Women Crave Comfort


There are these categories of pleasure- there is intellectual, literary, Luxury, rest, beauty (aesthetic) environmental, music, intimacy; sexual and comfort.

Most women crave comfort! Physical touch, warmth, hugs, cuddling, something soothing, soft textile comfort, an example of comfort is the feel of a luxurious lotion on one's hands and feet. These are just some examples of the types of comfort women gravitate towards. There are some exceptions and that may be due to abuse or a lack of regular touching like maybe ticklish etc but for the most part, when it comes to the different forms of pleasure comfort is high on the list. I recently had a Client opt out of the part of the facial that required extractions cause it was just one of those days where she needed more comfort than the practicality of extractions. Her Skin and Soul needed attention in a different way and I was grateful that she ASKED! You see no one can always know what is truly needed or what one truly is craving? Sometimes we aren't even aware? I know as I hit the ground running I ignore so many signs of what it is my body and soul are craving. It's not intentional, it's just a habit.

Comfort is my top priority when you come in for a service period! Im no mind reader, yet I do want to know what it is that you need and are craving? Im also looking for ways to support you in things outside of the Salon (Btw Belly dancing was a great adventure) what is it that you have craved in your life that well you just don't want to do alone? Or maybe your significant other isn't really interested yet you would LOVE to do with a group of supportive women. There are things we push aside, think are silly, or think NO I could NEVER do that???? Seriously life is moving fast let's dig deep to some of those cravings and put it out there I want to support ya on this. SO give this some thought get out a piece of paper write down the different categories listed at the top of this post and go through the different areas and see where there may be room to venture out. Diversify your pleasure and let Jenell's Skin help!

Let's see what kind of list we can generate and get some ideas rolling. Are ya in? Hope so?

Once you get a few things down send me a quick message with some of your biggies! I'm excited to do this with you!

Summers not over and we have lots of time throughtout the season and beyond to get some adventures in. Let's do this!

Stay cool!

I Totally Burned My Back!


So went on vacations and well despite the planning and the Sunscreen used, I got burned. I was so aware, so careful and so intentional about the use and the reapplications and making sure it was with me at all times, I still got burned, and pretty bad for me. you know the kind that hurts that inches and stings and you know will eventually peel. For me being in the business of skin, this is such a NO NO. Well after getting over the obvious I went to the tried and true, my trusty Aloe Vera plant. now mind ya I was hap-hazardous about grabbing a great body lotion at first and well that made things worse. Sealing in the heat with lotion will always stall the healing process and create other problems for those who are a bit more sensitive. My Aloe plant is sitting front and center in my kitchen window and it took me two days to figure out that that is why I have this plant for bug bites, burns and skin irritations.

Once I applied the Aloe the healing became so effortless and easy despite the fact that I needed my hubby help to apply it. You see we have these tools these things in our lives that are right in front of us to make life easier, effortless yet we just are moving at such a fast pace that we so easily forget what is available to us. I'm constantly reminded that the world is full of so many resources and so many amazing things and yet how often do we just try and go it alone? I think all too often we are unconsciously going about our day to day with this "GET U DONE" mentality that we skip over the obvious. THERE IS HELP< TOOLS< RESOURCES to make life so much better.

Sooooo with that said, I want to be ONE of YOURS! No, I don't have ALL the answers but if I know one thing FOR SURE! as a collective group of Women any group of Women, we sure as hell will figure it out. Ok, so here's the thing I want to be your go-to for skin and all questions relating to products, procedures, treatment, and more. That should be easy for you, let me do this cause it's my field of expertise.

Next, I want to live a life that is full of memories and not regrets! I want those I love and cherish most YOU and my Family and Friends to live a life full of all your desires! I'm implementing the Jenell's Skin Adventure Club Once again. I need your input and help! Lets as a group of AMAZING women to utilize the collaborative efforts of each other to help fulfill these thoroughly fun adventures. Put it out there I'll help make it happen. ( NO SKY DIVING FOR ME!) seriously let's get on the YES to life's adventures, YES to more of our deepest desires, YES to YOU and all that is hidden, lost, or buried that needs to have some support to breathe life back into some areas that have laid dormant for FAR TO LONG! Who is in? As one of my mentors suggested that every day I ask myself "What was great about yesterday?" I love this, it puts me in that constant thought of looking for the good. Let's do this together! Send me your deepest desires it can be a little thing like a Dress-up Tea party, to a cooking class in a Tuscan villa. LADIES, WE GOT THIS! Let's make it happen.

Note: struggling to think of something? A good exercise is to go back to all the things you loved as a child and start there. Make a list, need help, CALL ME!

