhythm and what that can do for one's Spirit!

            So let's say yes to the Season of Summer and pay attention to what is speaking to YOUR soul. I noticed the other morning that in order to go on a bike ride (other than in my neighborhood) that I was relying on my spouse and his truck (which is quite large and does not allow me to get my bike in and out on my own) I wanted to go but the ability was not spontaneous it was a HAVE TO PLAN! This made me mad! I'm a 54-year-old woman who wanted to just go, and had neglected to put into place the ability to do it on my OWN! That SUCKS! I'm getting a bike rack for my little car! What have you been putting off cause it requires some assistance? What are you not doing cause it requires a bit of planning? You know you took care of the planning for the family! How about YOU?  Summer is here! It will be gone in a blink of an eye, let's do this Summer thing right and embrace all the season has to offer. Take advantage of the longer days and spend time outside! Do more of those water activities cause you could care less about how your gonna look! More importantly how it's gonna feel? 

        What are your messages about your Summer saying to you? Is it your turn to go to your own kind of camp? How about a girls' retreat? Are you able to just get your beach blanket sunscreen, a juicy read, some snacks, and just take off for the day to the lake or beach? NO KIDS ALLOWED! How about that class you've been looking at for months, years? Enroll in it. 

                                              Let's have an Amazing summer to talk about!

If it is good enough for a Royal? Why not you?


 Ahh the Royal wedding, Was it just me or was it refreshing to see the simplicity of it all, ( I know o the Royals do anything simple) How very different the feel from the last few we have seen? I for one was thrilled to see how perfectly imperfect Meghan Markel was with a piece of Hair out of place and her makeup so natural we saw her freckles! For some, the piece of hair was a focal point. My friend's husband couldn't focus on anything but the misplaced strand of hair. For others it was that the dress was plain, I thought elegant. Some compared Kate's dress, very different Princesses very different roles they will play. I loved that one of my clients shared that her teenage son who recently graduated spotted the natural element of her makeup and that we could see her freckles he thought it complimented her.  In my world of skin care, they could be called sunspots and that there is a solution for that! I say let's stop this madness! If it was good enough for a Royal Princess why can it not be for us? I spent a good part of my career treating pigmentation, and for good reason, it bothered the client. Yet I can't help but wonder how much of it was society continuing to tell us that we are flawed, that in order to be and feel beautiful we must have flawless skin? Along with a small waist and full lips and perfect teeth and so on and so forth. It is a never-ending cycle of what we have been told is  beauty! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we may fight all our imperfection and distorted body images and still so much wasted effort.  I say let's follow in the Royal Princess footsteps and shoot for what feels good to us and keep it simple, life is too fleeting to spend needless hours fretting over a certain type of beauty, yes feel good, do what sparks joy in you, however, that may look, but think also about the hours and years taking away from obsessing over what is and instead think of all the wonderful things you could be doing? Come see me freckles wrinkles and all! They are not flaws they are a part of YOU! I can help and I have a solution that  will feel amazing and you always walk away feeling better just for treating your beautiful self and soul. 

Hello Summer! Who's Hiding Out?


Summer is here! More time outside, sundresses, water activities, Summer evenings out, lots of exposure to the sun. For a lot of us, Summer can mean hiding out? You know not going to the BBQ/ swim party because your not gonna be seen in a bathing suit? maybe not put on the sundress cause your arms are creepy? or that you've always hated how your arms looked, or you put on the dress with that cute little sweater, cause Adam Glassman said in Oprah magazine that that's the way to hide arms you don't like?  but felt confined and got too warm( whats the point of a sundress if you can't feel cool and comfortable? or how about the shorts or that cute skirt that oh my veins look horrible or you can see my cellulite. or my legs are too white. I know I've spent many a time not getting in the water just wearing my suit with that cute sarong and just enjoying the activity. Who was I kidding I love the water, water is so refreshing in the heat of the summer. 

             What have we done to ourselves to feel this constricton and to continue with the madness? I'm choosing to stop this.


