Our specialty is "Big Girl" skin care with a personal touch. Together we are advocating graceful aging by helping you transform your skin with technology, treatments, and guided home care. We are here to celebrate YOU.

I am passionate about skincare and the science behind it.  I offer my clients not only my extensive variety of personalized services but over twenty years of experience in both medical and holistic spa treatments. No matter what your age or skin type, I can offer customized treatments that will make a difference in how you look. You will appreciate my honesty and integrity--I will lay out your options and help you navigate through the maze of skincare and modalities beyond surgery and fillers. I care deeply about my clients.

I have started working on skin well over 20 years ago. My vision for my own spa has always been that it would be a welcoming, accepting and supporting retreat for women. I have always been an advocate for women and children with a strong belief that we need to support each other on our life journeys. My spa reflects my philosophy. I feel grateful and blessed when walking into my shop. Please drop by and see me at Jenell’s Skin. 

I want everyone to celebrate every time they look in the mirror!

In my profession, I often reach out to other women entrepreneurs.  I am always in search of the newest science behind skincare and the benefit it can bring to my clients. This is one of the reasons I founded a local Estie Connections which focuses on the collaboration of estheticians like myself who want to always learn about new treatments and breakthroughs. I offer classes, speaker series and demonstrations. Not until I have extensively tested new products, will I offer these as treatments to my clients. I am excited where science has taken us to battle the many challenges for our skins.

Jenell Garcia