A Woman for All Seasons


I'm struggling. It's typical this time of year. I'm hot, the days are longer and the kids are up later. The house is noisier so I'm not getting great sleep and I'm staying up later to enjoy the longer days. My body is screaming fatigue. It's just a Summer thing, I love the longer days! I love that I get more time with the kids, I even love that sleeping in is a possibility even for me with my work schedule. I love the Seasons. I love the shift in my body with each season. My skincare ritual changes with each Season. Sometimes it takes my soul a little bit longer to get into the groove with each passing Season. I love it, even more, when I think of the gift it is to be a woman who has her time and her seasons, time for growth, for change. One is never ready for the changes that age brings to one's skin! Reflection, wisdom and for a new way of living and caring for oneself all because it's a new season. Ahh, Summer, the heat, the sun exposure, the different foods, the freshness of veggies, and white crisp wine on the patio; just eating outdoors is a gift. The Farmers Market, although it is year-round, it's just so succulent and fabulous in the Summer.

As I reflect on this season, I always begin with a struggle. I also realize that I fight the start of each new season? These times come so fast as my life passes I long and look forward to each and every season's arrival. Yet Summer I seem to fight. My body tells me to slow down & relax yet my personality tells me "oh longer days - get more done!" I want to stay up late and be a part of the celebration of no bedtime with the family yet my body fights it, and so my skin shows signs of fatigue cause my body still wants to be on some kind of schedule. I do love that the school bell will not be ringing so that a little bit of extra sleep is relished. There is nothing like waking to a quiet house and enjoying coffee on the porch. Its a bit of a ritual knowing the house will remain still for hours, and I mean hours!

So I'm in it now full-on preparing for the annual trip to the beach, loving all the ways to eat watermelon and the planning of another full, fast and fabulous Summer. Soon I'll be complaining that it went to fast and that we didn't do all the things I wanted to fit in. My youngest doesn't even want to vacation this year, that has taken me back. It's just too soon I tell myself yet I do understand adolescence and the need to start pulling away. I'll be damned it's just too soon. This too is another season that has crept in. In the end, I know with each season my rituals will be revisited and revamped, that I will relish this continuing process of this amazing circle of my life. For, after all, we are all Women for all Seasons.

Come celebrate whatever Season of your life you are currently celebrating with us here at Jenell's Skin. We offer Seasonal reboots with each and every aspect of a Woman's life . We Celebrate YOU!

Celebrate every time you look in the Mirror!

Know better? Do better? REALLY?!

Being Scene.jpg

So with the skin, I know better! But I went through a time of NOT doing what I knew? I thought, "I know how this works " so I can take a few shortcuts cause I know stuff. I know how to course-correct? right? I'm the expert if it doesn't work out, I know how to fix it. Well I stopped doing my 2 cleanses at night and well I was already fighting some of those aging menopause stuff. Why would I chance it? So after a few bad spells (where the skin looked not so desirable), I got back to the basic of The DOUBLE CLEANSE! Yes, this was taught to me early on like week ONE in my training. 25 years ago! No, it is NOT about you going through more cleanser so you can come back to me sooner and spend more money. Yes, that is a tactic somewhat old school in the marketing handbook but NEVER for me. Its simple ONE for the makeup and the day yes pollutants and such effect and latch onto skin and makeup, TWO is for your actual skin, it needs to be ready for the GOOD STUFF! you know the stuff you pay more for that SERUM you should be using cause it's active and actually can penetrate the upper layer.

Simple, the cleansing process is like the foundation of a house. If you do not prepare the skin prior to putting on all those fabulous ingredients then it's like washing it off the next morning, the stuff has to be able to get past the dirt and the dead skin. (Remember you shed regularly and every 28 days or so you shed a whole layer.) this is a simple version but you get the point. Almost all my symptoms were eliminated just by applying this simple principle. It's not a rule, rules can be broken principals are timeless and they last a lifetime. So can results! Do the Double Cleanse.

The Cutest Sunglasses

Years ago I purchased the cutest sunglasses, My Husband and I were at the local mall and I spotted these darling pink Kate Spade sunglasses did I tell ya they were not only pink but had a slight cat-eye shape? I love Kate Spade anything! I tried them on and asked my Hubby what he thought? I even asked him " DO you think there a lil TOO MUCH?" He looked at me funny said they looked great and as always he encouraged me to treat myself! OK fast forward to today, I've rarely worn these adorable Sunglasses! It seemed like every time I went to put them on I felt Ummm uncomfortable, awkward like Oh there too much, they draw attention, people look at me funny ( crazy making thoughts). SO because I LOVED THEM SO MUCH I just found myself moving them from the glove box to purse to my next car to my closet and back in the car I'm mean WTF! I refused to get rid of them and for those who know me, I'm all about Marie Kondoing stuff that I don't use love or need. Not these I loved them! So why in the hell was I not wearing these glasses?

Well, first I stopped over thinking the why and I got over myself real quick, I'm wearing the glasses and loving them all over again. I was at a Baseball game in Oregon recently and a young girl walked by and said very loudly I LOVE THOSE GLASSES! I smiled and thanked her. Are they TOO MUCH? YES!!! and I love it! What else in my life that I LOVE am I not doing, wearing, or eating because of some weird belief rule or crazy thought?