I refuse to not go to the lake with my grandchildren and not get in and have fun with them. I'm not gonna be that grandma that just sits back and chooses out due to my body. I'M not gonna apologize for it anymore. Yes, I work hard and have neglected to care and tend to the details of my body and it stops now. It took me a long time to abuse her and it will take time to get her back yet no more obsessing over her flaws and her shortcomings. I am 54 and I've missed out on too much!  Thinking that I needed to hide. Life is short, my body is a gift and it's done amazing things like it gave birth to 3 incredible human beings, carried me through some rough times allowed for me to abuse, starve, deprive, beat up and criticize her since I was in the third grade!  DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY YEARS THAT IS! HOLY SHIT! ENOUGH!

        I'm wearing a bathing suit more this summer because I love the water.  I'm showing off my arms, because I love to feel feminine and to be cool, I'm wearing shorts that show off my varicose veins (I'll add a little self-tanner) I'm not gonna continue to look back on my summer with regret and no real memories of a woman who chooses out, because I thought I was too big. Confession, I actually asked my husband a few years back if I was too heavy to go Horseback riding? I was serious! He looked at me like I was a crazy Women, I have been a crazy woman, I'm going Horseback riding this summer. It's the summer of ME! 

                  Join me for some fun challenges around some of these crazy beliefs we torture ourselves with. Maybe it's not weight for you, maybe it's not being able to say NO to your spouse or Family, maybe its work, maybe it's an I'm not enough thing. I want my 90-year-old self to say. Thank God you finally came to your FRICKIN senses and lived a life worthy of great memories, and wonderful stories to share!

     I want my children and my grandchildren to say WOW my Grandma was so cool! she did....... 

    How are you gonna do YOUR SUMMER!


Are you Guessing?


So Kelly noticed her skin was not looking so good? She thought of me! "When's my next apt with Jenell?" In the meantime, Kelly thinks "Oh, skin not doing good. I'll stop using products." NOOOOOO. She did the worst thing she could of done! She stopped doing what would  of gotten her through the rough patch at least BETTER.  So Are you GUESSING? Here's the thing, just call me!

  You see we start to overthink and this is just the area that needs a little attn. cause all of us have skin changes, not just seasonally, but all the time. Our skin is a very complicated, large vessel that reacts to many things. I for one had a hiccup over the Holidays; too much extra sugar and too much alcohol. My skin lets me know that I had overindulged. 

            The body is pretty amazing and it is sending us messages all the time. The question is are we listening? So with my Business, I can jump into action and catch mishaps. YOU on the other hand, most likely don't have the tools SO CALL ME! Now is a great time to look at you skin condition with several changes that should be occurring just due to weather /Holiday indulgences/ stress (maybe the credit cards are coming in from Holiday spending), or maybe you just need to switch things up a bit. 

    So doing something good cause even the same thing can turn on ya. When was the last time you looked at your vanity and added a new ingredient or two?  Science is amazing at giving us new and great discoveries and let's face it if you do the same workout over and over and over again at some point your body is going to tell ya "I need something else!" I'm happy to give you and your ritual a refresh. So stop guessing! Let me assist ya and let's do a little reboot to get  2018 up and running

Let's be less busy


   AS I age one of my desires is to stop the busyness. Busy is a signal to self that I'm productive and that I'm getting things done. At least that is what I've been telling myself for a very long time. Time for a new shift.  With all the things the World is developing the things that are the highest sought out value are things to cut down on task and to simplify regular daily activities thus APPS on our phones, the 30 min workouts that now do 2-15 min, 30 min meals. shorter reads, fast and easy kinda mantra for today's busy peeps.

And of course the LIST I love me a list and I've shared some thoughts on more than one blog post of the power of the LIst. Yet I've recently shifted to the power of 3  three daily gratitudes and 3 priorities. It has been a game changer for my focus and for my Monkey mind. Here are ten ways to look at being less busy, I believe we have taken busy too far and it's like some badge of honor to hit the ground running and to cram as much in our days as possible. Everything from experiences to a simple meal has lost its essence when it is hurried through.

Let's take a look at some ways to be less busy. New Psychology has revealed that happiness is related to making other choices in how we spend our time.