What about YOU? when was the last time you questioned some crazy thought or belief that you weren't even aware of? It's kinda interesting when we actually stop and actively choose to question or look at what thoughts were thinking? A mentor of mine Brooke Castillo has an exercise where you set a timer for a day, half a day, for every hour when the timer goes off stop what you're doing and pay attention to what it is your thinking? It's funny how we are mostly completely unaware that we are thinking negative thoughts, It starts out little, it's subtle, it creeps in, we don't really see it coming then BAM we get a look at it and WOW! Just a thought? Try it! See where you're at? AWARENESS is sexy! Yet, let's shoot for ACCEPTANCE and be gentle in the process.

My Dry Skin on my legs! Old Lady Style!


So what it came down to and this is a bit embarrassing to admit I was NOT putting lotion on my legs and arms in my morning routine. It was, to say the least, or looked like what I call OLD LADY LEGS! Now I'm not making fun of old ladies, it's just obvious, it looks crepey, flakey, dry and in my case, the coloring was opaque. Yes, the skin on my legs was, to put it mildly DRY! My upper arm skin was DRY! I put all this effort on my skin yet the neck chest and other parts were looking rather scary! It's like the thought about shaving our legs in the winter! You know " Nobody will see so why bother! I pride myself on telling my clients don't worry about shaved legs, chipped toenail polish, or getting gussy up to come to see me, after all, I'm gonna mess up your hair and your skin will be blotchy. Yet after going on my morning walk and running a few errands  I was standing in line at the post office and got a glimpse of my exposed lower shins and GASPED I saw the old lady legs. That's NOT me! I put my dry oil on every night after I shower I do my facial ritual every evening and morning but I was neglecting my other fabulous parts. I mean just the act of slathering on a luxurious lotion all over is such a wonderful act of self-love! 

      What had happened? I was literally walking around with the OLD LADY LEG thing going on! Well it turns out there were other areas of my own making that were missing out on some tender loving extras, like my LED light that I know will help with my redness and blotchy-ness from menopause symptoms and red wine reactions but that extra 30 min was too time-consuming? REALLY I mean this is stuff that actually works? Why was I too busy to bother? When I do it I feel fabulous, when I take the time its up levels my day! 

                                     Moral of the story it takes just a few mins to up-level our lives and yes putting lotion on my body is an act of love, taking time to do my evening skincare reaps rewards. This is simple stuff. So what's one thing that will up-level your daily rituals? Start with one, it's that simple. For some it could be water, other daily movements, for me it's not having old lady dry skin legs!

Summer Essentials-This is NOT about SPF!!


What is it YOU need to create for a  Summer of YOU!? A Summer of saying YES! to YOU! Not to sound like a broken record yet, we plan and take care of everyone's needs and wants for a Summer (let's be honest ) to keep kids busy? Have a great social Media post? Keep up with the Neighbors? Whatever the reason!  I say enough! I remember all those Augusts growing up when my Mother was giddy with excitement that school would be starting. She was exhausted with all the stuff my siblings and I were involved in!

I remember Summer camps, crafts, vacations and mostly swimming in the backyard with Friends. There were a lot of lazy days where we claimed boredom!

That seems to be taboo with today's form of mothering for the Summer. I know I'm generalizing yet what is it YOU need? You know, just like SPF, snacks and a beach towel?  What is it YOU need what are YOUR Summer Essentials!?

 Mine are a good BEACH READ, smut, sex, drama just a good ole fashion silly read. I need refreshing salads at least a few times a week. Like Asian chicken salad, Caprese salads, fresh fruit, and more fruit daily. I need to be outdoors, you all know about my morning cup of coffee out back. Water, all kinds of bodies of water ocean, lake, creek, the kiddie pool out back for my feet.  My essentials are a crisp glass of Sangria nothing too fancy but sangria none the less. I need an escape, whether that be a day trip on the ferry to SF or just a trip to the Mall to look at stationary ( I love me some cards to send out) and to get out of the heat.  Have a relaxing lunch at the Nordstrom’s Cafe (BTW best-kept secret in Sacramento) for food that is. What do YOU need? You know, I recently read a poem about a slow way of dying and it referred to doing the same things day in and day out. No room for adventure. Go back to your best summer memories. What new or old adventure are you secretly harboring?  Fill out a new kind of bucket list one just for Summer. Start with your Essentials then go big. I've included a sheet to get ya started. 

            Here's to you saying BEST SUMMER EVER! 



Copy and paste the Summer Bucket List so you can fill out on your own:

Summer Bucket List

You deserve your OWN summer of Magic! Your own Summer Goals, Your own Bucket list of all that you desire for the Best Summer EVER!


As My Mentor Susan Hyatt says : ENVY is admiration that been highjacked, What gives you a pang of envy? And if we look at it, it can be a breadcrumb towards your right thing! 

List all the things you want to do this Summer?




What are you craving?   What you crave you can create!





Permission slip:

Give yourself permission to be decadent! With what you eat, what you DO, where you go, and how you move.  Identify what brings you OVER THE TOP pleasure, joy and say YES to YOU!  This is YOUR Summer of YOU! 








Power of words!


    How do you speak to yourself? Years ago when I went to see a holistic practitioner she caught me in a conversation where she pointed out my words! She warned me that my words were generating negative vibrations within my Soul/ Psyche. We had an interesting conversation about this energy and what it might be creating for me that was not-positive.

       Do negative words or feelings sometimes take over? I know by showing ourselves and are bodies gratitude on a daily basis, we help with those negative spirals we can sometime get into. Language and words are so IMPORTANT! Even Oprah is in on this one !  Here are some words of wisdom she shared in her Weight Watchers group. I think they're worth taking in.

Words can tear us down or lift us up. So here's another way we get to choose! We decide how we want to feel by the words we use and the things we say to ourselves and how we talk about ourselves. We would never talk about others in the ways we talk about ourselves.   Brene Brown mentions, treat yourself like you would your BFF. Its easy to sabotage ourselves with our words.

 Start loving on yourself! As women, we give and give and give so start to turn that around; go inward. I'm reading a book on Habits and there power. Part of creating the life we desire is all about cultivating positive habits and the research take us to these habit loops; we need cues and rewards.  Here's where I remind you to come in and treat yourself to my biz! http://www.jennelgarcia.com/  It really is that simple. Just set up an automatic way of loving and caring for yourself with  rewards , however that looks to you.

Pay Attention to all the ways your speak and treat yourself.  By becoming aware of the negative thoughts its easier to stop them in there tracks. Redirect with some GO TO! I love affirmations! I have a few at the ready when I start to get into my "crap". Have a daily hip hip hooray before you even start your day! Tony Robbins has one . 

Make paying attention a conscious effort - adjust - that's what most successful people I've studied are so good at. They always have  a buffer and they redirect and adjust all the time. Yes, some things require discipline and can be rigid, but most say that being flexible and aware give way for the good stuff. I call that the sweet spot ,  

I believe that slowly over time we get better at catching and notice change.  It takes practice to creates more strength and more thoughtful decision. And yes the yucky stuff will creep in (we're not perfect) 

   Just redirect.   Have fun with your words:-) 

Sometimes I just spoil all the fun...


So I got an email the other day from my client asking me about a product being sold at Macys? She had a gift card burning a hole in her pocket and wanted to know my thoughts on the product. My first thought was CRAP! How am I gonna honestly answer this question without sounding like a Debbie Downer! I mean really a gift card is like this open invitations to go have some fun. In truth, I did not want to see her spend money (even if it was a gift card) on a PRODUCT from a dept store. What I did want for her was to get excited about something new and to enjoy her purchase/gift.

           You see Skincare products have come along way and yes some lines are now quite sophisticated meaning they are spending billions of dollars on science-based ingredients to put into their lines. So, in the end, you are not necessarily getting a total bogus product. You may be getting better ingredients but at what cost? At what percentage? Now here's where the nerdy girl in me comes in, and keep in mind it's not to spoil the fun! You are paying a price for that beautiful packaging. Yes just like a fine designer piece of clothing and a fancy hotel you will pay for an experience, and packaging is ONE! Believe it or not, we've all been there we've bought something cause it was soo soo pretty or cute or oh look I love this bottle yada yada yada. Now let's take about an ACTIVE ingredient, it's in there yet at what capacity is it being utilized (only a formulator or chemist would know) As an Esthetician I'm  privy to this. (IF I ASK?)

    In the end, I want you to love what your purchasing, as Susy Orman so advises Love what you are spending your money on!  As Marie Kondo says only keep what you love. See the theme. I want you to have the highest of standards at the most affordable price. So have fun with your money, invest in wonderful quality fun things, just know that I'm gonna be honest and at the end of the day, we are here to experience joy and pleasure and that is in the eye and wallet of the beholder. I'm really just here to help!

Spring Cleaning Fun!! (a fun assessment)


Every 7 weeks I do this and it is a game changer!  Keep it simple, have fun and create some high vibe energy for spring!

  The Universe rewards ACTION!!  It responds to our repetitive thoughts and actions whether they be positive OR negative!  Let's go for an energized, positive life.       

 Start with your Environment to assess what feeds you or depletes. 

 Is your environment filled with message's that energize you or exhaust?  By looking at your surroundings and doing an honest assessment, you can stop energy leaks!

Take a min and check in to assess. Below are some simple questions to get you thinking. Let's look at simple ways to ramp things up for Spring cleaning at its best. Have fun and give this a go.

BOOKS: List the last 3 books you purchased? Did you start them or finish them?

Most importantly How did they make you FEEL?




MAGAZINES: Rummage up the latest 3.  Did you read the articles or just flip through the pages? Again, how did they make you FEEL? Energized or Exhausted? How did the headlines and stories make you feel?




WEBSITES: List the 3 Websites you visit regularly! Next to each one list how they influence and affect you?  (Tip) do any of these give you Anxiety? Pressure? How do they affect your mood? Do they inspire and uplift?




TELEVISION: List your top 3 that are your "GO TO". Do they inspire you to SEIZE the day? Do they disrupt your sleep? Nightmares?