1. What's important to YOU? Many of us go day to day not even considering our values, and yes values can change. With all this busyness we don't take the time to prioritize what we value most. Take time to formulate what it is that you want to base your life on and be mindful of those with a simple question on a daily basis on how can those value show up for you each day?

2. Get rid of the TO DO LIST! I know this is hard we are too busy and we want to get it all in, yet what REALLY will we accomplish? Hence my power of three! Hopefully, your list never had, spend time with my children on it? So maybe the list has been a bit of a guide for you?

3. Big things First.  Studies have shown that we need to eat the frog first do hard big stuff first and save the little for the afternoon when energy wains. This is how we make the best of the so-called GOLDEN HOURS!

4. Know your Brain? Its wired for happiness when we are looking for something! Not when we complete things. This is the No. 1 reason people can't get off our Smartphones. It also creates restlessness a sense of being rushed and stress if we are not careful. 5. This is a hard one for me.  Get up an hour early, daily. People who rise early know the magic of the mornings ( I know it too) it's just hard some mornings. This is always a game changer,  you and I both know all the goodies associated with this one thing.

6. Intuition over your Schedule I LOVE this! Feed yourself things throughout your workday that interest you, find a sense of flow versus pressure, stress, and hurriedness.

7. Let go of QUICKLY,  My Hubby pointed this out to me recently , He said I say this with everything UGG!! it never gets done as fast as you think it will especially if you fit it in with your regular task. Rethink this word or simply try taking it out of your vocab all together it just drives that sense of busyness.

8. No such thing as a multi-tasker I know all you women out there will argue this one but by breaking things down into 5 simple steps CAPTURE - collect info Clarify-process what it means Organize -link to action reminders Reflect - reg review Engage- carry it out  These allow for you to clearly focus be productive because we are doing one thing at a time which is more relaxing than let's get it done.

9. Let it be, its ok to just be there was a time growing up when we were bored IT'S OK to enjoy and find the quiet moment and the mind.

10. NO one size fits all  "If you are depressed, your living in the past. If you are anxious your living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present." Lao Tzu

       Let just ponder a new way, and give some of these your thoughts.  Pick one that speaks to you. I'm gonna try the getting up early one Stay tuned


The Power of New Workout Clothes!


     Ok for way too long I've not been the workout queen that I so desire to be. In fact, I've spent the last 18 years not being consistent at all and of course, I've got a billion excuses along with the simple fact that I just was not doing it. Now, this is NOT a self-help inspirational blog about all the reasons we need to be fit or to care for oneself. WE KNOW what we know. This is, however, a gentle reminder that it really is the little things, the little pleasures that move that needle ever so much to have the impact we all desire in our lives. 

        You see this month at Jenell's skin our focus is Pleasure! Now here's the truth I found this interesting thing that came up over and over again. WE OVER THINK PLEASURE! When asked? We repeatedly stopped and had to REALLY THINK ABOUT what a simple pleasure was. Its like we needed to come up with something big and monumental, we clearly are robbing ourselves of those little things! I found this common thread with my Clientele when probed they saw the simplicity in the question yet, they still struggled to come up with a Pleasure!

       No worries, I'll be listing everyone's answers in the May Newsletter (No Names) Just Simple Pleasures. I found that there were some that were great reminders. A recent Simple pleasure I had was investing in new Workout Clothes. I realize this may seem insignificant yet a little magic happened when I woke this morning and put them on. I felt stronger, taller, fitter thinner, of course, none of that really was the case, yet I was ready to get my move on! The first thing I noticed is that they felt good, they fit well not too tight, not pulling anywhere and they were comfortable. You see what I had been wearing were not fitting well and they didn't feel flattering I didn't feel good in them. AHH!!! the magic moment, something so simple as a good fitted pair of leggings (Was there such a thing) again Simple 

           You see the magic is everywhere, Its in all the little things, in the mini moments and well its available to us at any time. Just don't overthink what it means to indulge in a simple pleasure daily! I found mine in a well fitted  pair of workout clothes imagine that!


I Broke My Number 1 Rule of Skincare!


SO as a everyday icon we all have our own set of rules, or better yet principals; rules are a bit stifling and principals are timeless.