RELATIONSHIPS: Who are the top 3 People you spend the most time with, or who influence your life in a big way?

( Partner, a person you are dating, closest Friend, Colleague )




Next, to each name write how their presence in your life affects your energy/mood? Drain you? Inspire? Make you feel empowered? Courageous? BE HONEST WITH THIS ONE!

COMMITMENTS: Look at your upcoming Calendar for the next week. Are there things you're NOT looking forward to doing?

Do they make you feel resentful? Drain you ? are they big distractions ( this is a good one to think about), or are they outright TOXIC? List 3 commitments that you would like to subtract from your life?  These could look like Carpool? Grocery store? Unnecessary emails? Book club? Bake sale? Facebook?
Ok, Assess and Subtract.  Have fun!  Hopefully, this worksheet will shed some light on your environment and give you some new energy and focus. 

     NOTE: IF you're looking for more ENERGY...  Try CHANGE!!

Knowledge is YOUR Luxury!

I was reading a Vogue magazine the other day and there was a makeup Artist that was speaking of her new line of Makeup. I was intrigued because she was referring to knowing what goes into a product as the "New way of Beauty" I had to laugh cause that is what I've been doing in my biz for the last two decades!   Of course, a few celebrities chimed in and they praised her way of doing their makeup back in the early 90's and I thought to myself, she is clearly an artist with a gift and now she has taken it and created! plain and simple! Good for her! She went on to describe her skin issues that are in turn driving her independent choices and that in itself will aid in her creating a skin care line to follow.


    Now due to her Celebrity connections as well as a famous Hubby she will sell and do well. I checked her product out and of course, only Barneys is selling her line as of now, until the next phase of science presents the next BEST THING! HUMMM!!! I'm just wondering how many of us are even aware of how we are making buying decisions and what is driving those choices. My hope is that knowledge is still POWER over luxury and that yes cost is a factor for MOST. and I'm glad for me that I too look for quality and compare cost and make a choice based on those (not just a celebrity) yet it is fun to watch them and get caught up in some of their hoopla I've admitted on more that one occasion my voyeurism of the all things Kardashian.

                Yes luxury is changing for us all essentialism and the need to simplify are on trend and I like it ? not fully embracing it myself I still fell the pull and I still believe knowledge is power. I too stop and look at Gwyneth Paltrow and think WOW she really has the marketing down with her Social Media campaign and her line of products both health and beauty related, but I still can't help shrug the belief that due to her Celebrity status we are drawn in, yet not using the luxury of knowledge to REALLY know what we're buying? we are still buying names and labels, along with packaging,  that I know for sure. 

Get out your dry brushes!!


 Just like it sounds, take a dry brush with slightly stiff bristles (not too stiff) and brush the skin while skin is dry!
Now there is a particular method of how to do the strokes with the brush in order to get some lymphatic benefits. 
Why dry brush?   There are numerous benefits not to mention that it feels wonderful. Oh, by the way, we dry brush the skin (not the face) with every Signature Facial at Jenell's skin!  Warning not as enjoyable when performing on oneself, yet the benefits remain consistent.

                       Here are some of the many reasons one should include Dry brushing in your beauty Ritual.

                                 1. Let 's start with the fact that Dry Brushing aids in eliminating cellulite! Who

doesn’t like the sound of that!??

                                 2. Helps with Lymph

                                 3. Removes Dead skin cells

                                 4. Stimulates Hormone and oil-producing glands

                                 5. Tighten skin

                                 6. Stimulates Circulation

                                 7. Enhances the performance of the nervous system

                                 8. Aids in digestion when done on the tummy area

                                 9. Muscle quality is improved

                                10. It is just a simple way to rejuvenate the skin

Dry Brushing has been around forever and is such a great way to tend to the details of your health and beauty.

 So whether you try this at home or come in and let us treat ya? Be sure and put it on your to-do, or try list!

The power of lipstick!


So Valentines is over, does that mean you put the pretty lingerie away along with the red lipstick? Dare to say NO! There is so much power behind a favorite or should I say a signature lipstick, more specifically, YOUR signature lip color. I believe we all need to have a good go at finding that perfect go-to color for day and a fabulous red for those other more daring days. I challenged myself on my day off a few weeks back to wear my daring red all day! Guess what happened? I got noticed! Wow! That was not my intention! But who could argue that getting noticed feels rather good? I also have been intentionally wearing my GO TO Red for months now and I love the effects, my skin shows up more clearly. I feel more powerful, purposeful it just feels GOOD! 

                I recently heard a beautiful story of a women dying of cancer and everyday she spent in the hospital until she passed, she put on her signature lip color. Even her son chastised her about the task, and she said she was not dead yet! Now that is style! Not to mention what a way to end ones life, looking and feeling as fabulous as we possibly can. Don't save ANYTHING for special occasions! Remind yourself daily that YOU are a Special occasion every single day! 

       Now go ahead and wear the red lipstick and the pretty lingerie, Just for you, Now! Not Someday!

From my Mentor to YOU!