Being a Everyday Icon to me is that we have a set of principals that guide us to be our best version of ourselves.  More importantly we have to understand and be gentle when we veer off our path, and it does happen. It's knowing when we need to just pause and course correct . I needed this over the Holidays when my own skin went into a tizzy .

             One of my biggest, biggest recommendations to clients is to NEVER EVER buy a magnifying mirror! Why? Because no one ever see's what we see in these mirrors.  Yet last year when we did a Master Bath, due to my eye site changing, I purchased a wall mount mirror to feel fancy as if I were in a boutique Hotel . It was fine until I realized that the opposite side was a magnified version UGG! I know better.  SO as I constantly urge clients to not utilize (Unless its for Hair removal and vision issues) I broke the NO 1 rule and started to mess with my skin and you know how the story goes, even me the Expert just couldn't leave well enough alone! OH MY!  The moral of the story is that I was right about owning these mirrors, it never is a good idea to have anything that doesn't make us feel good. As everyday Icons, staying true to principals always leads us back to our true selves .   

           You see I have great skin! 99% of the time ( because I stay true to my beauty rituals). Yet when that 1% rolls around, and it does I was able to get back to my principals quick  because they always work. These hiccups are less and less as I continue to follow my essence of what I know I need. What I don't need is to be looking at every little imperfection and thinking that I need to do something about it. (Hence the Mirror was telling me different.) You see principals allow for us to rarely question, they are like beacons or guidepost to the familiar, that which is necessary to live well and to thrive with all things that hold true in our lives. It's different for everyone and very personal and that is what makes us, well, US! 

                  Let's leave the imperfections alone. In reality its what adds to our beauty. Like the iconic Sofia Loren who was told at the beginning of her Career to get plastic surgery, REALLY only later to become one of the most iconic Women to date. Or Lauren Hutton with her famous gap, that was a models demise . Stay true to you! Stay true to your principals, and if your not fully embracing your Iconic beauty ritual, or they need to be tweaked or revisited lets chat. Those too will be your forever go to when you hit that 1% and need a little care for your self and your soul.

Hey all you OBAGI lovers want something different?!


Truth: I am qualified to share my thoughts on the Obagi products. Not only did I sell, distribute and educate for the Company back in the early 2000, I also spent a part of my career traveling to many doctor’s offices and plastic surgery centers training Doctors and their staff on Obagi.

        You need to know that I was making good money and clients were loving the results of the system, even with all the redness, visible peeling and irritations that occurred along with sensitivity. There are some that still believe in the no pain no gain philosophy (that is not my belief nor where science has led us).  There was a good portion of the initial 12-week program that can still be done yearly (most people continue to use all year long) Not my recommendations but we do get addicted to the results! I chose to STOP selling this product years ago. Yes, at a loss of income.          

Here’s what I know to be true.  Most Doctors’ offices, the Practicing Physician rarely see the patient for SKIN care they are there for the bigger picture (surgeries, injections, cancers etc) most patient when seen are referred to a physician asst. or another trained nurse or Esthetician, I am and continue to see, treat, touch, feel and monitor all skin applications products and treatments.

            After over two decades of being hands on with all skin types, I found a common thread with My Obagi users. The skin had changed, and the surface looked good but even the standard Facial had become somewhat irritating to the client. The skin was thinner, sensitive and per usual treatments I noticed that the skin was reacting differently, and it was not healthier.  Note these were clients that I monitored, they were not over using the system they were following the protocol. 

         Truth science has come a long way and we do not have to go through this type of process to have healthy skin. In fact, I don't recommend it at all. In the end, in my opinion the skin is depleted and left vulnerable I’ve seen it and felt it and clients when questioned agree it’s all about taking away the damage at a cost.   My belief is that we need to continue to nurture and care for the skin by other means.  I’m not a fan of OBAGI.  I do offer alternatives that are safe healthy result driven and NO DOWNTIME we are busy we want to go out in the world feeling beautiful. It’s really that simple and regular safe mild peeling is possible without prescription-based ingredients that cause harm over time and with overuse.  Skin health takes consistent care, just like teeth, body, and soul.

    I’m giving away over $500 in home care because I believe in what I do offer. Call today for a free consultation and see if you qualify for my Skin Health program and get some free product to boot. Love treating and celebrating your skin.

             Remember Celebrating every time you look in the mirror is my passion and purpose.

From my heart to yours, Jenell

The MYTH behind Peels


Do you remember Samantha from sex and the city the episode where she meets the Girls at the bar and she is wearing the scarf and the large sunglasses hiding because she had had a Chemical peel? UGH! she looked horrible, it looked painful and she even said she cried, was miserable, and feeling uncomfortable. WELL! That is no longer the case my Friends. 

    This month at Jenell's skin we are PEELING back the Myth around REAL peels. The truth is the more often they are done the more the skin benefits. NO DOWN TIME_ NO PAIN_ NO LOOKING LIKE A DRAGON WHILE HEALING . In Fact, NO HEALING if done correctly and with the right peel for YOU. They are a great start to not only getting rid of all of winter's buildup yet great for brightening and bringing the skin back to life. (EVEN IF IT IS NOT DEAD)

     Here's the deal! Peels now are way more specific and way more effective when done on a regular basis. Gone are the days of peeling to hurt or to cause harm to the surface layers of the skin, TRUTH- peels need and should be done regularly.  By a professional and here is the truth as an Esthetician who has been preforming peels for over two decade and been through all the changes and advances that science has to offer, you should not have to have sheets of skin peeling off after a peel.  Quite frankly for those still stuck in the 80's mentality of no pain no gain that is so over played in all aspect of health. 

   NOTE- If you have a skin condition or are in the Sensitive category you still should have some form of exfoliation to allow for active healing ingredient to get in to the skin. Lots of skin sensitivity is due to build up and using products that suppress and seal in a very damaged dry irritated skin. That is not beneficial to a sensitive type (Please note every person is different and to fully assess we need to take it case by case. 

    We have an incredible offer to not just get your skin health in tip top shape for always and the coming season but to get some great skincare under your belt for FREE yes FREE home-care over $500 value. This is to insure you are properly prepped and primed for a great form of gentle effective peeling . Here's to your Skin Health!

Hands are a DEAD giveaway!!!


    Ok lets talk Celebrities for just a min. We look and we watch and we only wish we had a 3rd of their budget for beauty. I for one am always looking for signs that they are after all REAL people who age. Do they age differently? Well, Yes. Money can buy a lot of Facials and lots of fixes. I'm a Kardashian watcher ( I use it for research) HA! I  look at necks and the back of Hands to determine someone's real age. I watched Suzanne Summers infomercials and was not surprised by the high collar and the ruffled sleeves that draped ever so lightly over her hands just barely making view of the fingers. Both her neck and the back of her hands show a very different story on how she has aged. Don't get me wrong she is beautiful, and has contributed much information to Women on all things aging and Health. She is a wealth of knowledge and I love reading her books. So this is NOT about ripping on her, I don't believe in that, its just that its an important reminder that we all age and we all have resources that are available to aid in the slowing down of aging ( even on a much smaller less than celebrity budget).

      So let's talk hands and neck, its an area that in our early years we forget about and then as the signs start to appear (a little on the late side), we start to give it our attention. It's easy to remember to treat our aging face, yet we all neglect the signs on the hands, like wrinkles, dark spots, crepiness.  All these give our age away, our true age. So next time you are doing your skin care ritual take some much-needed extra time and product and treat your hands. 1. apply SPF daily keep it your car right in plain view then you can apply it at a time where your not in a hurry and you won't forget. FYI it's always good to have SPF in the car PERIOD! There are so many times when we need to reapply. 2. Use your nightly vitamin A or retinol on them to help with wrinkles, 3. for sun spots, a common one for us in California,  there are a ton of brighteners.  Jenell's Skin carries a great one! pick one up on your next visit. Any of your masks will work for xtra hydration and they even make a Copper infused fingerless glove  for nighttime wear for rough skin. We also have some great moisture gloves that are easy to use; just put them on for a min of 1 hour and voila, moisture infused. Remember the hands can be a dead giveaway so start treating them today. Mention this blog post and receive a free pair during your next Facial.