From my mentor, Susan Hyatt and the Author of BARE here are ten let's STOP for the year!  after all, we are becoming so much more! 

 1. How about we stop obsessing over food and instead Savor! There is SOOOO much research on how just the mere enjoyment in slowing down and truly savoring allows for digestion to kick in like no tomorrow. 

 2. How about STOP punishing ourselves for what we ate. Instead, move our bodies because it's amazing what our GOD-POD can do!

 3. How about we stop postponing experiences for a crazy reason like NO TIME! Have to get thinner! My husband won't like it!

     Instead, charge after big goals and make exciting dates and experiences RIGHT NOW!

4. Stop shaming ourselves and other women for being sexy. Instead, show off that sexy YOU, and expressing yourself the way you want!

 5. STOP waiting for someone else to make the first move! Instead, write your own permission slip for what it is you want and crave!

6. Stop making excuses and make art, make a difference, making your time count!

7. Stop tearing down other women and celebrating other women successes and be their cheerleader.

8. Stop teaching our Daughters to be GOOD, thin, and pretty, to fit in! Instead be brave, aim for the sky, make a scene and to go big!

9. Let's stop filling life with tedious unnecessary obligations, criticizing ourselves and others, nitpicking at things that don't really matter. Instead fill life up with fun, beauty, and pleasure that up levels our lives.

10. Stop hiding out, opting out! Sitting in the back, instead, show up, front row it, be all in! Starting Now! 

 I'm Honored to be certified in the BARE work and for those who want to take their personal lives a little deeper in the New year please inquire about joining me and some other fabulous Women for our Bare Workshop Starting in March. 

Big Dreams and Grand Schemes!


When was the last time you thought of a big dream? You know the kind, the ones that seem so far beyond your wildest beliefs.

What exactly was it? Why was it so out of your grasp? Money? Time? Resources? Was it just so big that it just took you out of your body even to think it imaginable? This is where it can get kinda fun?  You see there are thousands of biggies that have come to fruition that at one time seemed so beyond the Universe and expectation. Yet they came to life! Often we trap ourselves in this box of the impossible before we even finish the dreaming part. 

Dreams can take on many shapes and sizes, I recently reached out to a Professional that I had been watching from afar and was secretly coveting her life, her clothes, her personality, I literally had a major GIRL CRUSH Probably one of the biggest I've ever had. She spoke to my SISTA SOUL and I knew I needed to work with her, I had drunk the KOOL-AID and I wanted more. It seemed kinda out of reach and yet I knew I had to step into a new thought and manifest like crazy to make it happen so I took the leap and boy the net appeared. Funny things happen when we leap. Mind you, I don't see myself as a leaper at all. I'm a doer but this was a biggie. Well, I have to tell you magic continues to happen and I know its cause I said YES to me yes to scary money and yet deep down I knew it wasn't just money but something so much more.

    What is it in your dreams that your standing on the sidelines watching, coveting, and wanting? You see this envy this type of jealousy I was observing, was also what drove me to GO for It! I wanted what she has.  That was the beauty of the envy. It was my reminder of all that I had and have desired. I had forgotten in all the other details that had crept into my life. I was going through the required motions not fully embracing what it was that I truly desired. She showed me and now well I'm kinda living out my dreams and some grand schemes are soon to follow. 

   NOTE: when you feel that urge to criticize or feel a bit of jealousy creep in KNOW THIS! It's just a clear path to all that you truly desire! Instead of bashing or get upset at these feelings, know that they are there to serve YOU! Seek out that person, observe her, embrace what it is to model what it is that she has. You will see MAGIC! She is there to teach you and guide your Sister Spirit in the directions of your true self!

Some tips on Aging!


Aging gracefully is a huge part of my Mission here at Jenell's Skin. Your mindset and what your Parents gave ya help you to age well. Women who do it well have daily principals  that they have as there GO TO. Here are the top ten:

     1. Daily diligent Skincare- This is vital, with science on our side it really becomes a no-brainer, it’s critical that we have a trusted source as to not get confused and overwhelmed with all the information that is thrown at your inbox every sec.  Look for products with Peptides, Vita A and C, Eye cream. These are just some of the very basic that should be in your arsenal. In short, Peptides are repairing, Vit A  aids in collagen production and cell turnover.  Eye cream should be incorporated to aid in fine lines and wrinkles in an area that is so delicate due to few oil glands and thinner skin. 

     2. Have a simple go to for daily makeup- stay away from most powders; they settle and accentuate fine line and wrinkles. Go for tinted Moisturizers or cream foundations for coverage and added moisture.

      3. Sun Protection- Wide Brim Hats,  big sunglasses that cover your eyes and give you enough coverage that you're not squinting. Don't forget chest and the back of hands. From cancer to discoloration (which age us) the sun is not our friend. Note: Must reapply if out for long periods of time, not just when sweating or swimming. Sitting at a sporting event or just socializing  on the deck, those are when  we get more exposure than we think.

    4. Watch for Hair changes- Hormones and especially during menopause can cause hair to become thinner and more brittle. Look for hair care that nourishes strands, additional things like biotin help.

     5. A hair cut that complements YOU! The right cut can make your face appear younger, Soft side swept bangs can cover wrinkles on the forehead a bob that hits mid neck can distract from sagging.

   6. Dental care- as we age teeth stain or turn yellow or grey, especially for us coffee drinkers plus tea and red wine don't help. Keep whitening product on hand and add to your regular ritual.

   7. Combat stress- we know that stress plays a huge roll in how we look and age. A regular ritual of caring for our body and soul will aid in reducing and managing our stress levels.  Add Yoga and meditation to boost your mood and calm your mind. 

    8. Vices -have to have them yet keep to a minimum - too much Alcohol will get that rosacea triggered. Smoking breaks down collagen even second-hand smoke, not to mention wrinkles around the month and any up roar on the skin makes us look older. Large amounts of caffeine will dehydrate and increase anxiety; none of these add  youthfulness.

   9. Sleep- Gone are the days of wearing a badge of honor for pulling all-nighters. Sleep is essential to over all health and vitality and there is no substitute for BEAUTY SLEEP! Your building collagen elastin and your body is restoring essential building blocks for young healthy skin. 7 to 9 hours PERIOD!   

10. Healthy eating - this should include a good dose of whole food. It's not "we are what we eat" anymore. It's more like we are what we absorb! Paying attention to what works for the individual is vital to know your body and what it needs to feel good. This is different for everyone. If you're still struggling with all the latest info on food allergies intolerance etc and lost nutrients, seek out a specialist. My advice, listen to what your body is telling you! It's pretty telling! Our food habits are huge on how we age!


  • Jenell's Skin for skincare ritual reboots and treatments to repair and to beautify your youthful You!  

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  •  Yoga- Check local Studios For Sacramento Yago Shala 

  •  Pillow cases that combat wrinkles and aid in holding moisture Circadia Pillow cases

  •  Healthy eating - ck out Plated, Purple carrot -  Both are in-home delivery 

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Oprah got us on the list!


  " If you do not take control over your time and your life, other people will gobble it up. if you don't prioritize yourself, you constantly start falling lower and lower on your list." -   Michelle Obama

         So I'm noticing a theme in my biz, it's pretty prevalent with my client base.  You see several Women shared stories of stepping to the left, one did so on Mothers Day the other to keep peace with a boyfriend over an ill behaved daughter and another had a gym owner not acknowledge her ability to listen to HER body when he asked her to do something that would  hurt her knees. Yes Oprah taught us to get on the " LIST" back in the 80's Ladies ( few decades ago ) WHY ARE WE STILL NOT ON TOP OF THAT BLOOMIN LIST? You see we still make the list, we still love checking all the things off that list (oh it feels soooo good!) Yet oh yeah we're on that list somewhere! It's just OOPS! I forgot ME! I call BULLSHIT! Sorry for the language yet seriously I'm just not getting this? Why are we still just on the list?

             Well, let's see We need to take care of the kids , we need to get food on the table laundry house errands homework oh and are regular job to boot. We are holding up the World but we still struggle with this WORTHY issue of being on top of the list of being our own priority, we nurture others and there is no energy to nurture ourselves. What will it take? And oh by the way if you think I have this "top of the list" thing down think again. I'm right next to you girl on the bottom half of the list NO 6 of 12 to do's, some days I don't even make it on the list, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE? I'm not alone. 

               Here's the thing! Jenell's Skin is your place to take deep deserving breaths, to be reminded of your worth! To give you a place to rest, let go, and to nurture your spirit.  Jenell's Skin is there when you step left and forget to step forward for yourself  (I know you're there to get a facial) good for you, yet it's not enough! It is one way of honoring yourself and to care for YOU! And I thank you! You ladies and a few  of my Gents! You inspire me to be better, you remind me of the connection of our souls that need to stand in support of each other. My commitment to you is to get ya to the top of that list. 

In-completes! Busy verses Completion!

In-Completes! Busy verses Completion!

So have you ever noticed how many uncompleted tasks or projects you currently have? You know the ones that kinda linger and add a heaviness to your plate. It might not be a daily thing yet it's there underneath the surface, things like the drawer you've been meaning to clean out, or the high school girlfriend that you haven't stayed in touch with?  Or that disc from the Wedding of your Daughter that you've yet to put into an album (that you wanted to do for her) or the project that you spent money on and it is  STILL in the box waiting for you to get started. How about the bigger things like the job promotion you have to JUST fill out an application for or the Business you have wanted to start? The book or books you've been meaning to read or the class you always wanted to take or the hobby that looks interesting? 

     I know we all have something, some of us think about them, others well, we just stay busy, yes busy.  So are we busy or are we avoiding? Busy is easy, it takes very little effort yet can consume a lot of time, we can easily get lost in the business of the dishes, the laundry and the filling out the grocery list.  What about all the other little things that rob us of our energy because they need to be done. Well, the next step is that after we finish avoiding the stuff we have to do (like taxes) we go into overwhelm  mode. It is the natural progression, how about we just start with the junk drawer or your sock drawer, sometimes it just takes a baby step to change the trajectory of being stuck, we gain a level of momentum and we think, "Hey that was easy enough what's next?" It really can be that simple. I made a list of my own uncompleted tasks that just seem silly, now I'm gonna schedule a short amount of time to tackle ONE. Repeat SHORT amount of time. You see we are all famous for having BIG Plans and Super great ideas and when we think to start well, it's kinda a bit exhausting, The new science the new trend is SMALL SIGNIFICANT STEPS the 3 S.s. Let's start with the sock drawer. Then get some energy around completion! 

   What's on your list? 

Vitamin A? Gold Standard


When you take home a product it's all about the thought of it working and working fast, let's get a realistic approach on usage and the REAL deal on how fast and how effective that Miracle in a bottle really should work. Certain treatments and products need time to work, Patience is a virtue in order for you to reap the rewards. One of the top ingredients for your skin has to be applied nightly. Let's face it we are tired the last thing we want to do is go through our beauty ritual. We need to be realistic about how long it takes for a product to show results and equally honest with ourselves about whether or not we are using it consistently. After all working out once a week is NOT gonna recap results.  Let's review:

   Retinols and Retinoids- otherwise known as Vit A,  results in 3 to 6 months usage Nightly due to the photosensitivity Undeniable the Gold standard for preventing signs of aging. Retinols over the counter are less powerful just like most product sold in drug and upper-end dept stores. Retinoic acid and retinoids are Prescription strength and therefore need to be monitored.

   how they work they increase the rate of cell turnover creating new cells, slough away dead skin cells that cause build up on the skin, therefore, making active products work harder to get into the skin.  this promotes new collagen that makes skin appear improved overall texture fine lines and wrinkles. always use at night and with sunscreen use to be even more important.

    Everyone should be using a form of this PERIOD! If you just are gonna do one thing this is the one.

        This may be the gold standard yet it is one ingredient that has gotten a reboot with a variety of formulations to offer more of a broad clientele use, there are several versions to accommodate one reaction and for ease in use. Gone are the days where we get and stay red and flake or are in constant peeling. Prescription forms are not necessary anymore. Which make use daily (for the max in benefits) no more layering it with moisturizers and use every other day due to reactions and sensitivities, We can find a formula that suits your skin type and needs. 

Gravitational Tissue Migration


Well yes, that was one of the words that jumped out at me at the recent Trade Show I attended in San Jose this year. Yes, every year actually several times a year I attend some type of Education/ Biz Training, its part of the deal!

 As a proud Business Owner I get so excited to continue to expose myself and to learn "STUFF" it feeds my passion for the 

"BIZ OF SKIN" I won't bore ya with the Science of GTM (Gravitational tissue Migration) You probably have a good idea as to what that entails! nor will I go into details about Growth Factors, Peptides, and Stem Cells, or for that matter DNA repair. I will tell you that Science and Technology continue to impress and they are on our side when it comes to all the advances of aging and what we can do, to reverse, restore and improve the skin! Despite anything to do with GRAVITY....

             In a nutshell, I am actively adding not just IMPACTFUL treatments, I'm combining new ingredients, added to the retail and ensuring that Jenell's skin is on top of the Game! Mostly I want you the Client to understanding that I want only the best for YOU! So in today's blog, I want to briefly give ya a small tip to be thinking about.  So keep reading and the first few Clients that reach out with some Questions on how this can affect you and your next visit will receive a "Freebie Add-on " at your next Appt.


                        Why Prep the skin? and why do we need Mito-nutrients? Mito-nutrients are food for the skin.  Also, we know how important Hydration is to the skin yet, why as part of the Prep?   So we have what is called our top layer of the skin ( Stratum Corneum) also known as the Dead layer. Dead! how do we get all the fabulous ingredients into the skin if we have this barrier of dead skin? PREP! Also, moisture allows for the skin to be more receptive to nutrients.   If the skin is tight, dehydrated, it takes all the moisture and just sucks it up, most of what is absorb stays attached to all the dead skin cells that will soon fall off, or stay attached and act as a barrier along with all the good stuff not getting to where it needs to go to be of value. Its all about delivery! So just a basic cleanse has far more impact on the skin than most give credit.  Remember that it's not just the barrier that causes issues, it can also create a build-up of products that can turn a great ingredient into a bad thing if left to just sit on the skin and not do its job. Kinda like SPF if we don't reapply the initial application, it really didn't get to do its job, we eventually get burned.

                So when you go to do your Skincare Ritual tonight I want you to think for a second, what is happening with each step?
  A. Is it working? B. Is it enough? (based on product, results, age) C. Are you doing all you can to get the results you want?

           I would love to know how you feel about your current Ritual? More importantly, have you changed it up recently? If so, how often do you switch it up? I also want to help you take a look at how the Seasons affect the need to switch things up, how your life cycles require for some changes as well.  GTM no way! Be sure and ASK? I would love to help! And you might just get a little Freebie!